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I operate the most complete and longest running blog about Santa Clarita real estate. I am the true local area expert living in the Santa Clarita Valley during and after my LAPD career. I'm all about the protection and service to both my home buyers and Santa Clarita home sellers. The biggest compliment that any client of mine can give is by way of them referring their family, friends and those whom they know want to buy or sell real estate. I'm honored in each instance. Our business operates primarily by referral. 

First and foremost, my method is by teaching. I'm not teaching my home buyers and sellers on how to be real estate agents. I'm teaching them how to be best protected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

The best way to do this is by our in-person meetings which are done in my offices, over the phone or by remote meetings conducted with my Zoom Affiliation. I was the first agent to employ a podcast/radio show in my housing market updates. I was also the first agent to conduct seminars online with many participants where questions could be asked and where the best solutions to actual real estate problems could be discovered. I have had up to 50 live participants in my seminars within the online realm and mandate that my home buyers and home sellers become educated in one of my many processes.

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. There are a lot more moving parts and the price point is much larger. 

Anything that takes 30 years to pay off, typically, needs to be approached with care and concern. Making a mistake with real estate is expensive and some never are able to recover.

Take the last real estate cycle. There were a lot of home buyers that jumped in without testing the waters. If you did so during the later part of 2011 and in the 1st quarter of 2012 - your jumping in was the best thing you could have done. 

That is because during that time that was the low part of the real estate market. Between the fall of housing in 2007 and the current date, the last absolute low point in the Los Angeles Areas was last quarter 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

I approach real estate with my clients with knowledge and experience. I know that most home buyers take the word for what they read online, no matter the source. If the source has a large well-advertised name, most take the information conveyed as the word of a higher power.

If you are interested in your better future in real estate, do not do that. Make sure that you are

Dec. 12, 2019

Selling a home during the holidays, is it a good idea in Santa Clarita Valley during 2019?



Santa Clarita real estate radio transcriptionSanta Clarita home experts - Transcript of today's real estate radio show for Santa Clarita real estate. Episode 2019-346

Connor Macivor:     00:00          Good and everybody. Connor ever, thank you so much for tuning in. Santa Clarita, home local agents here in Santa Clarita Valley. I am with there max brokerage Remax gateway. I do have the longest-running real estate podcast and we're going to talk about the numbers, what's going on in real estate and potentially when the best time for you to list a property or to buy may be here in the next few months. And I'll give some reasons and rationale as to why I believe these things to be the case. I've been representing buyers and sellers since 1998 here in the Santa Clarita Valley and I work with my wife, Paris and I are both in the business and you see what you get. We had a team at one time, one of those quote-unquote mega teams. Uh, there's a lot of falling short with having so many people involved. When people are coming to hire us to get the job done, you pass them along to someone else to get the job done.


Connor Macivor:     00:59          And you know, just realistically I would rather have less business but much better quality control and much stronger relationships with clients that having a whole bunch of business and realistically not being able to keep track of anything, letting things fall short and then having clients not too happy with that process. So we've matured, right? 2020 plus years in the business. That's a sign of maturity. Santa creative Valley. It's technically your home if you go there, you'll be able to click on any one of the cities out here to see that current inventory. And if you've been looking at any time, you'll really, really appreciate that because it is a local website, it's my website. So local resource, you don't have to worry about being scammed or having, you know, 55 agents ringing your telephone because they want your business just because you asked a question so you can ask questions all day long.


Connor Macivor:     01:56          Santa Clarita, home it will be yours truly that answers them and get back, gets back to you and helps you. So on this website, if you're interested in the different neighborhoods here in Santa Clarita Valley, I have those posted there. Give you some examples. You may have heard if you're looking around and you're looking in Valencia, may have heard of North park, Northbridge, Bridgeport, the summit, Woodlands, these different areas. There's going to be specific tabs that you can click on to get into there and see what active listings are currently for sale. Also, something to watch out for. Not so much something new, but there have been issues online. When you go to these other websites, the non-local stuff, the ones ours are basically monitored by the boards of realtors, so they have to display things correctly. There are some websites out there that don't have that high standard, so when you look, you're going to see listings that aren't in fact really for sale.


Connor Macivor:     02:54          They are those dreamed listings are pocket listings, things that agents may have gone to somebody and gotten their permission to put up on these sites. But unfortunately, even if you were to offer a lot more than the property's worth, which you know you shouldn't do that, but even if you did, again, it's not realistically under the contract nor for sale. So again, when you're looking online, you want to look at the most accurate rendition of the listings out there so you can really see what's available, what's going on every year during this time, during the holiday season, there's a slow down in real estate, not a lot of sellers selling and not a lot of buyers buying throughout the holidays. Now they asked me, you know, is this a good time to sell? It depends on your necessity to sell. If you're trying to get out of here and get to some other area in the United States, that might be a less expensive market.


Connor Macivor:     03:47          It might not be a bad time, but when you're looking numbers-wise about closings and not really sale price numbers, but closing figures, March and summer is going to be your strongest times of the year when it comes to selling residential real estate. The unknown variable has come in where we don't know how much more competition is going to be there. Currently, right now for sellers, there's very little, very little competition, but listing a house during the holidays, holidays involves you showing that house during the holidays. Keep me up, picked up during the holiday, super clean during the holidays. Some people don't want to do that and on the other end of it buyers, if they're looking during the holidays, folks, if your buyers are looking for a really good deal, you might be able to find it. The trick is though is there's not a lot of buyers that want to go interrupt their holiday schedule to go look at real estate listings and properties.


Connor Macivor:     04:43          But again, there are buyers out there, there are sellers out there, so realistically, depending on your needs, looking at the numbers now and then maybe comparing that with a couple of years before watching, if in fact those sale prices were reduced at all because of the higher volume on the market and March, April, may, June might give you some really good answers. So that's what we do with our clients. We'll sit down and discuss whether or not that's something you should entertain or hold off until this next year. Interest rates are still very low in the threes. You can see that on our website by going to Santa Clarita, home forward slash. The blog we do have interest rates posted there and they do fluctuate of course still, but they're very low. The question is, are they going to be changing here in the next year? I wouldn't see them changing at all, probably staying quite static until we get to the election.


Connor Macivor:     05:38          Then after that, anybody's guess, at this point, it's going to depend on if the same president's in there or if we get somebody new in office. More than likely even both of those scenarios are going to change the finances here around a little bit in the United States, so we'll have to keep an eye on that. And finally, new housing, whenever you're approaching new housing, and I'll have to tell you this, this is the truth. The truth is there are several truths. One of the truth is truths are if you go onto a new housing center and you put down your name or put your name on an iPad and you're doing it without your agent by your side so your agent can register you, you forfeit your ability to have your agent represent you for free, negotiate for you for free, get extra discounts and basically hammer down the builder's agent and having them go back and forth with corporate a few times, getting you your very best deal.


Connor Macivor:     06:40          The nice thing about new housing is if you go in and you see a property that you like during, excuse me, during the negotiation process, that property is held for you and if your agent has a lot of tenacity, your agent's ability to get that price typically even lowered by tens of thousands or more. In some cases, our best to date scenario was over a $70,000 reduction. That included a lot premium being covered, that that was a property that had fallen out of escrow where I got the call first because of my relationship with the new home buyer agents, the new home. Uh, if the new housing, the builder's agents that are there, you gotta be friendly in the business in order to get what you want or what your clients want eventually. And this actually worked out in that regard. And other cases, you know, 10 $50,000 in closing costs depending on the property, isn't a stretch.


Connor Macivor:     07:39          A discounts, lot premiums, extra incentives, builder credits, those sorts of things. Take a little bit more negotiation but definitely worth it at the end of the day. And finally, what's also important to have me with you the first time is you get to hear me speak with a new housing representative and talk about things that are going to matter. What's the infrastructure going to be like in the next 10 years? Are they building grocery stores, for example, to support people that live here? Cause if you're living up at the end of plum Canyon, there's not a lot of choices right there. You have to drive down the road a little bit to hit Albertsons. They're at Haskell and going down. You could jump over to Canyon country, Stater brothers off of White's Canyon there and via Princessa and um, Sierra highway. There's a VR to market which would be up to solid a little bit.


