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I operate the most complete and longest running blog about Santa Clarita real estate. I am the true local area expert living in the Santa Clarita Valley during and after my LAPD career. I'm all about the protection and service to both my home buyers and Santa Clarita home sellers. The biggest compliment that any client of mine can give is by way of them referring their family, friends and those whom they know want to buy or sell real estate. I'm honored in each instance. Our business operates primarily by referral. 

First and foremost, my method is by teaching. I'm not teaching my home buyers and sellers on how to be real estate agents. I'm teaching them how to be best protected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

The best way to do this is by our in-person meetings which are done in my offices, over the phone or by remote meetings conducted with my Zoom Affiliation. I was the first agent to employ a podcast/radio show in my housing market updates. I was also the first agent to conduct seminars online with many participants where questions could be asked and where the best solutions to actual real estate problems could be discovered. I have had up to 50 live participants in my seminars within the online realm and mandate that my home buyers and home sellers become educated in one of my many processes.

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. There are a lot more moving parts and the price point is much larger. 

Anything that takes 30 years to pay off, typically, needs to be approached with care and concern. Making a mistake with real estate is expensive and some never are able to recover.

Take the last real estate cycle. There were a lot of home buyers that jumped in without testing the waters. If you did so during the later part of 2011 and in the 1st quarter of 2012 - your jumping in was the best thing you could have done. 

That is because during that time that was the low part of the real estate market. Between the fall of housing in 2007 and the current date, the last absolute low point in the Los Angeles Areas was last quarter 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

I approach real estate with my clients with knowledge and experience. I know that most home buyers take the word for what they read online, no matter the source. If the source has a large well-advertised name, most take the information conveyed as the word of a higher power.

If you are interested in your better future in real estate, do not do that. Make sure that you are

Oct. 8, 2019

What happened after the buyer and seller got together behind their agents back?



Santa Clarita Home Experts Radio PDF Episode 2019-281

We had a great week with a lot of awesome stories to share with our clients and those who are going to be coming aboard to have us assist them with all of their real estate needs.

The thing about real estate cycles and the markets is that they don't stay the same for long.

The Santa Clarita real estate market ebbs and flows from top to bottom, things change routinely and some can be predicted. 

The best thing that you can do is ensure you are well represented by your best choice of a real estate agent. Do some googling and let your conscious be your guide. Google Connor MacIvor and you will see partially what I am about and if I am a good fit to be your Realtor when buying a Santa Clarita home etc. Be well - talk soon and enjoy the Santa Clarita home experts radio show.

Santa Clarita home experts Radio - Transcript (rough)

Connor MacIvor:     00:00          Good. Everybody called him MacGyver. Exciting stuff going on in real estate. We have broken into October today's October 8th, 2019 and let's get on with housing, we are the Santa Clarita home Santa Clarita, home you can do anything there as far as real estates related searching, getting valuations on different pieces of property. And also we have the 47 different areas out here in Santa Clarita cataloged in within a search format and also with a market report format. So that's 47 areas folks, that's everything. So that's gonna run you all the way through from Acton all the way through Valencia, alphabetical order, acting, Castaic, awkward all say Canyon country, new haul saga, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia. That's got to be everything that's out there currently for sale and also the sole properties to give you an idea of what's going on in this particular market. Plus I have to say we do also our radio show which is listening to right now and you can find that in its proper format.


Connor Macivor:     01:12          Santa Clarita, home forward slash radio and also housing of course, that's just forwarded to our main site, Santa Clarita, home this last week has been eventful. We have a transaction that's going on in Simi Valley where we have a home buyer that wants to buy a particular residence and the seller and investor flip seller and their agents have been nothing but impossible during the whole process. At the end of the day, you can get angry, you can handle it like a business and the buyer has choices. So while where his agents were fighting for him tooth and nail, the end of the day, the seller might refuse to do something. Maybe it's a repair that the buyer wants taken care of. Maybe it's an explanation of how old something is or the origination point of this item in the home or whatever. Again, the seller can come back and say, Nope, not gonna tell ya, or, Nope, I don't have any more information about that, or no, I'm not going to fix it, or no, I'm not going to credit you or no, I'm not going to do this to do that.


Connor MacIvor:     02:25          I understand when you're making that request through your agent for repairs, the property sold as is all California real estate sold as is and the agent is not, or the agent and the seller do not have to do anything. Now, do they? Absolutely. Almost a hundred percent of the time there. There is some give, there's some movement, there's some green tree bending, not breaking. There's some kind of contribution if you will, to the process of getting escrow closed, but not in all cases. We haven't had this one in Simi Valley with two very proud agents, a very proud seller, and we have our buyer on our side and he understands the process. He's been through this before, but things come up and then as part of the explanation there's a lie and that's, that's rather disheartening and irritating. Instead of saying, no, we're not gonna do it. They fall on the, well, this is why this is that way and it's justified and any person that does this kind of work will tell you this is exactly exactly what happens and there's no problem with it.


Connor MacIvor:     03:45          And what we're referencing, if you go to Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog you will see one of the articles and I titled it sometimes ages lie on behalf of their sellers about the cracks. In the tile you'll see tile, T, I, L, E. in a shower, you'll see a couple of cracks that are right around the control panel in the shower, the knobs that turn on and off activate the overhead flow, the wand, the whole nine yards. You'll see a couple of cracks there and they tried to sell us on the fact that that's intentional, that those are cuts, not cracks and that there's grout in them yet there's not and so on. So that was the point of it and we reached out because we were doing our walkthrough. And that's something that you do at the end right before escrow closes. Because it gives buyers at least the point to make the record, maybe not stop anything because a buyer can't arbitrarily hold up escrow, but it does give them a chance to make the record and go back to the seller and say, Hey, this wasn't as it was when we did our inspection.


Connor MacIvor:     04:54          This wasn't as it was when you, you the sellers, agents, you people when you went out and looked at the property and wrote down what you observe and it wasn't like that. When my agent did the same via a document called the agent, visual inspection disclosure, an ID. This wasn't the preexisting condition. This happened at some point somebody had gone out there because the shower was one of the things we wanted fixing. Somebody had gone out there and tried to repair whatever was wrong and in doing so they'd probably remove this faceplate and then tighten it back down. As you can see, Santa Clarita real estate, excuse me, Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog as you can see in there, their cracks. , these are cracks folks. These aren't a, and they're not even straight and the cracks themselves not being 90 degrees or perpendicular to another seam.


Connor MacIvor:     05:56          That's intentional. They're also curved within the crack and you'll see, but it's sad that they try to sell it that way. Again, when you're hiring someone you want to, you know, get a good idea as to who they are. The party our, our buyer decided to move forward. But again these are issues that should have been taken care of by the seller but the seller didn't. So our client has the ability, depending on the cost is taken to small claims once it closes and he can file it against this seller. And more than likely in court looking at these photographs, a judge would look at the record about what was responded to us and our email saying that these are not cracks, these are intentional, seems like grout. They easily see that their not their cracks and tile and I'm sure that the uh, the buyer would be awarded whatever that costs to fix 400 500, $600.


Connor MacIvor:     07:00          So that's the payback for issues like this that pop up during that final walkthrough. So these are like pain points that happen in real estate and transactions from time to time and they occur and it's difficult and it's horrible for all parties. The other thing that comes up and this is something recently besides I wrote five top best steps for a Santa Clarita home buyer. What you need to do of course deciding whether you want to, you should be buying a house is important. What you're going afford versus qualification amount is important. So I put these five steps in here at our blog, Santa Clara, home for slash blog so you can listen to that or read those as well. The other thing that comes up or for sale by owner properties, so for sale by owner typically isn't put in in the multiple listing service. However, lately, they've had, they have given a new field in there called an open listing


Connor MacIvor:     07:58          and the open listing in some ways could pertain to a for sale by owner property. But even on the listing itself, on an open listing, if it has a commission amount, then that means there's compensation afforded to or awarded to the person representing the home buyer. The agent that put the listing in is not a part of the transaction itself for the enforcement of commission because they're the ones that put it in there. So even though they put it in open the listing, that's where an agent would go if their clients decided to jump ship and even after their agents wrote the offer, went to the troubled shore, the property wrote the offer. Even when those agents decided or those clients decided to go and have a conversation with the seller about cutting the agents out to save them all some money, cause now they've been introduced and now they need an agent anymore.


