Today marks the first 24 hours since our California Homes App has been built.  We have over 560 downloads at this time.  More than 3/4 are from the Apple App Store.

CA homes real estate appThe remaining 25% are from the android marketplace.  Gotta love the programmers in the world :) (android owners will get what I am saying by calling them programmers) - It's a good thing.

Moving onto the real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley, we completed our Santa Clarita real estate market updates yesterday.

Prices are rising in most of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - We had one decline and the rest are either flat or increasing in price.  (click on the link above to view our most current market reports of the Santa Clarita Valley cities)

This update for the local SCV real estate market is weekly in nature - it does not compare last year with this year.

The Paris911 Team has something that does just that - gives a history in comparisons related to inventory and prices.

The best way would be for you to visit our MacboX resource at our Main Santa Clarita real estate website and type into it either the word - Prices - or - Inventory.

You will be able to choose the city you prefer in the Santa Clarita Valley and then look at the pricing or inventory graphs.

These graphs are interactive, you can adjust the amount of time that is displayed back to the "height of the local real estate market".

It's quite revealing.  We have see that those that bought pre June 2012 are now in a "plus equity" position with their homes.

Plus Equity - they can sell and pay all the closing costs listing without any Broker Discounts and walk away with some coin in their pockets.

If you are on Google Plus - We would be happy to hook up with you.