Connor Macivor:     08:33          So there's not like stuff, right, right there. There's a Vons down the corner? No. Is it a Ralphs Vons or Ralph's down at the corner of White's Canyon. Solidad so these are places that are close but not like super close. You might walk there if you're really wanting to get out there and do a Trek, but it's not going to be across the street or down the street. So I ask those questions, what's going to be provided for folks that are living in these massive communities that are being built. The other thing too, has there been any kind of a traffic impact study? Cause that would be horrible if you got up in the morning and said, you know what it used to be, it only took me 10 minutes to get to the freeway. But here five years later, because of these 18,000 new homes that Santa Clarita is slotted to build and the half-built, now all of a sudden it takes me 48 minutes to get to the freeway.


Connor Macivor:     09:22          That's a lot of extras. So traffic impact studies aren't a bad idea to at least ask that question to see if something like that exists so you can base your new home purchase on knowing what the future is going to entail. These, you know, as close as we can get, I've caught her Mikai ever. Thank you so much for tuning in to today's real estate radio show I had on Instagram two weeks before Christmas, maybe a little bit less. I haven't done the math. I'm scared to and there you go. We're coming up in 2020 we're excited about that as well. Whenever you're ready, please reach out. I am here for you. Thanks for tuning in. Dust here and be safe over and out.

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Nov. 15, 2019

Santa Clarita real estate market Friday update by Connor with honor

update 11/15/2019 1037hrs pst

Top Santa Clarita real estate newsGood day everybody this is Connor with honor. I want to give you information regarding the latest Santa Clarita Real Estate numbers. This is going to include the new listings in the listings that are in escrow, and those listings that are actually sold.

I’ll give you today’s numbers and then I’ll track back and give you the last seven days with regard to what’s happening in the Santa Clarita Real Estate market. As far as the last 24 hours goes, here’s that snapshot for real estate activity here in the Santa Clarita Valley. We have three new listings that have entered the market for sale. We are three properties in the Santa Clarita Valley that have had their prices changed. We have two properties that have fallen out of escrow, which includes those properties that now have the back on the market status.

We have two properties that have entered into a contract. We have two properties in the Santa Clarita Valley that have gone pending or Had their status changed to pending. Which would indicate that the sellers do not want to have any further showings and their agent is confident in the offer that they’ve entered escrow with. Two properties have sold in the last 24 hours in the Santa Clarita Valley.

We have no expirations with regard to properties that did not sell within contractual time frames. We have one property that was placed on hold in the last 24 hours. And we have no properties that were withdrawn from listing status in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The last seven days in the Santa Clarita Valley reveal much larger numbers. This is going to be tracking back to last Friday in November 2019. In the Santa Clarita Valley during the last seven days, we’ve had 65 new real estate listings at the market for sale. This number is going to include condominiums, townhomes, and single-family residences both attached and detached.

During the past week, we’ve seen 65 price changes for real estate listings that are currently on the market for sale. Those price changes are going to reflect market stability amongst other things. Looking at those price changes a majority of those are reductions from list price to a new list price. However, if you look at the overall real estate market and the past real estate sales in those communities you will see that these reductions aren’t yet going below the last sold property recordings in those specific areas.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, if you were to look deeply you might find a very small number of less than 5%. Here’s another interesting statistic that we’ve been watching during the past several months. And then has to do with properties that have gone back on the market after they had entered escrow.

So it plays out like this, you have a property that’s on the market for sale, a buyer sees the property, that buyer writes an offer on the property, that buyers offer gets excepted and they are now in escrow.

In our scenario. Something changed the buyer's minds related to them purchasing the property. It could be many things. The most prevalent reasons why a homebuyer cancels buying Santa Clarita Real Estate, or real estate in the other area, has to do with getting cold feet. Some buyers are continuing to look at real estate listings for sale, even after they enter the escrow process on a particular property they liked at the time.

Depending on where these particular buyers are in escrow, it could cause them to lose their deposit if they happen to cancel that escrow after removing their contingencies. In most cases that would become a legal matter and there would be other entities involved besides the real estate agents between both parties.

Back to the Santa Clarita real estate news, we have 49 properties that have entered the escrow process. Meaning that a buyer wrote an offer, and the sellers liked the offer and accepted the offer and now both parties are in escrow. You will see these listings still being marketed as active under contract. Those are properties that are in escrow, they are unavailable to be purchased in less they fall out of escrow.

Make sure when searching for real estate you pay strict attention to the status of the listings you’re looking at. There are a lot of real estate websites that attempt to miss lead you in order to get your personal and private information so they can sell it.

As stated in my 24 hour Santa Clarita Real Estate news recap. We have properties that have entered into a status that is known as pending. The pending status is one where the real estate agent and the sellers believe that the offer they currently have an escrow is secure and solid enough to continue and make it to the closing finish line. In the Santa Clarita Valley, we have 52 real estate properties that entered the pending status in the last seven days.

As stated in my 24 hour Santa Clarita Real Estate news recap, We have properties that have entered into a status that is known as pending. The pending status is one where the real estate agent and the sellers believe that the offer they currently have an escrow is secure and solid enough to continue and make it to the closing finish line.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, we have 52 real estate properties that entered the pending status in the last seven days. Moving onto the closed realm. Closed is also known as sold. So if you see online verbiage related to having a home close and closing a real estate transaction that would mean that that home has sold and recorded into the name of the buyer. And the Santa Clarita Valley we have 62 properties that have closed in the last seven days.

Moving onto the closed realm. Closed is also known as sold. So if you see online verbiage related to having a home close or closing a real estate transaction that would mean that that home has sold and recorded into the name of the buyer. In the Santa Clarita Valley, we have 62 properties that have closed in the last seven days.

Earlier, I spoke about expired listings and in 24 hours we had zero. Backing up seven days we see that there were 15 properties that expired, not able to sell within the contractual timeframe as agreed upon between the agents and those sellers.

A lot of Robo dialing, a lot of Internet scrapers, a lot of People called data minors will go out there and find the seller's information and they will sell that information to a bunch of real estate agents and those agents will thereby harass those sellers too much. 

Nov. 15, 2019

Veterans real estate where Navy Federal Credit Union disappointed Connor with Honor

Disappointed in the Navy Federal Credit UnionLately, in the real estate business, it seems that most have forgotten their history.

While the current market is a bit slow, next year will be different, etc.

Some entities don't help themselves when it comes to future business.

Case and point. We have been working with a couple for the past couple of years in helping them buy a home in Santa Clarita Valley. As an aside, my connection point with them was that he and I worked LAPD together.

During that time, we were in escrow, they had second thoughts and we were able to have escrow canceled while they were able to retain their deposit. (BTW, we have never had a client's deposit forfeited to the seller when a buyer of ours wanted to cancel...)

After that scenario, I kept in touch and they wanted to hold off on buying, they signed a lease and they contacted me a year later.

We talked, they were ready to move forward with a property in Ventura and I set them up with a search and was ready to show them listings.

In fact, I reached out to see if they received the listings that I had sent to see when they wanted to go.

And just like that, they stated that they were referred to an agent by Navy Federal Credit Union.

I was confused. I had worked many times where the Navy Federal Credit Union was on the lending side of the transaction.

And that was with my own buyers.

I'm not the type of real estate agent that takes business away from capable lenders.

So, when Mag and Steph came to us so long ago and stated that Navy Federal Credit Union was their lender of choice, I was still good with their decision.

I was taken back. We had worked with this couple and their family for a long while. I know they were happy with the service they had received.

I know it's a buyer's choice to chose the agent they want. However, it's not fair play when the Navy Federal Credit Union refers out their "chosen agents" when they are aware the borrowers already are working with a Realtor.

This was an incentivized decision, I'd bet you. The agent is "preferred" by the Navy Federal Credit Union, as we were at one time with the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union. 

