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I have coined the phrase Los Angeles Valley real estate to cover Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, The Santa Clarita Valley and in some client cases the Antelope Valley. So Hence Los Angeles Valley real estate.

I operate the most complete and longest running blog about Santa Clarita real estate. I am the true local area expert living in the Santa Clarita Valley during and after my LAPD career. I'm all about the protection and service to both my home buyers and Santa Clarita home sellers. The biggest compliment that any client of mine can give is by way of them referring their family, friends and those whom they know want to buy or sell real estate. I'm honored in each instance. Our business operates primarily by referral. 

First and foremost, my method is teaching. I'm not teaching my home buyers and sellers on how to be real estate agents. I'm teaching them how to be best protected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

The best way to do this is by our in-person meetings which are done in my offices, over the phone or by remote meetings conducted with my Zoom Affiliation. I was the first agent to employ a podcast/radio show in my housing market updates. I was also the first agent to conduct seminars online with many participants where questions could be asked and where the best solutions to actual real estate problems could be discovered. I have had up to 50 live participants in my seminars within the online realm and mandate that my home buyers and home sellers become educated in one of my many processes.

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. There are a lot more moving parts and the price point is much larger. 

Anything that takes 30 years to pay off, typically, needs to be approached with care and concern. Making a mistake with real estate is expensive and some never are able to recover.

Take the last real estate cycle. There were a lot of home buyers that jumped in without testing the waters. If you did so during the later part of 2011 and in the 1st quarter of 2012 - your jumping in was the best thing you could have done. 

That is because during that time that was the low part of the real estate market. Between the fall of housing in 2007 and the current date, the last absolute low point in the Los Angeles Areas was last quarter 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

I approach real estate with my clients with knowledge and experience. I know that most home buyers take the word for what they read online, no matter the source. If the source has a large well-advertised name, most take the information conveyed as the word of a higher power.

If you are interested in your best future with real estate, do not do that. Call me directly at 661.400.1720

April 6, 2020

Sales rate slowing in Santa Clarita with inventory building

Local Santa Clarita real estate agentGood day everyone. I'm Connor with HONOR the owner and operator of the Santa Clarita home experts at REMAX.

This was to be expected related to home and housing inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley.

However, I would have thought that the home sellers would have slowed down a bit more than they have.

Currently as of April 6, 2020, at 0946:25hrs we have 370 residential units for sale. This is the total active real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley in the cities of Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.

The residential units that I am referencing are the Santa Clarita single-family homes (SFR's), the condominiums and town-homes.

As of yesterday, the number was 335 active residential units for sale and a few days before that, back on the 1st of April, we were at 325.

Sellers are still moving forward in having their homes placed onto the market for sale, but the buyers have retracted.

Homebuyers are in a strange place where they may be a part of a business that has laid them off for the time being. There are not very many home buyers that are going to attempt to buy real estate with so much that is currently unknown.

The concern from those buyers was were in the market wanting to buy homes in January and February is that COVID19 is going to continue to be active during the summer months with the current holds on various businesses extending through those months.

They may be okay for the time being, but buying a home is not on their priority list at this time. They are going to hold off and see what is going to happen.

I have been contacted by some of our investor clients wanting to know the state of the investment market in Santa Clarita real estate. I tell them it's too early to tell exactly what is going to happen with real estate, but a massive dip in prices is NOT something that the Santa Clarita home experts are expecting.

There is also a lot of homes on HOLD that do not show status. This is typically a status for real estate that removes home from the MLS for a particular amount of time. IT may be that the homeowner or one of those who are living in the home are sick or have other issues that prevent them to allow the home to be shown.

The HOLD do not show status is typically very low. We are approximately 8 times higher in the amount of "On Hold" properties than in the CoronaVirus Free market.

There are 87 residences that are being HELD currently. If those homes become active again, the Santa Clarita Valley will have 457 homes and residences for sale in the active status.

This would be a 23.5% increase of active residential real estate for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities as compared to Pre Coronavirus numbers.

Take into account the typical building of inventory that we see in a non-covid19 year. The building and additional inventory starts in Mid March and continues through August. 