Connor MacIvor:     08:56          When those types of things happen, it's really bad blood, bad business. But at the end of the day, they do happen. So the agents that are involved in that process definitely need to make sure that they have all their ducks in a row because at some point they're going to have to go after that agent that put that listing in the MLS stating that the sellers were offering 2.5% or whatever the commission amount was. That's the enforcement, so you're not working for anything. It's like hiring a contractor and not paying them or hiring somebody to work on your house and then when it's all said and done, not paying them and when they did a good job, when they put the forth, the effort that you expected. Even more so in this particular case, this is something that does creep up in real estate from time to time, just not very often.


Connor MacIvor:     09:48          Most agents will not take an open listing and put it into the multiple listing service or when they do, they will put instructions in there or make that commission zero because there's no guarantee and then the liability of trying to get that commission doesn't come out of their pocket. Then this case, this agent made a mistake by putting that in there with that commission amount, unless he has it in writing that the sellers are willing to pay that amount. And if he has it in writing, then the sellers are the ones that'll have to pay it after they sell their home to these buyers that actually had agents, had the offer written, have the offer received and then decided to meet up with the sellers an ex parte fashion. Kind of off the record and have a discussion. Let's get rid of our agents or the agent that's representing you, Mr and Mrs buyer, and then we'll be able to move forward and you can save yourself some money and we'll try to work on this paperwork and figure out how to sell it ourselves. But we also have the template now because you have a complete offer package or we have a complete offer package that your agent sent after talking with their legal team and also talking with their, uh, the other entity. They're at the office that takes care of any kind of other issues within contract because this wasn't your normal garden variety standard sale. This is


Connor MacIvor:     11:22          an MLS base listing that is kind of hiding itself under a pizza by owner


Connor MacIvor:     11:28          the genre. So that has to be attended to properly. So you had risk management involved as well as legal putting together all the proper documents and forms that go with it to make it the best protection of the buyer and also afford the seller the protection that they're due as well. Cause understand they don't have an agent. But again it has to do that without saying, stating that the agents are also going to be representing the cause. That's not the case. The seller wants to do it themselves. Watch out for the games folks. If you're in real estate, watch out for these things. No going in. It does happen from time to time, but no going in that your investigations need to be done. When you have clients calling you about properties and you're not seeing them advertised in the local multiple listing service, you might have that question say, I wonder why that is.


Connor MacIvor:     12:20          In this case, it took two or three days for the San Diego board and there's more than one. They do communicate with Chris net, so you'll see in the article after I wrote it that I did a line that out because I verified with our board that they do communicate. However, it takes two, three, four days for that particular board to get the data into ours and when they do not everything transfers. So we're going in somewhat blind because the MLS sheet doesn't have a lot of information on it as if or as it would if that agent hired somebody local or the seller hired somebody local. All right, so that's it. So that's enough about the blog. A lot of good information there. We did put that together. Now if you go to Santa Clarita, home you're going to see quite a change to the homepage and we do have the address search and we also have that awesome video about where we get listings from and that gives you a really good idea as to where, how that whole thing happens.


Connor MacIvor:     13:26          So it's not just simply an agent takes the listing and puts it in somewhere and then it gets uploaded. There's a whole system in process and there's also reasons why our system, Santa Clarita, home is going to be more accurate than Zillow and truly in some of these other systems out there, we are here, we are local, we are members in good standing at the Southland regional association of realtors, which is the main board that controls the Santa Clarita Valley and this particular area in Southern California, there are there, there's a board in San Diego for example, wouldn't see the data because it doesn't publicize and doesn't reciprocate and share in our local board. The same thing with a greater animal value bore. They don't share that data. So in order for us to be prolifically good in that area, we definitely have to join their local board and the greater Antelope Valley in order for us to be able to provide that MLS data to our clients.


Connor MacIvor:     14:28          So here at the homepage of Santa Clarita, home you can see the popular areas. These are the 47 different areas that we talked about that are here in Santa Clarita Valley. Click on anyone and see those listings that are currently advertised as being for sale and I'm telling you if there's something that comes up like an FSBO that's hidden under an MLS base listing your agent I'm sure will tell you and explain to you that particular process and hopefully that same fate won't be for you because it's a little ugly when that happens. I've caught her MacGyver watch the market data. We do have altar ultra-low listing level out here in Santa Clarita Valley, not very many properties on the market for sale. We're in entering in fall. That's another little bit of a slow point. The next fed meeting is going to be in October this month. Watch for that and let's see how interest rates move that dependent on signs of inflation of what's kind of going on within our relationship with foreign governments.


Connor MacIvor:     15:33          It'll be interesting to see how that affects the interest rate and if it knocks it up a little bit or knocks it down, a rumor is it could potentially go down. But right now we're seeing things occur in the lending world because of all the refinancing going on. There's not a lot of attention being paid to the uh, people that originating new loans for real estate because of all the refinances. So we finally have had a talk with those lenders that we deem most close and they are getting it together. But at the end of the day, money's cheap in this particular market. Not super easy to get, but it is cheap and at the end of the day there's not a lot of fat in there for the lenders as there used to be. If they cut interest rates, again, it's going to affect that even more. Now, not all of them are super customer service oriented, but they should be.


Connor MacIvor:     16:30          There's a lot of people out there that want to have you use them, utilize them for your next real estate transaction. Paris and I always look at it from that vantage point just because the simple fact is there are a ton of swinging people out there that are more than willing to give you their time and assist you license holding, you know, licensed held real estate agents way to help you and we appreciate you coming to us and choosing us. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. The market is a little soft. Uh, we'll see what happens with interest rates. Last time they said that they were going to reduce them and they did the after that became fact, then we noticed the market slowed down quite a bit versus what we thought was going to happen to kick it off even faster.


Connor MacIvor:     17:22          Maybe it'll take a rate increase to kick it off. We don't know what's going to happen though. We'll have to see when the fed meets again and then watch those reactions shortly after. I do know right now, a lot of the things, the biggest item that was holding sellers back from putting their property on the market happens to be the very simple fact that they were able to refinance a lot lower than that current payment was, and they're holding steady. I've caught her Mikai ever. Thank you so much for listening in. Please refer to the show to whomever you see fit. If you need our services, our support, our help, and our protection and real estate, reach out to us. Santa Clarita, home It's simple, it's easy and it's yours. Be safe. We'll talk to you soon. Connor MacGyver over and out.

Who are the Santa Clarita home experts?

Paris and Connor MacIvor. Both Paris and I have been representing buyers and sellers of homes in the Santa Clarita and Southern California areas since 1998. We have traveled far and wide for our clients. San Jose - Lake Elsinore, Pine Mountain Club, and Big Bear. We have sold in those cities and represented home buyers in those cities.

Now, regularly, we love being in and close by to the Santa Clarita Valley. However, reach out to us anyway. If you think we would be good for your real estate needs, let me know personally, and I will do my best to make every allowance possible.

The biggest difference between Paris, me and other real estate agents is we limit our expansion. We have had a mega team at one time in the Santa Clarita Valley. There are too many issues that are not covered in an operation of such a team. You can meet three times a week with all the buyer's agents, the listing coordinators, and other support staff. However, the clients will not be served as they truly deserve.