However, the LAPFCU never took a single client of ours from us and gave them away to another. Even when our relationship was over as our preferred lender, they never took business from us and gave it to one of their "preferred" real estate agents.

Honor is still in our midst.

But, what happened to the NFCU? Why would they have even started down that path when our clients told them they were working with us?

Maybe our clients weren't forceful enough. I see it day in and day out. The pushy salesperson, the fast-talking so and so, maybe that was the case with Navy Federal?

It could have been that our clients did not like us anymore. After working together for years, then helping them buy real estate, maybe that was the issue? Of course, they did call to let me know that Navy Fed referred them to one of their preferred agents.

One of the things that come up from time to time, where people forget the discussion, is that you have a choice of who you work with when buying real estate.

In most cases, it's the real estate agent informing their client of the typical loan costs and where to get their best deal.

After that, it's typically the agent making the referral to a lender.

If the buyer has a lender in place, these are the questions the agent will send to them while cc'ing you on the same email.

  • Are you available after hours?
  • Are you available on holiday?
  • If we were to find a home and needed an updated approval letter matching the amount of our offer, would you be able to do it on an evening at 8 pm when you are away from your office?
  • Are you able to provide an Underwriter Approval for this client? (the strongest form of approval)
  • Do you give your clients your cellular phone and do you answer it when not at the office in case there are loan questions?

Most times, we are not in a hurry when buying a home. However, there are some cases when a property hits the market, we can only view it during the open house, the clients are in love with it and we need to get everything packaged and sent over Sunday night before 8 pm.

If the lender is not available or able to scribe a new pre-approval letter with the amount matching our offer, our presentation gets delayed.

We have noticed at some Credit Unions, they are form fillers only. The personal interaction and being able to do work off-site is not allowed, nor tolerated, and not able to be done even if the employee wanted to do it.

I know the point I'm trying to make. You need a lender that is competitive, does not have massive overhead, has not overextended his business credit lines and has a "team" attitude.

Today our clients are in a home in Ventura and happy. That is all I wanted in the first place. I heard through the rumor mill they did not care for their agent, that bothered me because they are such good and trusting people.

I just completed a Transaction in Port Hueneme, very close to the military base. The client that used us interviewed the Navy Federal Credit union but chose to work with Chase. 

The best think about the property that I sold him was the fact it's going to make a great rental in the future. You see, when I'm representing a home buyer, I put myself in their situation combined with my experience. 

It's like I'm spending my own money. I want a property to check as many boxes as possible. Being suitable for a future rental or vacation rental is a couple of biggies. I was also able to get this property for our clients after a massive price reduction, we were the first in and bought it because it was a great fit.

Navy Federal Credit Union, I'm saddened and had hoped we could have a great relationship when people come to us wanting to work with you as their lender.

I'm Connor with Honor and I'm glad to be at your service. I will never talk you out of using your preferred lender, however I will double-check their fee's, interest rates and availability, so I can be confident you are getting your very best deal.

Thanks for reading my rant from the Santa Clarita home experts. 

Nov. 14, 2019

Online scammers bent on selling your personal information Update by the Santa Clarita home experts

PDF for Santa Clarita real estate market update

During the first several months of 2019, it was a great and fast-paced real estate market. We did not have the inventory to make a GREAT showing, but we did have a lot of real estate buyers very interested in our market.

Then we had the midsummer Lag of 2019, after that, the market has not been as robust as we would have thought.

There are sellers that want to sell, but not in the numbers that seem to make the real estate buyers confident they are going to have the right home to buy, versus renewing a lease or selling to move up/down/sideways.

Transcript of Santa Clarita real estate news show and timestamps

Santa Clarita real estate news by the Santa Clarita home expertsConnor Macivor:     00:00          It's good for everybody called him that guy ever. Remax is Paris nine one one team, Santa Clarita home experts. We bring you the latest information with regards to real estate here in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. That's gonna include the cities of Kenny country, Castaic new hall, Saugus Stevenson ranch, Valencia. Act in an awkward Dole. Say where we're most active. When you're listening to the radio show, if you want to get information on another city, give me a shout out Santa Clarita, home more than happy to take great care of you. Just go to the website. You'll see all my contact information, phone number, yours truly [inaudible] and any information that you offer or give up stays in my protective custody. Don't have to worry about getting spammed. Don't have to worry about a whole bunch of people contacting you for nonsense. I'm in the real estate business for the longterm.

Connor Macivor:     00:52          Been doing it 20 years so far since 1988 and I am, excuse me, 1998 that I am going to be going at it for as long as I potentially can, so please enjoy the show. Let's get into the broadcast. Talking about online systems for real estate valuations. I came across one of the systems that tell you, Hey, what's your home worth? And that's the kind of inquiry that you might ask for on Google. How much is my Valencia home worth? Or how much are my sagas home worth? You're going to see a lot of ads on that page, no matter what system you're using, being Google, any of the large search engines. In fact, if you go into Facebook, you'll see those types of ads built around that keyword search phrase, and that's because when somebody's asking what their home is worth, that is worth money to these different companies that are selling your information as leads to real estate agents, paying for it to loan officers, lenders, mortgage brokers, banks, grocery stores, big-box stores, your home improvement warehouses.

Connor Macivor:     01:58          All of these entities pay good money to get your information. And you know as well as I, I don't think there's much privacy anymore. However, you can save yourself a little bit of heartache because these people are the hard pulling at the end of the sales community where they're actually gonna reach out to you. They're going to dial your phone number, they're going to send you emails, they're going to send you letters, they're going to potentially door knock your residence right after you give up your information online. A better system, a safer place would be if you have your own agent reach out to them and say, Hey Jack, what's my home currently worth? And show me the data that corresponds to that. Hopefully, Jack will do that. If you don't have an agent, contact us Santa clue to home and I personally will pull out information and data and send it over to you.

Connor Macivor:     02:51          Now the difference is, and I wanted to bring this up, we had a client has a house we're going to be putting on the market soon researching the data. One of the real estate websites was undervaluing, and these are syndication sites, by the way, they're undervaluing our seller's property at over $75,000 so what are they missing? Well, they're missing the actual MLS data fee. They're looking at public, publicly recorded sales, and sometimes those don't all get posted as they should. Of course, there are mistakes that happen in all industries on the multiple listing service in, there's an enforcement mechanism though, and that's gotta be the board of realtors. So if an agent doesn't put in that correct price, it's double-checked by the board, then the board will reach out and either find them or suspend them or do something that makes them do it the right way.

Connor Macivor:     03:43          That's the enforcement arm of it. So that data that you're going to get directly from a real tour. Somebody that's a member of the local association of realtors in California where we are in Santa Clarita, that's going to be the Southland regional association. Then also a member I am of car California association of realtors and the NAR national association of realtors. Anyway, he got all the credentials in the world. Hopefully, that equates to somebody being up and performing to be able to perform very well above and beyond somebody without the credentials. But you know, that's not always true. Either. The present company excluded. Now, look at the online valuations. Again, be careful giving up your name, your phone number, your address, your email. All of these items are ways for the people that are out there picking the low hanging fruit to get that information and contact you and harass you.

Connor Macivor:     04:39          Now, besides valuations, a lot of people want to know what's going on in the market. Understand, of course, a lot of the real estate articles out there are built around you doing something, making you do something, being that catalyst that says, you know what? I think they're right. Maybe I want to sell my house now. Maybe I should buy real estate now. Whatever it is. We see this happening a lot in real estate circles and as I go through the real estate blogs online, if you've got a Santa Clarita home the very top, you'll click on blog, scroll down and you'll be able to see all the articles that we write several a week related to the real estate market related to the games played related to how you can best protect yourself when it comes to real estate. How to learn about it and how to find that consummate real estate expert in the particular area where you're interested in buying or selling or renting or whatever.