It's during those times where the home buyer drive can be enough to offset the building of real estate inventory. That would be in a market where the buyer drive is enough to even out the number of homes entering the re-sale market.

The missing item from the current Santa Clarita market during the Coronavirus pandemic is the buyer drive. The investors are waiting in the wings to make someone else's pain their profit. But Owner Occupant home buyers - they are in a peculiar place currently. 

Their employment is in question or they are part of a business/profession that is still active, which is causing them concern related to contracting the virus.

I am a Retired LAPD cop. I have been in contact with a lot of those with whom I worked with and they have the valid concerns of bringing home the virus to their family or dying from it themselves.

Nurses, Doctors and other medical professionals, the last thing they are considering is buying a home at this time.

Some of the home sellers are selling because they are getting advice that this virus is going to kill the real estate market in the long term. They are hearing that the Los Angeles real estate market is going to be hit hard and have home prices slashed by double percentage digits.

Days to Sell Santa Clarita real estate COVID19 04062020

Month Days to Sell, Average
Jan 55
Feb 43
Mar 37
Apr 32

Santa Clarita real estate questionsLet's talk about the current time frames in which a typical escrow takes to close.

In the current housing market, at least before the pandemic, we were typically promised by the local lenders in Santa Clarita Valley they needed anywhere between 30 and 45 days to close escrow.

That is the time from when the contract is agreed upon by both the buyers and the sellers to the day when the property records into the buyers' name and the keys are given to them.

The pandemic and holds were put into place in March. There was a sort of a rush on real estate where lenders wanted to hurry and close just in case loans were pulled on a large scale. We did not see loans pulled on a large scale, but loans did get pulled.

It was reminiscent of the real estate markets that were subject to natural or financial disasters. Once those markets change as a result of those issues, some financial institutions pause the funding to re-evaluate.

This happened this time, but not on a large scale like the great 2006/2007 depression.

There are homes that are currently in escrow and that were being worked on when the pandemic was announced in March. Most of those transactions are somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 completed as of now. 

Once we close out April's figures, we will be able to see in May 2020 what affect the coronavirus had on the time it takes to sell Santa Clarita real estate.

As of the 6th of April, as you can see in the graph, it's business as usual, in fact, it would appear that we may have many more closings than in the previous three months of 2020. 

This is due to the rush and the overlap from the previous month. Once the escrow times run their course, we will be in a better position to determine the effect of Covid19 on the time it's taking to sell real estate in Santa Clarita Valley.

What should you be doing now? Homeowners:

First and foremost - staying safe!

If you are a homeowner, you need to get on our home equity update email. When there is any real estate activity in your neighborhood or on your street, I notify you.

If something is listed for sale, you get an email from me showing the amount with all of the other real estate information pertaining to that home.

If there is a home in your neighborhood that successfully sells, you will get that notification directly from me.

I have also engineered these Equity Updates to reflect distressed homes and price changes and reductions that occur in the neighboring homes that are listed for sale.

Now, as I state this, my system for equity updates is not something that is going to send you every listing in a particular zip code. I get my intel and send it directly to my real estate owners for homes that are within close proximity to theirs. I also make sure that I'm builder specific and the homes you are being advised about are from the same home builder and match the styles for your exact tract of homes.

For example, if you live in Bridgeport at the Island, sending you homes in The Woodlands does not serve you well. In fact, sending you homes in the Coves in Bridgeport does not serve you either.

I will only update you as far as the other Island homes in Bridgeport and all of their real estate activity.

What should you be doing now? Homebuyers:

First and Foremost - Staying Safe!

If you are a homebuyer that was interrupted by the Coronavirus, now is not the time to panic.

Take care of those closest to you and yourself.

If you had a type of home in mind with a price range, you can keep up with the current inventory and housing prices at our Santa Clarita home expert's website.

Do yourself a favor, keep your finances solid and try not to open any new lines of credit unless absolutely necessary.

Sometimes opening additional credit lines can impact your overall FICO score. That FICO score will become very important when it comes to being approved for home loans. If buying a home is part of your plan and if you want to continue with that plan when this mess is over, then you will want to keep your credit in the best shape possible.