The number to our secret abilities - is 10 (per month), every 30 days. No more than 10 clients. No more than 10 closings during 30 calendar days. 

At that speed, Paris and I serve all of our real estate buyers and sellers as if they are our only client!

:) - It only took me 20 years to figure that out. 


Oct. 7, 2019

For Sale By Owner in Valencia CA - Trouble in Paradise

Valencia For Sale by Owner in the MLSThere is a new listing agreement a home seller can have that is an MLS input only. "MLS input only". MLS - Multiple Listing Service.

The issue that can arise if the commission portion on this type of "altered" For Sale by Owner property is not entered, it probably won't get shown. Who wants to work for free?

Let's say there is a commission entered at 2.5% - which that and 3.0% are typical these days. 

After the buyer's agent shows his clients and runs the comp data, writes the offer and includes a ton of paperwork that keeps his buyers safe and establishes that the sellers are acting on their own accord, without an agent, the sellers develop a sinister plan with the buyers.

Or they attempt to.

The Man behind the curtain at a Valencia For Sale by Owner

Let me unpack this from the beginning for you agents, home sellers, and buyers that want to keep up with the latest trends in real estate.

I have been working with our homebuyers in this particular case for a few years. They have referred business and we were their first stop when looking for Realtors to be their representatives on their home purchase which was in Valencia CA.

As with all of my home sellers, I have them on a monthly update as to what is happening in their neighborhood related to the home we sold them.

These are market trends and very accurate information related to housing prices and those homes that enter the for-sale market, those which are foreclosures, those which are distressed, which have sold and which have canceled or expired.

It's great data and is like a nonobtrusive bank statement.

It comes in email form and is direct and to the point. It comes with all the fancy real estate pics of the homes that are comparable and is a great gauge for future equity gathering.

These clients of ours sent me a Zillow page for a listing that is currently on the market in Valencia. I clicked on the text message and it was indeed Zillow with a home listing that stated: "For Sale".

Zillow, like Trulia, can be a bit tricky to see the "for sale" part versus the "sold or not for sale" part. Zillow makes money if you give up your personal information when doing an inquiry for "more information" or give up who you are in order to find out what any property of yours (or another's) is worth. They are expanding though and are starting to sell real estate, we will have to see how that goes.

The property was in Valencia, stated "For Sale", so I went to the Multiple Listing Service and dug in after I went to our top MLS system and couldn't find it.

In the MLS the property was not found. I did find when it sold last and it was a while ago, so that could not be it.

I then scoured the page on Zillow in an attempt to find the "real agent ID" and not those agents who are Paying Zillow to be on the same page.

I found it and made a call. No answer, the VM was full. I went to google and ran his CALDRE license number in the system and came up with more information and another google search revealed another phone number.

I tracked him down by text and asked him about the listing.

He was surprised to find out it was not in the Local MLS. 

For Sale by owner problems in Santa ClaritaMeanwhile, my clients wanted to see the property in person, but I had to delay until I an official MLS sheet. I asked the agent to send me the San Diego MLS sheet where the property was entered. That board of realtors does not share data with our Los Angeles Board of Realtors. So hence the agent biting off more than he could chew in taking this listing.

Update - I looked into the MLS in San Diego - Apparently there are more than one and two of them do share data as of very recently with CRISNET. In this case, it just took a couple of extra days for the information to be converted and fed to CRISNET.

This whole time, this is looking like a standard sale listing. After I received the MLS sheet - it showed 2.5% commission and had a real broker's name, licensed and in good standing at the bottom of the sheet. There were descriptions about the home, the assessor's parcel number so I could delve deeper into the historical aspect of the home for my home buyers. 

The MLS sheet was very typical with almost zero "additions" fields which did not transfer over to the local MLS when the listing was transferred to our local Valencia CA Board of Realtors.

While all of these issues are issues with an agent selling property where their coverage is not the best, whereby they aren't being the best the homeowner is able to get, there are between the agent and their seller.

In this case, I have my home buyers to represent and protect. I want to be there for them, especially when I continue to unfold this true story.

The love story continues to unfold

The prospective buyers loved the home, it was what they want.

Apparently at some point during my showing, Mrs. Seller and Mrs. Buyer exchanged phone numbers.

We came back, I pulled the data, my buyers have a home that will need to be sold at some point, so we wrote a solid contingent offer for them including all of the paperwork to keep them safe. Trust paperwork, FSBO paperwork, many different and applicable real estate forms, stuff no FSBO seller is going to know.

However, I only found out that this was to be treated as if I had walked into an FSBO, For Sale by Owner, property with my buyers after I showed the home to them and after the number exchange.

I reached out to the agent, telling him that we were going to write an offer and to ask if there were any issues or other information that he wanted to be submitted within the offer we were writing? Such as who he likes for escrow (I'm hoping at this point the escrow company isn't in San Diego - what a drive!) And which Title Company, etc.

He won't answer his phone, so he texted me back, This home is to be treated like an FSBO. I only put their home in the MLS as an MLS entry only. You are to deal with Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I included their email and phone number on the MLS sheet in the private comments.

Ok, I packaged up the offer, with the financials, the approval letter and the love letter and sent to both the agent and the other email which was designated for the home seller.

I texted and called all parties to ensure they received our offer. After a while, Mrs. Seller stated she did receive everything.

This was mid-week. We gave them the standard time in which to respond.

No response three days later, then we get a phone call from Mr. Buyer. Apparently, some ex parte stuff was going on.

Mrs. Buyer and Mrs. Seller had been talking and Mrs. Seller thought it would be more advantageous to dump Connor and Paris and work with them directly.

That's a bummer, I know. It happens. It's enforceable through :)

There is a mechanism in place that will allow us to retrieve the agreed-upon and MLS advertised compensation.

We shall see what happens, as I stated this is in process at this time.

It could be they get another offer from another real estate agent where the home buyers do not have a home to sell.

Maybe they will get a higher offer? Maybe they will get a home buyer who does not have an agent so they can take advantage of them - The sky's the limit.

The point is for home buyers and agents to be careful. 

If you are wanting to buy or sell a home gather your facts.

We have meetings for both parties and it is our wish that all parties to a real estate transaction are kept safe.

I'm Connor with Honor and I'm glad to be at your real estate service.

Make sure you listen to our real estate radio show for Santa Clarita Valley.

Also, get to our blog - I'm approaching 10,000 real estate articles and growing daily. Be well and thanks for taking the time to read our latest story.

Oct. 6, 2019

Top 5 best steps for a Santa Clarita home buyer

First time Santa Clarita home buyers can totally use these top 5 best steps to take when considering buying real estate.

1. To buy or not to buy a Santa Clarita Home

There are many considerations when wanting to buy a home, the first being should you? In all of the world there are certain people that should always rent, never buy.

There are other people that should continue to live with their parents.

I have kids and I'm hoping they are not in that category :)

Then you have the professions that provide the living arrangements.

Then there is everyone else. After you consider the reality of you becoming a homeowner, after that has been explored, and if that exploration has been affirmed - you need to buy real estate, that's when I come in.

Some say the best first place to start is going to be with a real estate lender. I would say that the best place to start is with a tried and true Realtor.

Because, in my office or via whatever type of communication you desire, that is where I inform you about how loans and lenders work. I explain how to get your best deal and what constitutes a good real estate lender.

Is a credit union that much better when it comes to the interest rates?

If you have a regular bank, are they going to be your best deal?

What about a mortgage broker, are they going to be your best deal?

How do lenders make their money and how can you get a great loan, with the best rate and the lowest in fees. 

2. Afford versus qualification

If you are buying a home, you need to hit the lender after we talk. The lender is going to tell you two things. They are going to tell you how much home you can afford to buy and some things that can improve your credit profile to you are able to get your very best deal.