Connor Macivor:     05:34          Now we've been doing this, let's say, like I said, 20 years and the majority of that time has been full time, but I do have my partner, which is my wife. We do have a team in place. However, my team doesn't deal with the people that listen to my radio show, that people that contact us as far as Paris and I are concerned, there's only a certain amount of deals we can take care of every month without causing people to say, what the hell? Why isn't this service better or so? And you know, including that, that sort of a commentary, we always keep it to about 10 so we have about 10 transactions we could do every single month. That's buyers and sellers total. More than that than other people need to get involved. And we've found that our clients don't like that. Our clients come to us because they know that they're going to be handled by her and I and that's it.

Connor Macivor:     06:27          There's not going to be other people contacting them as members of our team. There's not going to be other people going to their house and evaluating it. There's not going to be other people taking them out and showing them real estate listings for sale if they want to buy. They're dealing directly with her and I. That's super accountability and that's the best way we found operate our business. We had those large teams in place. The difficulty is, and the problem pertaining to a large team is typically people are hiring the team leader because they're the ones that have been in the industry a long time, and the team leader is then pawning them off or handing them to, or giving them to one of their members of their team, one of the members of their team. Well, if something goes wrong, which in real estate, a lot of times there's a lot of mess when it comes to selling and buying real estate.

Connor Macivor:     07:20          When something gets a little quirky, then these people want to know where, where, where's the agent that I hired? Whereas this Connor mic Iver and they want to talk to Connor, so they call me and they say, well, you know, you let us work with Melinda here. Melinda's been showing us houses, but you know we've been riding offers. We haven't heard anything back from Melinda. Well, folks, that's like the number one complaint in real estate. I'm talking to you. Listen to the radio show now, not these clients. That's the number one complaint is communication. So an agent that doesn't have the wherewithal and the fortitude to stand up and say, this is what's going on. I'm not able to get this agent to contact me. That's not unusual. But this is why. This is the email I sent. This is the text message I sent the voicemail.

Connor Macivor:     08:04          I said I've even stepped it up to ask their office manager for the agent to contact me or I reached out to Connor and said, Connor, this is Melinda. I wrote up a, an offer for Bob and Joyce and I haven't heard back from you, you know Sam, Sam Fauchon, the other agent on the other side. Can you please help me with this? That's the issue, so when we're dealing with people directly because we've been in the business for so long, they get it. Other agents will contact us back, but when they're dealing with somebody that we had on our team a while back, they don't know who they are and it's almost a case of them believing that this person is not worthy of them contacting back. It's, it's a strange, strange business but that's where it is. That's why we only take a certain amount of clients every month and handle just about that amount of closings every month.

Connor Macivor:     08:58          We don't go over it just because the fact of the matter is it's just getting too complicated and the client starts to suffer and I will not have a client suffer buyer-seller under my watch period and Paris is of agreement now check us out online, Santa Clarita, home also when you're going online to do anything that's an awesome search engine. All of your personal [inaudible] personal information is protected. You have my word. Nobody else is going to see who you are. Nobody else is going to reach out and contact you. Nobody else is going to harass you or bother you. I've caught him at Guiver. We are coming to the middle of November 2019 we will be speaking with you. We have a property coming on the market, a Santa Clarita property in Valencia. It's a sunrise model, so if you're looking for that, we have that coming up this weekend, and then we also have one across from Henry Mayo hospital. I believe it's in a tempo tract that's coming on. It's been rehabbed, beautiful house that's coming on near the end of the month, the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm calling back. I ever, if you need us, let me know. Please. SantaClaritahome check it out. I will be with you when you're ready. (661) 400-1720 Connor McGuyver over and out.

Thanks from the Santa Clarita home experts

I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor and I'm glad to be at your service when it comes to everything that is Santa Clarita real estate. 

Nov. 10, 2019

Home prices went down in Valencia this November

Santa Clarita home prices reducing in the real estate marketWhile on the Nextdoor app this morning, I observed that exact quote, then it offered an option for the person seeing to click on a box that stated it would tell you more information.

BTW - Today is November 10th. How can Nextdoor know that home prices went down in Valencia this month when the month is not over yet?

Maybe they are referring to the 9 days that have passed related to Valencia's real estate closings and sold properties?

There are multiple areas in Valencia CA - Two zip codes, 91354 and 91355.




There are also multiple types of construction that are in Valencia. We have condos, town-homes, and Single Family homes, both attached and detached.

When I clicked to learn more, the agent on the front end who has this advertising in place, was not the agent that I was being connected to - that also changed.

That's not a big deal, because I'm an agent, I know about the home prices and am smart enough not to use a hook or trick of this type to get you to give up who you are so I can bother you.

I rely on unveiling the truth behind the real estate operations in Valencia and want my clients to know the latest "games" which are being played on a not so level field.

How do they know that home prices went down in November?

How do you know home prices in Santa Clarita are coming down?Of course, they don't and they haven't at this point. They want you to sign up for their newsletter because some brain at Nextdoor thought this marketing approach would work for the agents who are paying a lot of money to be advertising on nextdoor.

Here is how it really works. At any time in the month, I can pull data on the sold properties. I can give our Valencia CA home sellers the intel they need to make the best decisions.

I am able to let a Valencia home seller in 91354 who lives in an SFR in Creekside that their home's price seems to have moved in a reduction of value direction compared with the three homes that closed between October 09 and November 09 in 2019.

But then, I have to compare those three closings in Creekside of Valencia with the seller's actual home. 

After this part of my assessment is completed, I find out that my seller's home is upgraded to the max. In fact, my home seller's home in creekside of Valencia was one of the original model homes. 

And you know the model homes are truly upgraded to a T by the home builders at all New Santa Clarita Home Construction sites and new builder communities.

The other three homes that sold weren't even close to this new listing where its owners are contemplating placing it for sale.

The seller of this upgraded home will be able to sell his home for at least $35,000 more than the last three homes that sold during the months of October and beginning of November.

Advertising and Marketing - don't let it rule you.

As a society, we have been exposed to advertising and marketing since we were born. Today, it's even more apparent that the "interruption" marketing efforts are still primarily the way people are slapped into paying attention.

I obtain business by referrals, past clients and my Santa Clarita home expert blog.

Santa Clarita real estate advertisingWhen you do a search for Santa Clarita real estate market - Santa Clarita homes and or Santa Clarita home experts, you will find me at the top of the search result page on Google/Bing and more.

On some of the results pages, you will have paid for spaces that are present and show up just after you search. The "ADS" are at the top of the page and sometimes hard to differentiate from the "organic results", which are hard to appear for - but show the BEST of the BEST!

On the review websites for Santa Clarita real estate, we are there, with over 100 five star reviews from our Santa Clarita home experts clients. To see all the five-star reviews, you will have to find the link that shows the filtered reviews. If you doubt their validity as Yelp does, let me know and I'll have that client call you directly. BTW, we don't pay for advertising on Yelp, make sure you know the ADS on Yelp versus the organic results.

If you see something clever on an ad inquire about it - Just be careful.

How it may play out:

If you see an advertisement on a site like Next Door as I have mentioned that states provocatively, that home prices in Valencia have gone down in November, you may be considering inquiring as to how and why.

Once you do, know that your personal information and private data is no longer your own. You have now given permission to be contacted by anyone.

Of course, in a perfect world, you'd only be contacted by the Santa Clarita real estate agents or Santa Clarita real estate lenders paying for that advertisement.

The issue is that if you inquire about a home via some of the real estate syndication websites, your personal information and private data will be sold to over 10 agents and multiple other real estate service providers.

That is an issue and you will be spammed to a point that regretting asking will haunt you for a long while.

We have some clients that inquired on a very popular real estate syndication website just before they called me.

They did so because of the Clever "What is your home in Valencia CA worth?" advertisement.

To this day, 2 years after we sold their Valencia Northbridge home, they are still being contacted by local agents and real estate service providers. 

This client's cellular phone happens to be from Manhattan New York, so it's not by mistake or some fancy "cell phone" registration database or data collection company.

Worried about your home's value and want to track it?

What is my home worth in Valencia CAI'll do it for you. Just email me your name and address and I'll take care of the rest via the actual Multiple Listing Service.

