Active listings in the Santa Clarita ValleyWe have just posted up all of the real estate listings that are currently on the market for sale (Santa Clarita Valley) - The Map to the left of this text only is rendering the active real estate listings that are currently on the market for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Here is the break down, of the Current Santa Clarita real estate inventory, before we get into Equity and Short Sale 1, both new MacBoX resources.

Castaic CA has 31 active listings currently for sale.

 Valencia CA 91354 - 20 and Valencia CA 91355 has 42.

 Stevenson Ranch CA has 25 active listings.

 Saugus CA - Zip 91350 has 40 active listings.

 Canyon Country CA 91351 - 40 active listings today.

 Canyon Country CA 91387 - 51 active real estate listings.

Newhall CA 91321 - 45 active listings for sale.

Notice I said "Active".  That is because some agents don't get the gist of why a property should be placed in "back up" position.

"Back up" should be used if the seller or the sellers agent thinks the offer they have is not as good as it could be.

They want others to view and write an offer on that real estate listing so if the 'accepted' offer does not perform, they can kick them to the curb easier and take the "back up offer".

How it "should be" is not how it is.  It seems that the "back up" offer status still keeps generating leads for the listing agents because some of the real estate syndication websites show "back up" as being fully "Active and for sale".

-When are past buyers ready to sell?

Equity - This is something that we are going to explore during the next few days as we build out some video's showing where the median sales prices were are different places in our history and where prices had to get to to establish an "Equity for Sale" position for the homeowner.

We will place some time frames on the video's we do and use our interactive pricing charts for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. We will also factor in approximately 8% closing costs - that is the cost to sell a home with our team without any "discount" built in.

-Short Sale 1 article:

Buying Short Sales - We talked about that on our Radio Show too - at the beginning of this post. I have already attached the MacBoX resource for "Short Sale 1".  Check it out and see why, if you are a buyer that has been frustrated, a Short Sale may be just what the doctor ordered.

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