Remember after you meet with the lender, if they tell you that you can finance $700,000.00, you want to see what that payment looks like. Also, find out what that payment with insurance and taxes looks like.

Then factor in the HOA fee, if there is one. Also factor in the costs of other 'homeownership". If there is a pool - factor in that devices upkeep. The same goes for the lawn. If you live in a snowy area (nothing like that here in Santa Clarita), factor those costs.

Once you get your "total" payments per month, you may be surprised to find out that the lender's top for you may be more over the top than you want to spend each month.

It's so important for any buyer to get the "all in" payment per month.

When the lender runs you all through their computer systems, they are going to give you a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter.

This letter is going to be for a specific amount. During the process of searching, viewing, and offering on real estate, you may find multiple homes that you want to write offers on.

In some cases, you may not get the first home you have an offer written on. It may take a few times and in those cases, that happened for a reason. We may not know what that reason is, but you can rest assured that it is what I believe.

There are going to be times when your lender is going to need to be available after hours, during weekends or on holidays to match your pre-approval letter with the property being offered on.

We just had a client who was using a lender outside of our circle. When that happens, we never stop our clients from using their own lenders. Like we'd never want a lender to try and pry a client from working with us. (As Navy Federal Credit Union did to us a few months back!)

However, the lender must be nimble enough and have an infrastructure as such where pre-approval letters at different amounts can be produced within a few hours.

Also, local lenders are better. Remember, if the other agent knows the lender it helps. They can be vouched for. Unlike the lender who has an infomercial on at 3 am in the morning swearing they are the best of the best!

We'd be happy to make the proper introduction - Call me when ready. I'm Connor with Santa Clarita home experts.

3. What fits best - SFR - Condo - Townhome - Type?

Decisions such as these can mostly depend on the purchase price range. However, if you are going to be gone as a FAM - Federal Air Marshall, having a place that has a good Home Owners Association can give you a mental break. FAM's travel a lot and are rarely home.

SFR - Single Family Home. You will have your own front yard and back yard. The home won't be attached to any other home, except in the case of an attached single-family home.

Attached SFR - Attached Single-family residence - This one commonly shares a wall or garage wall with another home next door. the front yards and typically apart with garages and driveways separating them, the back yards are traditional and typically will share a fence.

Condo - Condominium - single level - shared ceilings, roofs, and walls. Parking not attached nor direct access.

Town-home - multi-story with shared walls or categorized by the builder at the filing phase with the city as a Detached Condo.

If you are considering manufactured homes and mobile homes, we have resources and can refer you to experts in those fields. 

Personally, we are very good at Single Family homes to Quadraplexes. That is our forte and we stay within our comfort zone for the best protection of our clients.

4. Sale Types - Used/New and others to consider

We know there are regular sales. Foreclosure sales. Short Sales and other sale types for real estate here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Re-sale homes. Those are homes that were new at one point, but the second sale (or more) is taking place. This is the re-sale market and we report on this faction of the real estate market most.

New Homes - At New Santa Clarita

New homes are going to be those at all the new home builder locations. This is when I take my clients on a tour of the new home centers and present all the new home builders to them in the Santa Clarita Valley.

There are many different types of homes in the re-sale circuit in Santa Clarita Valley. Now, as of 10/06/2019, we are in a seller's market that is starting to relax. Homebuyers are at a very slow point and it's taking longer to sell residential real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Regular Sales - An Equity sale. The owners own the home, they have enough equity to cover the sales costs. 

Short Sales - Rare in this market, but very present in a distressed and foreclosure market.

Foreclosures - Bank-Owned and Real Estate Owned - REO, real estate.

Foreclosures - Private Party, Hedge fund and investor-owned.

Probate - the approval of the court is required to sell homes of this type. 

There are those that we represent that want to focus on one of these sale types. We have investors that are looking primarily for areas that will contain cash renters. 

Some of our homebuyers are buying to be in walking distance to the mall. Others are buying to be close to the schools their children will be attending. And Some want to be close to their church.

Others are buying to be close to the freeway access point in order to get a jump on the traffic that is ever increasing in the Santa Clarita Valley.

There are many different factors to explore when buying a Santa Clarita home. We are there for our clients one step at a time. 

5. Location, Location, and Location

In the Santa Clarita Valley, we have 8 cities and 49 areas and a ton of neighborhoods.

Each of the neighborhoods purports a different builder. Each of the Areas consists of many different neighborhoods and the cities respond in like fashion being the largest geographically.

Acton and Agua Dulce are considered by those who are attracted by homes being much farther apart and not build on a traditional "tract" premise. In these areas, water can be an issue. 

Also, response times from local law enforcement and rescue services can tarry due to distance and issues with the roadways being dirt and in need of repair.

Moving to Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia, these areas are built on the tract premise. in some of these neighborhoods, you are going to find homes that have built not so close together. You will also find homes in areas without a Home Owners Association (HOA). 

Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia have fast response times for EMS - Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department (supplied by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and Law Enforcement supplied by our friends from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The response rates are able to be found via a CAD interface with the sheriff's department and within some various crime statistical apps available at your device's APP Store. Just be wary where the data is being collected from and make sure it's not some hack site/app.

Number 5.5 - Who am I?

I am Connor Macivor. I had a large real estate team in place at one point. Some would refer to a team such as I had as a mega team here in Santa Clarita.

Connor with HONOR MacIvorI disbanded my team a few years ago. I did so because there were too many checks and balances that were being neglected and I felt a disconnect from my clients.

Paris and I vowed to only handle the number of clients a month that gave everyone the best service and results regarding their real estate goals.

That number has turned out to be 10 buyers/sellers during a 30 day period - or each month.

Any more than that and a client won't be updated as often as they'd like. Also, a client would stop feeling "special" when it came to working with Paris and me.

I have been representing home buyers and home sellers since 1998. Paris MacIvor has been representing our clients since 1999. The earning curve has been exceptional, but awesome.

I have to say during our real estate past we have had very few negative experiences. and the same applies from client to provider according to our home buyers and home sellers. 

The biggest two things that I have found that clients appreciate and want from their service provider? 

Don't lie and update often. Update even when there is nothing new to talk about. 

Buyers and sellers love this and I'm here to serve you. Call me when ready! 661,400,1720.

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Oct. 5, 2019

Sometimes agents lie on behalf of their sellers - about the cracks in the tile

Hi friends, I'm Connor with HONOR with the Santa Clarita home experts. We are currently in escrow with a fella I used to work with on the LAPD.

Before there is too much judgment passed on the situation at hand, understand that the home buyer has a choice on whether to continue with the buying of the home. The home seller has a choice on whether or not they are going to honor any of the buyer requests.

That happens in every single transaction.

While a home buyer does not want their "ideal" way of buying a home tarnished, it happens at times. 

Upfront and first and foremost, all agents need to advise their clients that homes are sold "AS IS". Without expectation.

If there are issues that are going to impact the ability of the home buyer to obtain a loan, which the home sellers choose not to remedy, the buyer is able to back out.

If the home buyer wants to ask for something to be repaired, i.e. cracked bathroom shower tile that could have been missed by the home inspector (doubtful), and was not present during the time of inspection, probable - there were issues with the shower flow and we all attempted to get it to work properly, we potentially would have seen it if it had existed.

The home seller was playing hardball on this particular flip property. He's a contractor don't you know. He apparently did most of the work himself, without subbing it out.

Back to the master bathroom shower and the cracked tile. 

During the final walkthrough to make sure all items that were asked for and granted, were fixed, we encountered these cracked tiles.

The agent who works for a brokerage I have never heard of was quick to quip that those are intentional cuts, not cracks.

They were intentional to get the tile to be placed as it is.

Ah - the crack. Very different than the intentional cut.

However, no matter how much we provide evidence to the home flippers agent, it falls on deaf ears.