I will guarantee that all of your personal and private information will never leave my hands. It will stay in my direct custody forever.

I will obtain your track code from your address and I will then show you what activity and homes have sold in your exact neighborhood. 

Not in Valencia, but much more precise tracking of your equity.

We live in the Summit of Valencia. There are four distinct neighborhoods and housing types here. I track my data for my home based on what type of home we live in. There are approximately 167 homes of our type in the Valencia Summit.

I watch them all.

Most of our home buyers love this system that I have developed and use to update our clients. It goes forever and is like receiving a digital bank statement related to your Valencia CA home's equity each month.

You can also text me your personal information.

The Santa Clarita real estate market is informational. When we have home buyers wanting to buy a home, condo or a town-home in the Santa Clarita - Valencia Areas, we always discuss the housing market. 

I give a full dissertation on buying a new home and whether it would be worth it or not. There are some cases when buying a new home trumps buying a re-sale home. That is going to depend on the market and the current versus potential phases that pertain to the new home tract.

Because, when buying a new home or a home that is being sold as a "re-sale" home, you are not paying me to be your real estate buyer's agent, my fee does not impact you.

However, there are many other entities that are going to make their fee's yours. That is why we have a discussion on what you can do or what I am able to do for you, to get those fees to the best level possible.

These "fees" include the lender's fee. Those banks, credit unions or mortgage bankers that are going to charge you to help you get a loan (mortgage).

I will cover those fees, what you as a home buyer can expect them to be and how to get the best price for them.

I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX - You can visit to some of who I am. The best place to find out about this active, full time and real agent in Santa Clarita - Valencia CA is to call me or read more of the top real estate blog. 

I'll be here for you and yours. Talk soon and remember, I'm open to referrals. 

Connor with HONOR!



Nov. 9, 2019

How to avoid bad neighbors when buying a home by the Santa Clarita home experts

Avoid bad neighbors in Santa Clarita CAThere is a way to help you avoid bad neighbors when buying real estate. 

We include it as part of our home buyer presentation when we are in the process of educating our clients and when we are out and about viewing real estate listings in person.

I call it my Knock and Notice policy.

When I was with the LAPD We served a lot of search warrants. 

While this step is not me and my home buyers coming in right after knock and notice have been given, it is a bit similar.

We are there to investigate the person or people living in a neighboring home, condo or town-home.

It is at this time I want my clients to be on their best most observable front. 

As my LAPD training offers used to say to us boots, "You are now a trained observer, you need to make mental notes of all that goes on, especially when it comes to putting someone in jail. It is a huge responsibility to put a person in jail, make sure you have all you need to make that decision.

While my Santa Clarita - Valencia home buyers are not putting anyone in jail, learning what to watch out for when doing our knock and notice due diligence pays off.

Top 5 Bad Neighbor traits to look for

  1. Cars and couches in the front yard
  2. Lawn and Curb appeal neglect and Parking
  3. Smells - Scents and Drug odors
  4. Incessant dog barking or loud birds
  5. Encroaching plants, trees and broken fences

Five ways you can prevent bad neighbors when buying Santa Clarita - Valencia real estate1 - Of course - my kin may have pulled the living room sofa out to the front yard to have a place to sit with friends and throw back a few drinks.

That does not make it an awesome place to move to. I don't see activity much in Santa Clarita Valley, but it can sure be a turn off for those who are concerned about being neighbors or their property values.

If your neighbors are parking their vehicles in their front yard and if their yard resembles a junkyard, you may be concerned. Especially if the zoning and neighborhood do not allow for that.

2 - Lawn Neglect and curb appeal. Sometimes, due to what appears to an ongoing drought, some front lawns are purposefully turning yellow, with the grass dying due to not being watered.

However, even though a lawn in yellow, a homeowner can still take care of their home so it looks more presentable.

If you are buying in a community with restricted parking, make sure you have enough space for you and those living with you in regards to parking. This becomes very important at a Condo, Town-home or Planned Urban Development complex. If there is no place to park when you need it, there may be no point in buying real estate there.

Do you entertain? That may be also another consideration for parking.

3 - Marijuana seems to be much more prevalent than when I was growing up. All though it's more accepted to the smell of tobacco, I think it may over-run it soon.

Of course, any and all chemical smells may indicate the filming of an episode of "Breaking Bad", or a termite tenting, the bottom line is to do those active investigations.

4 - This happens a lot. You are viewing a home with your client and hear the next-door neighbor's dog barking. It's like the dog is using the energizer bunny battery. It just keeps going and going...

Do yourself a favor, make sure that neighbor is door knocked. Then make sure their neighbor is door knocked, ask the direct question, but do it smartly, "I could not help but notice the dog barking, I work nights, does it stop at any point?" - Innocent enough - They may respond, "Yeah, that's my sister's dog, she will be back tomorrow to pick him up. He hates it here." 

Or, "Yes, that's Scout, he loves to bark. He does it so much I don't even notice anymore." It's at this point you have a decision to make.

Is there some HOA enforcement mechanism about barking dogs? What about the local Law enforcement, what do they do and would there be any ramifications by me complaining after I move in?

5 - Shared fences? Maybe if you are buying a home that is in a newer community. 

You may want to talk to the neighbors. Bottom line, look for anything that is growing over from their yard into yours. This includes large trees that are "umbrella" your home - Consider what falls from them and what impact those events will have on your home.

If the fences are shared between you and the neighbors and are cracked or falling apart, you may want to ask if the neighbors may be willing to support a repair effort with the costs split evenly.

That would be a bit tough to bring up before you are actually the owner. Maybe that is something you could have the current seller ask the neighbor? Of course, do it through your Santa Clarita home expert, as we do for our housing clients.

At least the record is made and if they are totally unresponsive, you will know and might cancel the escrow as a result.

Knock and Notice by the Santa Clarita home experts

Door knocking in Santa Clarita real estateIt's not you researching Megan's Law - that is a given and needs to be done at the very beginning of escrow.

Make sure you know your rights per the contract you had written for you and the one that was submitted on your behalf to the home seller(s).

If you end up canceling as a result of your Knock and Notice, you want to make sure your deposit is well protected.

Keeping safe and ensuring that you get your deposit back if you find out something that makes you need to cancel escrow is one of the most important real estate steps you can take.

This Knock and Notice needs to happen before your home inspections, your termite inspections, and other inspections. The reason is these other items cost you money. You have to pay the inspectors right away, at the conclusion of their inspections, they mandate payment.

You rapping on the neighbor's doors costs you nothing. But, it's such an important part of the home buying process.

When you are ready, contact me at the Santa Clarita home experts. I will guide you on how the best way would be to avoid bad neighbors.

I'll be here for you. I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX Gateway - I'm your contact agent with the Santa Clarita home experts.

Be well and please read the rest of my Santa Clarita home experts blog.

Nov. 8, 2019

Protecting a home sellers personal and private information in real estate by the Santa Clarita home experts

The problem:

How does a real estate agent protect their sellers and buyers from having their personal and private information available to the entitles that will abuse it?

Unfortunately, it's bigger than the real estate agent, please allow me to explain.

The source data of a real estate seller

real estate information sold to the highest bidderSavvy real estate agents have learned a while ago to never offer up their home seller's phone number or email in an MLS listing.

That includes putting it, as we used to 5+ years ago, into the confidential remarks field of the multiple listing service real estate listing (MLS) input form.

Back before that time, most agents would have their sellers get contacted to have the home shown by the real estate agent conducting the showing.

In order to facilitate the showing of our home seller's real estate listing, we'd put the seller's contact number in the confidential remarks field in the multiple listing service input field.

There were certain guarantees at that time, which we assumed were in placed and enforced by the Board of Realtors or some other "higher power".

That was not true. To this day, there is no "overseer" that is able to enforce stealing and selling of a seller's personal and private information. 

While the "confidential field" was for "agent eyes only", there are other people than agents allowed to be members of the MLS and to see the data as it's entered by the listing agent.