Those are cracks in the tile.

They are not intentional cuts by a tile master.

In fact, the person who placed this tile should be ashamed of themselves.

(that is an entirely another story)

However, this still does not change the situation for my home buyer.

I have told my home buyer that they can cancel the transaction. I can hold it up while these issues get worked out.

The great thing is I can talk about it on our Santa Clarita Home Experts blog. 

I can show you the photos of the issue and get the truth from those of you who are into tile, those that install tile and those who do bathroom remodels should be able to convey quite an expertise.

The other agent presupposes that I don't have the top blog in Los Angeles County Real Estate. Although our current transaction is in Ventura County, I'm positive that a Los Angeles City tile-layer is going to have the same opinion as an Orange County tile expert.

As you can see - these are two hairline cracks in the tile surrounding the shower assembly.

One at the top and the other at the bottom.

However, a direct quote by the Simi Valley agent pertaining to this transaction is this, "Tile in the master bathroom was and always has been there with a 2-pc seam for installation purposes Note: to remain as is." (bolding mine)

  • The Interruptions in Tile are not 90 degrees to any other grout filled seams where the tiles come together.
  • The Interruptions in Tile does not obey the rules of good craftsmanship - It's offset from where the center of the operating handle is, appearing as a break would.
  • The Interruptions in Tile are not uniformly cut or by appearance cut at all.
  • The Interruptions in Tile are not filled with grout which will allow water access into the wall.
  • The Interruptions in Tile are not a straight line, they both curve.
  • The Interruptions in Tile are not a part of your Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (A.V.I.D.), nor mine, so it was not there when those were completed.

And there you have it.   The agent is saying that it's not an issue. Two-Piece Seam!!!!

So much for "Transparency and Innovation in real estate..."

We paid full price, we stated we would take care of the termites found in the attic by tenting the property after the close of escrow and accepted other issues that had come up.

BTW - that statement was not that simple. The seller had a termite inspection done on their dime, which was free and clear of termites. Our buyer had a termite inspection done at his expense and the inspector found wood-destroying organisms. In fact, he found some which were alive!

While he did not 100% where their origin was, they were in the attic and dead outside of the exterior doors and walls. It could have been the lumber which was bought to be used in the retrofit/flip, having dormant termites - but it's not for sure. So hence the only way to know for sure is to have the home tented. The seller refused to do this for the buyer - but the buyer wanted to continue.

This is the final leg that takes place(unless something happens), the Verification of Property Condition.

The final walkthrough.

These issues came up and were explained with these photos to the listing agent who relayed them to their home seller the flipper.

At the end of the day, every real estate transaction comes down to trust. While we do our best to properly represent our home clients.

The explanation as to whether they have to or choose to continue with the transaction is always key!

A tough position to be in is during the final walkthrough with a not so helpful seller, only to find something that was not as it was before.

The transaction can be stopped until the issue is remedied. However, if there is a "rate lock" in place for the buyer on their loan which doesn't have any more time without penalties and fees to be extended, that is something to consider.

There are many other factors to consider when stopping the course of an escrow in order to enforce something to the home seller, such as the buyer's deposit. Such as other provings and inspections, etc..

As a home buyer, you can walk away and retain your deposit, that initial "handshake" when you made your offer on the seller's home. The deposit would have been something you were made aware of. 

Ensuring you are going to get back your deposit if you halt the transaction is important.

On the seller's side, knowing that they will get to keep your deposit as a result of the transaction being canceled is key to them.

As you can see it's a teeter-totter of sorts. One party pushes to get into the air, at the same time they are at their peak, the other party is pushing up as hard as they can.

Just make sure you have someone experienced by your side to deal with all of the issues that are able to come up in what would appear to be a simple real estate transaction. 

I'm Santa Clarita Home Experts and I'm glad to be of service.

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Oct. 4, 2019

Interest rates and market adjustment making Santa Clarita real estate more affordable

Santa Clarita real estate market and newsUpdated 10/04/2019. Back in 1990 - I started the Police Academy in Los Angeles on 10/09/1990.

I'll never forget that crisp morning when I showed up to stand on the black line in a suit to get yelled at by strangers.

Nothing could have been more wrong. I mean, we could not do anything right. I guess that was the point. I have to say I did enjoy every minute about the experience, upon reflection.

At the time, not so much.

But, I think it made me a cop that was able to survive and a Great realtor!

FF - 10/04/2019, Here I sit to educate my clients on our Santa Clarita home experts blog and write about the current state of the real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

If you have been working with us, we have had several domain changes throughout the years, but we have left those sites intact, JIC a past client did not get the memo.

3.375% FHA/VA

30 Year Fixed interest rates 3.625%

Two interest rates indicated on Mortgage News Daily (.com).

The great thing is money is cheap to obtain. Two "associated factors" that make cheap be hard is the fact lenders seem to be making less, the refinance market is booming and it's still like having a team of people crawl into you to make sure you are the "real thing" and not someone faking their ability to obtain a home loan.

Lenders Making Less:

Something that has happened twice in the past with clients that are buying a home with 20% down payment, is they are being sold an Impound Account with their 20% down non-PMI loan.

Actually, being sold is a bit too assuming. They are being "told" that their loan has an impound account attached. Basically this 20 % down home buyers, who have done a great job saving 20% down payment, is going to pay someone else to make their property tax payment and to pay their home insurance.

There are a couple of ways to pay your home insurance. You can pay it each month or pay it yearly - or a variation thereof.

When it comes to property taxes in Los Angeles County - you pay those(property taxes) twice a year.

I could not for the life of me figure out why a lender, on a 20% or more down loan, would be stating that an "impound" account would be necessary.

Usually, it was those who did not put 20% down payment, those buyers who were using an FHA loan or a VA loan who needed to come up, as part of their closing costs, the extra money to pay 6 months of taxes and 1 year of home insurance ahead of time.

But now? On a 20% down homebuyer? Yes, it happened by a lender that we work with and it happened by a completely another lender that we have never even heard of.

In one case, the case of a lender that we work with, the dad to the son who he referred to us was present during the pitch.

He could not believe it and it was the reason why he stated he was not going to work with our lender and why he will be taking is loan business elsewhere.

When he told me about it, it was a first one on me also. Is this a new way of doing business? Is this something that is new on the lending front? Maybe the lender is making better money on a loan that is impounded when it's sold?

I betcha, it's the last one.

Just in from a lender, we work with, "Impounds are not required on an 80% LTV, there must be more to the story. If not the loan officer is not providing accurate info."

LTV - Loan to Value. When a home is for sale and after the buyer has their offer accepted, there will be an appraisal if a loan is to be obtained to buy it. Of course, most times this happens. If the home passes the appraisal for a specific amount and if that amount is the price offered which was accepted, and if the home buyer is putting 20% down, it should fit nicely! Nor requiring 

Lenders doing a bunch of Re-Fi's

When interest rates drop significantly, people refinance.

When you have 10 years left on a 30-year mortgage - should you refi?

Something to remember, once you refinance from a 10-year mortgage to a lower interest rate, you are more than likely going to be in a 30-year mortgage again.

Ask if you are not sure on the terms, also get what they tell you in writing to be sure you are not being sold a false bill of goods.

The Refinance market is overwhelming Local Lenders

Did you realize that the interest rate reduction was supposed to have a different effect on the real estate market as a whole? The original intention was to spark the housing economy - 7 out of 10 professions benefit from home sales - If I remember the statistic correctly.

Any it's a bunch. Having housing to buy at a price that one can afford is necessary and great.

However, while refinancing was expected, the inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley has been so low for such a long time, it was suspected those sellers were going to be selling, not refinancing.

That in turn, would have sparked off the Santa Clarita home buyer drive and that would have kicked off the Santa Clarita housing market.

Instead of that happening, we just fizzled. There were no big moves. There were no additional closings. The inventory further reduced and the buyer drive just slowed down.

The potential number of homes entering the Santa Clarita real estate market was stifled by the amount of refinances which are currently taking place.

Then there is the 2020 election.  Then there are the times the FED is going to be meeting - next is October 2019. What will happen?

We have been representing home buyers and sellers at our website.

The concern I have is that the new home builders are going to overbuild, which will have a very negative impact on our local economy, not to mention real estate.

I hope they are watching the market in order to keep the re-sale market-moving alongside the new housing market.

I will keep you posted as to the events in the Santa Clarita housing markets. We give weekly updates and update our Santa Clarita real estate radio page often. I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor and when you are ready, reach out to me directly at 661.400.1720 and I will be of great service!

Sept. 30, 2019

Investing Strategy for home buyers should not be limited to investors


Santa Clarita home experts radio showTranscription. It may be a bit rough - listen to today's show for the real deal :)

For the PDF from the Santa Clarita Home Experts radio show!

Santa Clarita home experts:          00:00          Good day everybody. Connor MacGyver. Welcome to today's real estate radio broadcast center, Clarita home local agent headquartered in Santa Clarita Valley, California. Of course, that's a home of six flags, magic mountain, longest-running real estate radio show and podcast here for the sound of creative Valley cities all the way acting through Valencia act and awkward. All say cast eight Canyon country, Newhall. Saugus Valencia Stevenson ranch, of course, to round out the cities. Now here in the local market as we close out, September 2019 we do have our newsletter available online. Go to Santa Clarita, home click on the blog at the top, or if you want to go directly to the URL, you can go Santa Clara to home forward slash blog and you will see the latest article. Just scroll down and you'll actually see the newsletter that we put out and they were going to. We're going to be mailing here for October of 2019 local market here in Santa Clarita Valley has slowed down quite a bit since fall started.


Santa Clarita home experts:          01:02          And of course, even before that, we noticed a slowdown about mid-July 2019 and that is literally a, because the biggest, biggest culprit school starting back, right? So that's a yearly occurrence and it's very, very common in our local market to have the market slow down just a little bit because the people that we're looking for residential real estate or to move or to sell or to buy did it because they have dependent kids that are, uh, they're trying to get placed in better schools or different schools are moving to those areas. Some of those moves, uh, people that were moving during that time as well, they had an objective to make it so that their kids would not be so cramped in the house, right? Expanding families, those sorts of things. So he saw all of this, we saw the market start to change and then low and behold you had a lowering of interest rates and you're like, well Connor, wouldn't that have kicked the market off?


Santa Clarita home experts:          02:02          You would have thought that would have changed the market quite a bit and started at moving forward at a much faster pace. It did not. What that did though is that totally overran the lenders of the world. A lot of the banks that owned a lot of paper, lawn and mortgages, a lot of mortgage notes, they started to slow down as well with the origination type loans. These are people buying houses for the first time. That's what an origination type loan is. They were all overwhelmed with refinancing. So the people had a particular higher interest rate. The rates were reduced as they still are very, very low. Uh, just over three today, 3%, and they started a refinance. So we started seeing all this refinancing happen and then we started to see other things change with the exception of houses selling at a faster pace.


Santa Clarita home experts:          02:56          So currently today we still have very low inventory, but the stuff really isn't moving as fast as we thought it would. You can judge this as a regular consumer by driving around and seeing all the open house signs during a weekend, you'll know that stuff isn't moving. So one of the things that I want to bring up today is regarding open houses. A lot of sellers say, well, you know, are they safe? It's gonna really depend on the agent doing the open house, how well they're, they're able to keep track. In addition, as a homeowner, you have the right to have cameras put in. There's a lot of houses we go into when I'm showing our buyers that are loaded with cameras, cameras in every room, cameras mounted on the interior walls and the ceiling and they're not expensive anymore. Uh, well for all reasonable terms, they're not expensive.


Santa Clarita home experts:          03:47          We do have some cameras that are available. You get two for under $100 and depending on your price point and you're your livelihood, maybe that is too much or too expensive. But realistically it's definitely a lot cheaper than it ever has been. So you can go out and get some cameras. There are wifi enabled, you can then download an app. We have rain cameras, uh, that we have that we put up and we go on vacation. We'll stack those in different areas of the house just to monitor and we'll see movement whenever we're away. Who knows if that's a ghost or some kind of an anomaly has to be disclosed. Just throw that out there. If it is, it goes, but to come back to a more real, more real conversation, get those cameras and if you're going to put your house on the market then you can monitor people and that includes in an open house it doesn't hurt.


Santa Clarita home experts:          04:35          And in some of the boards that were members of like gray around a low Valley board, there is a question on there if there is an internal camera, some kind of monitoring within the residence. It's a required field. I would imagine. Southland regional, the mainboard that we're members of that goes all through LA County, Ventura County and so on. I'm sure that'll be required information here. Probably when they changed their site or the algorithm for the information put in. Currently, it's not, but I always tell my buyers when we go into a residence, just be where there could be cameras. Usually, it starts at the front. You'll see them in the eaves. Maybe you'll see a mounted on the outside of the residence. You'll see 'em maybe in a, in the form of a ring doorbell, just you know, best behavior, right? Or nobody's gonna go into that.


Santa Clarita home experts:          05:21          I'm representing to steal from someone, but when it comes to an open house, there are predators. There are people out there that primarily use open houses to go in and cause people's residences. And when the agent's tied up with other people to start looking in their personal spaces inside dressers, and when you're buying a house, folks, no buyer has any purpose to go inside somebody's stressor. They might open up a closet door to see the depth of the closet, but usually, you can see that back wall for them to start rooting through the bottom of the closet. Maybe looking for the rifle wrapped in a blanket in a corner because you don't have a safe or a safe doesn't exist. Now, these are all people that are looking to do stuff. If you have medicine cabinets, again, you have though residents installed in bathrooms and you actually put prescription medication in there.


Santa Clarita home experts:          06:16          You got to get rid of it. If you have changed drawers, maybe on your nightstand where you put your Rolex or your watches or whatever. Again, these things are definitely it. You have to watch out for that. Even during a normal showing. Not that the people agents are taking in or criminals, but just don't have it there. I would definitely recommend those items to be hidden out of public view and out of public reach. We have some of our clients have rifles and weapons. Definitely just get them out of the house, take them over to somebody else's residence, lock them up in somebody else's safe. If you don't have one, just best protect yourself with open houses. A lot of times people are asked to sign in and that's kind of a turnoff to a lot of the people out there because they might already be represented by someone.


Santa Clarita home experts:          07:10          Maybe they're just out looking on their own, but they do have an agent. This happens quite frequently and most of the agents hosting open houses understand that, but to get everybody to sign in in that regard is going to be difficult. Getting everybody to sign in with their true information's going to be hard, so understand when you're going into an open house, if you're asked to sign in again, a lot of people might give a fake name, fake email or say we're, we're to represented anyway and not going to sign it, so that's not a way to protect yourself either. You have to look at the statistics. 7% I believe it's very, very low. I think the last national statistic was 7% of the homes held during an open house actually sold to somebody that was viewing the house while it was open. Then the next question asks, what would that same person have also bought the house?


Santa Clarita home experts:          08:03          If they would have viewed it privately through an agent, I would bet you dollars to donuts. Yes, they would. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars to be spent. I doubt that these people are going to only reserve their purchase during open houses and again, utilizing the agent representing the seller or their own buyer's agent. That's also another part that we can put into that equation. More than likely they're going to have their own because of dual agency and some of those issues that come up during that icon or MacGyver IVR. If you want the rest of the story, we do have a massive real estate blog, Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog you'll see all of the news and articles. You'll also see that newsletter I about at the beginning of today's show, real estate is ultra-low with regard to interest rates, a price points we are above and most cases above the last cycle prior to the fall in 2007 so those prices are in that range, but that's how real estate works.