Before I get to deep into my rant, this comes up when a listing is canceled, expires or has a purposeful cancellation, where there is still a signed contract and one that is able to be enforced between the seller and their agent.

Some salespeople are way too hungry. So much so they will hunt without putting a single thought into if they should be following up with a phone number they paid for related to some home listing that expired or was canceled.

Dear Agent - think before you have your computer program or online robo-dialer start calling expired and canceled listings. Take a moment to review the list and to double-check it against the FDNC - Federal Do Not Call List to make sure you are violating the law.

Also, check the type of cancellation it is, or review the commentary on the expired listing MLS sheet. A good realtor will update the MLS comments in the confidential field in order to let the "afterthought" agents know why a listing expired, the intention and or why it was canceled.

Unfortunately, the seller's phone number does not have to have been entered into the MLS confidential remarks. There are data mining systems and companies that do that research for the agents and other corporations and individuals.

Don't be too hungry real estate agents

My home expired and I feel I'm being force fedI don't call expired listings nor do I call canceled listings. I write information online about the real estate market. I write information about the type of market and changes that people need to know when they start to contemplate selling or buying real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

There are other systems in place that I do not use as well. There is a paid-for service that our Board of Realtors has for us agents to use that allows a company access to a home seller's personal information in order to schedule showings of their home.

I don't use it. Most agents don't and those who do are saying, "Hey, here is my seller's personal cell phone, go ahead, call them when someone wants to show their home."

So much falls through the cracks with the agents not being able to speak with the other agents wanting to show their seller's listings.

Without being able to schedule a showing of a home for sale with the actual listing agent, the buyer's agent does not get to ask if there are any offers in play? If there are, maybe counters are out and a deal is imminent? If that is the case there is going to be one angry home buyer if they happen to view the home for sale and love it!

Step up Board of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors - The California Association of Realtors and the Southland Regional Association of Realtors - Plus the Greater Antelope Valley Board of Realtors - I'm a member in good standing in all, this is your chance to make home sellers happy and to protect them from being spammed when their listing expires or cancels in your MLS database.

Agents could be sanctioned - There could be some enforceable disclosure that is added to the pile of paperwork we already provide for our seller's to sign.

This "document" would be enforceable and would require all parties to sign. The listing agent - their broker and the sales agent and their broker. Maybe the home seller(s) and homebuyer(s) could sign as well to show how serious the Boards of Realtors are to protect a person's personal and private information.

At this point, the data-mining companies would lose business and close their doors because the agents would not be able to take part in hiring them.

The tons of phone calls an expired listing would go to zero and that seller would be able to have quiet to reflect on why their home did not sell. Instead of the pitch by 50 agents stating, "Are you ready to hire the right agent."

Putting something enforceable in play, showing the home sellers that they don't have to fear any real estate agent calling them to play the high-pressure salesperson, would be very much appreciated.

How does this play out in the real world

Truth in Santa Clarita real estateWe have a listing that did not sell within the three-month contract. We are headed into the holidays and will place the home on the market March of the following year.

The sellers are personal friends and they know why their home did not sell - it had everything to do about price.

They understand this and are happy with their selection of an agent and know their agent did everything they could to market, advertise and publicize their home for sale. They had a ton of showings, one offer, but no deal was able to come together.

The sellers were informed that none of their personal information was placed online. All showings were done via direct communication between other agents and their agent. 

However, the sellers were told to brace themselves, once the listing expires they will be called at a ridiculous volume.

Literally, hundreds of phone calls and some persisted three months later. Only those threatened, due to the home being on the FDNC, Federal Do Not Call List, with lawsuits and complaints filed with the board of realtors stopped some.

Most agents knew these sellers were bluffing. The board was called, but they said there was nothing they were able to do about this invasion of privacy.

Months later, a call creeps in from time to time, even after over 90 telephone numbers were blocked by the sellers. 

"Blocking numbers in that amount", equates to a full-time job. What a hassle. 

It's a wonder anyone would list their home for sale with a Real Estate organization that does not have an enforceable way to protect a home seller's privacy from their own membership!

What to do now?

Contact your Board of Realtors. Send them this article. If you are a home seller that had a canceled or expired listing, do the same. 

Together we can make a change for the better. 

Callers are going to call. But, if we stick together, we can stop this.

Nov. 6, 2019

We will buy your Santa Clarita home - What does that really mean by the Santa Clarita home experts

we will buy your home from youThere are so many websites out there. Data mining services and those systems that are Robo-dialing you which have done the research and providing the information 4.7 years after you have purchased your latest home.

We will buy your home websites

I have had several home sellers contact me and ask what is the haps with regard to the websites that are saying they will buy your home.

Here is the plan. They want to get in touch with only desperate home sellers. Those that they have contacted via a fancy computer program and data mining software. OR - Those home sellers that have attempted to sell their homes during the past several months to a year, which were unsuccessful.

Let's get into the I'll buy your home definitions

Websites - you encounter these often. When looking at Google and wanting to search, the results are often containing websites. Some are hack sites (those that are not verified and truly deceitful). Others are local agent websites that are paying for placement at the top of the search engines.

Data Mining - Those sites that are scraping the WWW and internet providers for any information that you provide when inquiring for any service or product.

These companies pay big money for who you are and your search habits online.

Just understand as it relates to real estate. No ONE will buy your home at a loss. They will only buy your home at a profit!

Robo-Dialing - computer programs that dial phone numbers. They can dial hundreds of phone numbers in a minute. It only rings the person dialing (the one that owns the service), when someone answers the phone. Be careful, this is the top way that people get scammed by answering the phone.

Real estate scam we will buy your homeThe phone numbers are obtained by scraping the internet, MLS companies (Zillow-Trulia) and other online systems. If you have an unpublished phone number but have given up your phone number when making an online inquiry, then you can consider yourself as someone who will be called.

The online systems are dangerous. Some of those who are controlled by local real estate agents are much safer. However, so many paid-for advertisements are showing up at the top of the SERPs.

SERPs - Search engine result pages. When you conduct a search for anything on the internet. the SERP's are those results you view. Page 1, Page 2 ,etc.

Don't get dismayed - the SERPs are typically ranked not by local influence, but by how much they are paying in pay per click ADS. PPC.

PPC - Pay Per click - there are a lot of companies and other individuals that will pay google and bing a lot of placement. These "pay for ads" populate the top of the search engine result pages.

So, when you are searching on google and bing, you see at the top "ADS" - these are people and corporations paying for placement. To score on the same page, as the Santa Clarita home Experts do, is impressive.

Organic - the search results underneath the PPC ads. That is where you will find the Santa Clarita home Experts being published with the information that we write each week on our Santa Clarita Blog and our Santa Clarita real estate website - the Santa Clarita home experts.

Research - This would be impressive if these systems were actually operated by Realtors. The Realtor, the trade union data, is actually, the most accurate.

The DOM, Days on Market time frames and more are right on point. However, some of the real estate entities that I have mentioned have morphed the numbers in their own best interest. This does no home buyer or seller any good when they are trying to figure out the type of real estate market in Santa Clarita exists and what their best course of action would be.

How do they buy your home?

we will buy your Santa Clarita home contractTypically, they will write up a contract and either go way under FMV(think about it, it has to be worth it) - Fair market value and pay you for the difference minus fees and other costs - Escrow - Title, etc.

Or - they may take a contract and see if they are able to wrangle a home buyer that will pay what they want for the home, they make their profit on the difference they agreed to pay you and what they were able to get a buyer to agree to pay.

Or - they may sell your personal information, under the guise of them wanting to buy your home, to a local agent paying for a lead generation service. Said agent will contact you stating that they work for this "buy your home" company and they will meet and list your home as if it's a normal sale.

The bottom line - 

There is no magic sauce they have or information they know. The value of your home is its value. The value is substantiated by the most recently sold homes within close proximity to your home. Those homes compared to yours must be very similar. 

There are systems in place that will give you an online value, but those are not very reliable. 