Santa Clarita home experts:          09:18          You fast forward 30 years from now, I'm sure residential real estate that you can now buy single-family homes in the half a million-dollar price range, which back 30 years ago were a lot less than that. I'm sure 30 years in the future they will be a lot more than that. So real estate works that way. I'm Connor MacGyver. It is a good bet. Reach out. We do have people that come and sit down with us and our offices, real offices, not cloud offices and we sit down and we discuss the whole real estate process from beginning to end. And what I like to do as I close out today's show, I like everybody to sit down and we approach it as if they are going to start building their real estate per foot portfolio, which they really are. We look at everything as investments.


Santa Clarita home experts:          10:09          We want you to be able to retain the real estate should by including that very first residential purchase to live in and we look at that as if that's going to be your Keystone. That's going to be that cornerstone, that property that's going to start off your real estate investment future and that one's going to be the number one property in your portfolio. If you are a first-time buyer, if you've bought many houses before, sold many houses before and so on, that still gives us an opportunity to speak with you. You have a little bit more experience and then we also start you with your portfolio. The perfect place to be in real estate. As I tried to explain to my clients, the perfect place to be would be to retain every real estate purchase you make if possible. Looking at it from an investment standpoint where you would be buying that number one property and renting it out.


Santa Clarita home experts:          11:04          When you get ready to move using some of that equity that that property is attained as leverage or saving another way and keeping that original mortgage intact that's covered by that tenant that you get in that property and then stepping up to the next and the next and so on. Maybe do this on a three to five-year cycle depending on the market and always be looking for those deals including those flips and those properties that our investor's dreams and they do exist. They're just a lot harder to find than they were when we had a plethora of real estate inventory. I'm Connor MacGyver, Santa Clara home it has been my pleasure to speak with you today. Please check us out online. If you want to get directly to the radio component of our show, it's in all the margins of Santa Clarita, home You'll see the player there with a pretty played button. You can list to the latest episode and archived episodes as well. You can also check out housing please tell a friend when you're ready. I will be here for you. I am Conor with honor. Oh, you should check out Conner with check out that video. Fuck talking about five pounds. I love you very much. We'll talk to you soon. It'd be safe, Connor McIver over now.

Sept. 24, 2019

Black Friday 2019 in real estate is upon us by the Santa Clarita Home Experts

Black Friday. Just these two words instill deals to be had and discounts to be taken advantage of. It also brings to surface standing in long lines and fighting over "only one in stock" items at the local department store.

Anything for them to get us to buy right?

Well, the last week in September, each year, is where real estate's Black Friday is rumored to live.

Yes, it's a real thing.

Black Friday in real estate is similar. Great deals to be had, homes flying off of the shelves and great discounts to be taken advantage of.


In the real world, mortgages are typically 30 or more days in length. People are buying homes with at least 3.5% down payment and are paying their own closing costs, approximately +3% in today's real estate market. (09/24/2019)

Homes that are for sale, typically have their prices reduced close to the 30 days on market time. The banks originally set that standard back in the last foreclosure cycle, and the one before that. 

The bank's 30-day reduction strategy happens when there aren't any offers currently accepted and when the foreclosure they are selling is not in escrow.

They may ask the real estate agent they have hired to represent them to do another Broker Price Opinion, the BPO. They also may want another "non-related" agent to give them a new and fresh estimate of value.

Either way, this is the start of a price reduction strategy or a price correction method, as price reductions are now starting to be called. "correction".

The banks have found that 30 days on the market is the sweet spot in which to have a price correction initiated on a home that they are having sold.

In real estate, the last week in September statistically may seem to have more "price reductions" due to the changing of the seasons.

The last week in September is also known as the changing from Summer to Fall. Fall typically starts during this last week in September.

That being the case, if there is a home on the market, that seasonal change may cause a homeowner to want to reduce their price to get their home sold before the winter sets in.

In California, we have great weather. Our cold is not really cold as compared with the rest of the country, maybe excluding Florida.

Houses sell all year round and we don't have to fight the snow and ice here in Southern California. But, most seller's don't want to sell a home during the winter. Hence, if they are on the market for sale during the summer and enter into the fall, they are going to either take the home off of the market, or they are going to entertain a discount to get it sold.

Like Spring/Summer have the highest numbers on a traditional year in Santa Clarita real estate for the most homes selling. Fall and Winter have lower than those numbers pertaining to homes selling in those seasons in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Of course, I stated in a "traditional" year. Things change when it comes to non-conforming years with "non-typical" home inventory. Such as a Foreclosure Market - check 2011 and 2012. We had huge numbers of home sales during the Fall and Winter of those years. As it happens, that was the low point in the Santa Clarita real estate market. That being the case, if you bought something during that time, you are sitting at double it's value today, most likely!

Question - is the last week in September really a better time to buy a home than any other?

I'd venture to say with my experience the last week of December is better. If there is a seller selling a home during the week between Christmas and New Years, they are either misinformed by their agent, have a real estate agent that won't let them out of the contract, or they really - truly have to sell no matter what.

However, there are exceptions to any rule, most at least.

I have run the numbers this week to give you a glimpse of what happened yesterday, during the first day of Fall in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Santa Clarita home experts Black Friday in real estateAs you can see, I ran six of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, Valencia, Canyon Country, and Castaic.

Residential only to see what happened during the 24 hours of the first day of Fall, aka Black Friday in Santa Clarita real estate. 

Nothing special thus far. Maybe the homeowners that are selling are going to do further price reductions this week? 

All you have to do is register for an account on the top local Santa Clarita Home Experts website in order to find out what is going to happen with prices later this week.

I am sure that some of this hype is real estate syndication website sponsored. They are wanting you to give up who you are when searching for homes and real estate in order to sell your personal info for money.

They love the big numbers and don't care how much spam you get as a result.

When you register on the Santa Clarita home experts website, you are guaranteed not to be spammed. Not to get spam. Not to be spammed in any way.

You are guaranteed to get a fast and accurate search. You are joining a real estate website that has been approved by the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) and by the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.), plus the Southland Regional Association of Realtors (S.R.A.R.). Finally, Santa Clarita home experts have to be a member in good standing throughout the Boards of Realtors, and RE/MAX international, of California and of Hawaii has also to show Connor and Paris MacIvor in a good light.

The real estate syndication websites would not hold up to such scrutiny, no doubt.

What I want is to be your real estate agent. I have been writing about real estate since 1998 in one form or another. The internet made it easier when it comes to publishing real estate information and content about the housing market.

So hence me being able to talk about Santa Clarita's Black Friday in real estate.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of service to you and yours. I will be here when you are ready for my protective services related to all that is real estate in Santa Clarita, Black Friday or not.

Check out my Santa Clarita housing radio show where I give market updates and keep my clients informed in the best ways.

Also, with all the writing, I have a top Santa Clarita real estate blog where all the information gets updated and you can learn about the housing market and avoid any traps or pitfalls.

Sept. 23, 2019

Valencia Summit Park and Paseos by Santa Clarita Home Experts

Walking your way to health is easier said than done. When I was a kid there was an old couple - they must have been in their 80's when I was in my teens.

They were Mr. and Mrs. Ogden. Every year they bought a touring Towncar and were retired as far as my memory serves.

I grew up a fat kid. It wasn't until I focused on becoming an LAPD cop that I lost most of the weight. 

Today, I'm working on leaning out further to get to 120 years old and that does include a lot of walking.

Mr. Ogden outlived his wife, but not by much. They were married for a long time.

I digress. Here are some shots of the Valencia Summit Paseos which are West of the Valencia Summit Park.

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Sept. 20, 2019

Santa Clarita real estate newsletter October 2019

I'm probably the last vestige of real estate newsletters for the Santa Clarita real estate venues. I'd guess that all the others in my line of work are relying on the internet to drive the traffic. 

I know better. Some people want something they can hold onto and reference when they want to go back easily to what they had read.

We have provided such a resource by mail and online, which we reference as our Santa Clarita real estate newsletter. This is our October 2019 issue where I have given our latest real estate market and housing update.

I have spoken about the current state of the real estate market here on a local level. I have also gotten into some of the changes we are seeing in the housing market. 

Currently, we are closing out September of 2019. We have seen the housing and real estate market change from being one where we had homes practically flying off of the shelves to a housing market that is having its days on market times increase.

During the past 2 months, this metamorphosis has occurred. The real estate inventory is remaining at very low levels. However, the buyer drive has stopped because of a single reason. They are concerned because they are not seeing the home they can "afford" or want to purchase as being for sale.

The reason why the seller trend is happening has to do with the super-low interest rates. Those being reduced were supposed to kick off the home buyer drive. However, it kicked off a refinance boom. Homeowners that currently have higher rates than those wanted to get lower.

Santa Clarita newsletter

Valencia real estate news letter

Saugus real estate newsletter

Canyon Country real estate newsletter

When it comes to Santa Clarita real estate news, where do you get your intel? Is it online? Maybe you are reading the local fare within the various publications.

Remember, agents, pay for placement and also there is a pay to play incentive to be published.

Except on a local Santa Clarita real estate blog - that is where you are now. Reading what I have written and the only method to my madness is to keep people informed as to how the market is truly fairing and whether now is the right time for them to embark on a real estate journey.

Prepared to write an offer on Santa Clarita real estate

Are you? Some agents make the mistake of going for it when all the preliminary investigations have not been completed. 

The lender is not ready to give a real approval letter. That "real" is versus the fake ones that we get a lot for our sellers' listings.

The problem with the "fake type" is that they don't serve the buyers well and they waste both the buyers and seller's time.

In order to be approved for a home loan, a lot has to take place. A lot meaning a full run of credit, verification of employment, tax returns and other items that a lender deems necessary in order to complete the pre-approval process for a home loan.

Something that we like to do and it has proven to be effective when we are making offers on our home buyers behalf is having all our ducks in a row before hitting send.

In regard to the offer we are making on behalf of our real estate buyer, I want everything to be in place. I want to have a buyer reviewed, understood, and buyer executed offer in hand that has been scanned by professional software so it's not super huge and requires special items to download and view.

That always is a problem when we get offers from agents who are part of the lost generation or those who purposely did not learn the new technology to keep on top of their real estate business.

I suppose the second part of that statement is much more accurate. It matters not age, I learn every day and consider myself very WOKE.

The offer being titled correctly is also important. Using a computer assigned file name is not going to cut it. That is only going to be confusing and cost time for the agent presenting the offers. Or if they are like us, they are going to rename all those offers in which the agents used the default computer assigned names, which wastes time.

We then need other documentation to be attached to the offer being presented. Some agents take all the items that are supposed to be included with an offer and put them in one single mega file.

That is not the best way to do business. At the risk of having a file that requires a special program to open or accessing some obscure online platform to view it, we opt to have separate files for each of the required documents we are submitting on the behalf of our real estate home buyers.

There are several items that are very necessary, each is a verification of the buyer's ability to purchase the seller's home.

PROOF OF FUNDS - If the home buyer states on their offer they are going to put 20% down in the form of a down payment to buy the seller's home, they need to back this up with a bank statement showing the proper amount. There are many different account types that we have seen over the years, including retirement accounts and IRA's. Some are liquid and the money can be taken out to use for the downpayment on a home, others cannot. 

If you are a new agent reading this, make sure you do your due diligence to find out what type of account you are looking at. It may be that the other agent is trying to trick you and the home buyer is going to be using a different type of financing, never touching the funds in the account type they sent you in order to prove 20% down.

How that plays out is an entirely another article, which I will write this coming week.

The other documents that we want to have included with our offering package are going to be FICO scores and a loan approval letter matching the amount we are offering the home seller.

BTW, the amount of the pre-approval letter is important to have match the amount of the offer. The amount in the bank account, as long as there is at least the amount for the down payment contained therein, is not a problem.

In fact, most sellers take their agents' word for it when it comes to the amounts necessary to make the proper downpayments, but the pre-approval letter - that is a biggie.

I'm Connor and I have been selling real estate since 1998. We are the Santa Clarita home experts and we are ready to be of great assistance to you and yours.

Please reach out to us when you are ready. If you want me to write an article or post about something that you desire, hit me on my cell by text at 661.400.1720 and I will get it done.

Connor with HONOR - Out.


Sept. 19, 2019

Buying a home with zero dollars down in Santa Clarita California

How do you do this? If you are one that stays up late at night, you have probably heard of people talking about this very program. Where they have people attending their seminars learning how to buy a home with nothing down. No down payment, no closing costs, with nothing, ZERO, out of the pocket expense.

Without a special grant program that is being offered in a particular city and without the home buyer having access to a "special loan program" like for veterans, they are selling you snake oil.

In some rural areas, a person may buy a property on the courthouse steps with precarious circumstances like a tax sale, or strange foreclosure - but those practices are very rare.

See - Santa Clarita home experts foreclosure article

In the Santa Clarita Valley, when you buy a regular re-sale home or a new construction home, you are going to be faced, as a home buyer with closing costs.

You may be able to get your down payment covered or at a ZERO amount, but closing costs have to get paid by someone.

Understanding closing costs

Things like commission, title fee's, escrow fees and a lender fee are what closing costs are made up of.

If you are a home buyer you don't have to pay the real estate agent's commission. Not even yours.

Your agent is getting paid by the seller, even if the home for sale is not their listing.

Buying a home with no down paymentSo hence the importance of you hiring your very own realtor that is able to be on your side 100% during the entire transaction. Including when you are buying a new home directly from a new home builder. Have your own trusted real estate agent take you, register you and get you what you want and a price you are willing to pay. Have your agent negotiate for you with the new home builder's agent. We do it all the time for our home buyers that want new homes in the Santa Clarita Valley and in other Southern California.

Closing costs for a home buyer are different than a home seller.

For a home buyer, they are not paying the real estate agent's commission. The home buyer is paying their loan officer to get them a home loan. They are paying their part of the title, their portion of escrow and their portion of the title insurance. These amounts vary but are typically between 1 and 3% of the purchase price.

Closing costs for a home seller are also different from the home buyer. 

A home seller will have to pay the agents commissions. That's both the agent for the home buyer and the home seller.

Hence it's totally advantageous for a home buyer to hire their own agent. This also applies to all the new home builder communities. If you want to buy a new home call me and I'll give you value and "FREE" assistance. These fee's vary between 5 and 8 percent of the purchase price.

To buy a Santa Clarita valley home there has to be a program or "other way" to pay those costs.

Can a lender increase a buyer's interest rate possibly to absorb those rates? Maybe

Can a real estate agent provide credits to cover some of those costs? Possibly

Are there grant programs and special incentives offered by some that may help to pay these fees? It depends

The issue I have is not about a person buying a home with nothing down. It is the misleading way in which it's talked about being able to happen after paying a fee to attend a course about how to buy a home with nothing down.

If you get involved in one of these programs, please contact me so I can best guide you. I'm Connor MacIvor with the Santa Clarita Home Experts.

Also, FYI - know this. The Santa Clarita Home Experts are Paris MacIvor CALDRE 01256647 and me, Connor MacIvor CALDRE 01238257. We have "facilitators" in place who assist with files etc, but we are the meat of the team and you will be dealing with Paris and me.