The Santa Clarita home experts pull all the data from our online channels. We also delve into the Multiple Listing Service and verify all the data that we have complied to give a true and accurate valuation to any home we are planning on listing or selling.

Some of these companies tout they will be able to save the homeowner money because "commissions" are not paid to the realtors.

Don't take my word for it. Work the numbers on commission and other fees, then compare that with the discounted nature of the offer they are going to make for your home.

I will bet all day long that their margins are much too high to make it your best deal. The better deal will be you having the Santa Clarita Home Experts list your home, advertise and market the hell out of it, then get multiple offers - get those offers bidding against each other and getting you the best price with the best terms possible.

What about buying Ugly Homes?

Same theory, just in a different wrapper. This is a clever marketing gimmick. I know this because if you called the same company in order to have them buy your pretty home, the person on the other end would not turn you down or ask you to verify that your home is "ugly" and by what standard are you judging it.

Selling real estate costs money. There are fees that have to get paid to escrow and title. There are commissions to be paid or discounts to be given.

A person is able to sell their home themselves, but you have to determine if that makes fiscal sense after the learning curve is addressed.

On a single purchase, in the state of California, there are over 40 general disclosures that are required in addition to the purchase contract that is written by the buyer's agent.

Most disclosures in a real estate transaction have come about due to someone suing someone at some point over the issue contained in the specific disclosure.

There is a lot at risk to go it alone. A good guide would be proper. Do this, before kicking everyone to the curb, interview a few. 

See what they say about how they will be able to sell your home in the best way and for the best terms.

I know this, most of our clients are very savvy when speaking to sales entities. They know when they are being sold BS.

If you have any questions as to whether you are going down a path that may lead to your dismay. Call me and without obligation, we will work through it together.

If your best way would be to sell the home yourself or to sell it to a company that "Buys ugly houses", then that will come out during our conversation.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm always glad to be at your service as the Santa Clarita home expert.


Nov. 5, 2019

Top 5 types of Santa Clarita residences sold

1. Single Family Homes

2. Attached Single Family Homes

3. Town-homes

4. Condominiums

5. PUD - Detached Condos

You may be wondering what are some of the differences in regard to these housing types? 

In the Santa Clarita - Valencia Areas, we have several different types of dwellings that are constructed for human living.

Santa Clarita - Valencia SFR's

Large Santa Clarita - Valencia luxury single family homeThese start at the top of the "chain" with single-family homes and single-family residences. Otherwise known by real estate industry people as SFR's. (Single Family Residences).

Mostly these are homes that are stick-built with various types of construction materials. Most are wood-framed and stucco-covered. Some have wood siding and others have other types of siding.

These homes vary in years from the 1950s to present and are located in the Santa Clarita Valley city with the older homes being in Newhall to Valencia.  However, before you discount those cities, there are new construction homes in Newhall and Valencia also. 

The Santa Clarita home experts sell a majority of SFR housing and have observed that a majority of those wanting to buy or sell real estate in the SCV have an SFR to sell and or want to buy a Single Family Home.

Quick mention - Quads, Tri's and Duplexes

As an aside. Duplexes, Triplexes, and quadruplexes in the Santa Clarita Valley - Valencia CA areas are very rare. Of these available, they were custom construction or have turned from the entire quad being owned by the same person to being split apart into a condo configuration.

We get calls often from people wanting to buy a multi-family dwelling, as the ones mentioned. They are considering living in one of the units and renting out the others. This works, especially of the units are currently occupied and if we are able to get our hands on the proof of that. That information can be shown to a lender and act as part of the investor(buyers) documentation for qualification.

However, in the Santa Clarita Valley, you would be hard-pressed to find very many of these.

Largest amounts - multi-residential - not in SCV

We would suggest to our investor clients to allow us to search in North Hollywood, Burbank and Glendale. These cities have a lot of quad type multi-residential properties that rent out nicely. In the Santa Clarita the best "entrance level" investment strategy would be one of buying, rehabbing and renting out single units.

With this strategy, if the investor was able to have the Santa Clarita Home experts find a unit for sale where there was a low tenant occupancy rate, so much the better when it came time to sell it after it obtained a nice amount of equity.

Attached Single Family Homes in Santa Clarita - Valencia

We have a few areas - the Valencia Sunrises - the Valencia Racquet Club, to mention two, where the homes have a real front yard, a real back yard - back yards usually fenced and where the homes are attached by a single wall.

These are attached single-family homes. Most online searches, such as the multiple listing service engine on the Santa Clarita home experts website will show these when you search for single-family homes.

The price point will be less than a detached single-family home. And in most cases, you may not know that the homes are attached to one another. It will depend on which wall is attached and how active your neighbors are.

Some are attached via a single garage wall. These are more desired than those attached single-family homes which are attached via one of the living area or bedroom walls.

OMT - of so many that the Santa Clarita home experts share with their clients is the importance of checking the historical record of insurance claims related to the attached Santa Clarita home. Most likely if there is a flood in one, the other home will also flood. Flood, not the natural disaster type, but the pipe breaking or toiled/sink overflowing type.

Your insurance person will be able to figure out if there has been via a special report most are able to run. More about that upon request or when you are ready to sit down with the Santa Clarita home experts to go over the dos and don ts of buying real estate.

Townhomes - number three what are they?

Townhomes in Santa Clarita - Valencia for saleGenerally, a townhome in the Santa Clarita - Valencia Cities is a dwelling where your ownership consists of everything above you and everything below. Town-homes are multiple floors - at least two stories as an example. 

Town-homes can be attached and detached. Most are attached in clusters. With multiple townhomes on a single lot. Town-home have Home Owners Associations and may pay for some utilities, like trash and water, make sure you double-check with your Santa Clarita home experts. Of course, we provide that information going in to view the for sale properties with our clients so they know the full info.

Some townhome communities are gated and others are not. 

Parking is typically restricted. That reminds me of the importance of going back to the property and snooping late in the evening and on weekends. Go back during the time in which you have your inspection period during your escrow time, typically the first 17 days, and see how the parking is and if you can live with it.

As an example, if you entertain a lot and if the closest parking is several blocks away, that property may not be a great fit. Of course, you may be able to park your cars on the street saving spaces for your guests, but that will only work if there are no restrictions about residents parking in those "guest" spaces. 

All of these items need to be considered.

Plus, as we always remind our Santa Clarita home expert clientele, door knocking is very important when you are sharing walls and spaces with others.

At the beginning of escrow, be that butterfly. Go to the neighbor's residences and knock on their door. I know it may make you uncomfortable. If it does, the Santa Clarita home experts will go with you.

When our Santa Clarita home expert clients are not comfortable going alone this is how I approach it.

Typically on the day of the home inspection, I tell my Santa Clarita Home Expert clients to be ready and we are going to be pounding the pavement.

I will rap on the door of a neighbor and when they answer I will introduce my clients and who I am.

"Hi, I'd like to introduce you to Jill and Tony. They are buying the townhome which is for sale, number 17?"

"I'm Connor with the Santa Clarita home Experts, How do you like living here?"

"How do you like your neighbors?"

"Is there anything else that Jill and Tony should know?"

"Jill and Tony, do you have any questions you would like to ask?"

Jill - "Do you have kids? We have 6-year-old twin boys."

Neighbor - "Yes, I have a 7 and 9-year-old."

"And my 9-year-old plays the drums at all hours of the night." :)

You get it...

No matter what you are buying, a Single Family home in Valencia to a mobile home in some remote location. If you are going to be or have a chance to be impacted by anyone living by you, you need to door knock them and introduce yourself.


Condo in Santa Clarita - Canyon CountryApartment Style. Typically one level has everything. The Living area, hallway with washer and dryer, bathrooms leading to the bedrooms down the hallway.

Smaller, traditionally, than townhomes and single-family homes. Unless you are buying big in a skyrise, Las Vegas or back east.

The "door knocking" on the condos is very important as well. There isn't much space between you and your neighbors. Neighbors can be living on top and underneath of you. You could also be a middle condo, sharing walls on three sides, plus the roof and floor.

Doing your "neighbor" investigations will prove worthwhile. You will eventually find the chatty Cathy or Talkative Tommy. They will tell you everything you wanted to know and maybe some things you did not want to know.

A Home Owners Association check will prove worthwhile. Seeing if the HOA has restrictions on pets, the numbers of and type of breed. I have seen restrictions on pets which attach to the size of the dog in pounds.

Always, in escrow, you will get a copy of the CC&R's Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. There will be a massive amount of information, including the rules of the development. These exist in some Single Family Home Communities also, so beware.

Any place with a Home Owners Association will have a board for the HOA, financial statements and the rules in written form. 

I have seen some places where it prohibits a person from washing their car in public view.

I have seen others that limit the pets to no more than one at a maximum weight of 60 pounds.

Go figure. Buying a Santa Clarita - Valencia CA home, not seeing one of these restrictions were in place while you had a chance to, will cause you problems after your close. 

Santa Clarita home experts go over this information with our clients, to ensure they know everything they will need to make the best buying decisions.

Real estate is not a small ticket item. It's expensive and takes 30 years to pay off at a normal mortgage rate/time.

Being stuck with a home purchase sucks. The Santa Clarita home experts do their best to help you cover all the necessary and unnecessary bases when our home sellers and buyers want us in their corner.

The PUD - Planned Urban Development

Have you seen those homes that are in very close proximity to offices? They look like single-family homes, they may have been built super close to one another. They also may share driveways and be located in the "cluster type" configuration.

Where you have a single driveway access point and in a oval access to 4 garages, one assigned to each home.

If this is the case, you may be looking at a PUD - a Planned Urban Development. While you own the land for your home, you will have an HOA and CC&R's involved that will impact your ownership.

In some cases, PUD's are hard to identify. In the title reports that the Santa Clarita home experts offer to our home buyers, it will be labeled as a Condominium or PUD, but it will look like a detached single-family home.

We want our clients to know everything when buying real estate. It's very important to limit future surprises.

In some cases, appraisers will take pause when identifying properties that are classified as PUD. They often have walls of other homes in their backyards that have easements for access with notice.

Also, PUD's often have zero lot lines and some don't have any access to the back yard spaces except via the improvement (house).

Once the appraisers go to the property in person, all seems to work out. It's the "on paper" review that seems to create some issues, but those get remedied.

When you are looking for real estate online and on any of the systems. Stick to local MLS subscribed websites like the one belonging to the Santa Clarita home experts.

The results will be so much better and you never have to worry about being scammed or having any of your personal information sold or given away to others in the real estate industry.

The Santa Clarita home experts

When ready, I will be here for you. Connor with HONOR with the Santa Clarita home experts.

Just reach out and I will help guide you down the best path possible to achieve your real estate goals.

Make sure you go to our Santa Clarita home expert blog.

Nov. 4, 2019

50 day plan to buy a home with the Santa Clarita home experts

Buying a Santa Clarita home with the Santa Clarita home expertsThe home buying process for a 50-day move-in. There is a way to adhere to these 10 steps and be moved into a home within a 50 day time period. The question you need to ask the Santa Clarita home experts, if if you should or take your time in buying the most expensive thing you will ever finance?

Here is a quick breakdown by the rule of 10 about buying a Santa Clarita Home in 50 days. Be well and when you are ready to give the Santa Clarita home experts a call to help you with your personal real estate needs.

  1. Meet with the Santa Clarita Home Experts and establish parameters, contact lender if needed.
  2. View real estate listings in accordance with pricing parameters with special assessments and HOA will be taken into account.
  3. Continue to View real estate listings
  4. Narrow the listings to meet "in person" viewing criteria.
  5. Write offer(s) on home(s) desired.
  6. Negotiate responses, price, offerings, and changes in timeframes.
  7. Continue negotiation and come to an agreement between seller/buyer.
  8. Escrow Opens, Inspections start, Disclosures Reviewed, escrow documents reviewed and signed, request for repairs negotiated. (45 Days typically, if cash potentially only a few days)
  9. Loan Document review and signing.
  10. Money Funded and Home Recorded. Keys are given to home buyers per contract.

How is that for a quick list?

The problem with lists of this type, which are time-dependent, is that most people should never be wanting to buy a home in 50 days.

A better list would be the 10 best steps to homeownership.

  1. Speak with a Realtor
  2. Allow the realtor to recommend a lender or vet yours
  3. Review the homes your agent is sending you
  4. View the homes you like with your agent
  5. Continue to keep in touch with your lender
  6. Find home and write an offer
  7. Negotiate well until offer acceptance
  8. Enter escrow - conduct inspections
  9. Negotiate repairs
  10. Close escrow

There are many reasons why this time frame may be more or less. First, most loans take 30-45 days to finish, even with the best of real estate lenders

Second, Most of the home buyers don't move that fast, but there are always exceptions to that rule.

What's your hurry with buying Santa Clarita real estate?

Top 10 list for Santa Clarita home buyersMy advice as a Santa Clarita home expert, don't jump in that quick. Take your time and wade in without making the water rough, as if you don't want to alert anyone.

Most of our home buyers take longer than a few days to find a home. They look, search and we visit a lot of homes in person. 

For each home they are interested in, we pull the comparables at the Santa Clarita home experts' offices.

The comparables are accurate, timely and within the scope of an updated appraiser's rulebook. Without these fail-safes, the values will come back wrong and you may venture into buying a home that is more than it is worth.

Of course, having mentioned the appraiser - they will ensure you don't pay too much for any home that is being financed. The bank(lender) never loses - Just know that exists, unless your agent had your "appraisal contingency" removed from the contract.

In a home buyer's market, maybe time is of the essence for a home seller. In a seller's market, it could be that time of the essence for a Santa Clarita home buyer.

If you are a home buyer and if conditions in the market are just right, maybe you should move a little faster with the purchase of a Santa Clarita residence. This decision is very personal and you should never let anyone push you into doing something that you are not ready to do.

Santa Clarita home experts rule number 1

Number 1 rule by the Santa Clarita home expertsNow for the top rule, we have when it comes to advising our clients. Never accept anyone's word!

Back up everything you are told in writing via a simple email clarifying what you were told.

Example: Telephone call - 

Lender: "Connor, we will be able to give you a 2.5% fixed interest rate and you will only have to pay us a flat fee of $360.00 to get us to do your loan for you. In addition, we are going to waive your appraisal fee as a courtesy."

Home Buyer: "Great Phil, thanks for calling me and letting me know how competitive you are able to be to get my business. May I have your email address so I may follow up with you?"

Lender: "Sure, it's blahblahlender@lendingworldcanyon.blah"

Home Buyer: - (make sure you recap the email.)

(As a home buyer, you can also, ask the lender to put all of what he/she told you in writing and send you that content in an email)

I find that way, when you ask the lender to send you an email recap, keeps the home lender or mortgage broker in a top position. In Wrestling, that is not the best position to be in when wanting to exhibit your best ground game.

Now, what you will do as a home buyer, recap everything that your lender told you in an email.

if you are dealing with a credit union, you may not be able to talk to a real person until you fill out an application online. These types of home lenders are mostly made up of hourly employees, who are not paid to give out their cell numbers.

So hence, they will not be available on weekends, after hours and during holidays.

Another good question to ask your lender of choice or the one who was referred to you is what their hours are and if they are available to be there for your questions during non-business hours.

Many lenders will do this for our clients. We don't have holidays off. We don't work only during a set of business hours. When we aren't sleeping, we are working. 

The lenders that we work with are adhering to the same standards for the Santa Clarita home expert's real estate clientele.

Buying a home in 50 days - recap

There are certain things that a home buyer needs to do to get ready to start the journey of buying home.

I have given the top 10 items that a home buyer must do to put them in the best position.

All of those steps start with a simple phone call and conversation related to the home buyer's best first step.

I'll be here for you when you are ready at the Santa Clarita home expert's offices.

Be well and please let me know when you are ready so I can activate!