Also, if you are going to need to defer any of your upcoming payments when you call the creditors and obtain their permission to miss or delay payments get that agreement in writing if possible.

Get it in writing of what you agreed to and that you are not going to be harmed in any way by electing to participate in their agreement.

For example, if they are going to give you three months without having to make payments, ensure they are not going to hit you with late fees or report you as being late to the credit bureaus. You may be wondering why I would tell you this when you received their blessing to miss the payments. That is because most of these massive entities have automated systems in place that will report you for missing a payment, even one that was allowed to be missed by the entity themselves. 

It's an automated system and does not require a human being to hit the late button. The computer does it automatically. Getting this repaired at a later date is going to pose to be very difficult. 

The same will apply with a late fee which has its origination with your creditor. The same computer algorithm will be at work. It will automatically report you when you have exceeded the timeline for payment. Even though you have an agreed-upon revision to the original terms of your agreement, the computer is still going to go forward with its primary programming.

Ask the right questions and make sure you get the answers in writing, if possible. If not, take great notes with times, dates and the employee numbers and names of those with whom you spoke with and in what exact department they are working.

Time will tell and that time is coming

Santa Clarita seems that we are going to be shut down until the end of April 2020 at least until that time. 

There is no word on when the powers that be opine as to when the coronavirus numbers of infected will peak. 

When that happens, then they may be able to give a more accurate number as to then the "quarantine" will be relaxed or removed altogether.

When they remove it, there will probably be a bump in the numbers of those who have the virus and the number of deaths.

I hope they have a cure or vaccine at that time. 

With real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, I don't see an overwhelming number of homes entering the real estate market for sale.

A lot of people just did a refinance and most of the lenders that are holding mortgages are willing to extend those contracts for a few months without any other justification except asking for it.

When you are ready, please reach out to me directly. I'm local, I'm real and I'm ready to help you with all aspects of your future real estate endeavors.

I'm Connor, just google me or the Santa Clarita home experts to see us or punch in Santa Clarita blog to read about the local housing market and find out the information you will need to make the best home purchasing or selling decisions.

Talk soon and thank you for sharing and taking the time to read our latest real estate market update for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.





April 5, 2020

COVID-19 Santa Clarita real estate market impact predictions

The future impact of the coronavirus on Santa Clarita real estateCall them predictions or preparations. What will the impact be of the Coronavirus on the Santa Clarita real estate market in the coming weeks?

In all seriousness, it's going to depend on how many people will be affected and for how long.

I see this as a two-part problem. 

First Problem - the workforce out of work

If the powers that be keep people out of work long enough then the impact will be much worse on the housing market. 

It will include people not being able to make their mortgage payments. Homeowners will also be unable to keep up with the basic upkeep on their residences.

If you have not called your financial institution to ask if there are any forbearance arrangements that your bank has put into place to provide relief. There are also some other banks that are offering deferment agreement for the homeowners that they serve.

The money they do have, if any saved or as part of the relief package, will be used for ultra essential items - such as food.

Second - the infected affected

This is going to be more of a time issue. While those who are going to get the virus will become carriers and they themselves may get sick and even worse, there will be those people in Santa Clarita who are not going to be impacted.

However, overall, with the quarantine, we are all impacted to a point. Those of us with our own businesses, even us Real Estate agents, feel the impact because most people are not focused on buying or selling homes at this time.

In fact, the real estate market has slowed down to a crawl. While we do see listings entering the housing market for sale, there is a definite slowdown of those who had their focus on housing and real estate.

I can see this by the lack of phone calls received and the traffic to the top Local Santa Clarita real estate website slowed.

This pandemic is a massive problem. The government put into play a massive Coronavirus help bill at 2.2 Trillion Dollars. 

And - there is another bill on the horizon to help. 

It's a nice thought and I sincerely hope all of this taxpayer money goes to the best places and not in the politician's pockets - but I digress.

The Santa Clarita COVID19 market predictions

Open Houses:

Currently, open houses have been stopped altogether in the City of Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Areas.

Virtual Tours of Santa Clarita homes have become much more common. Also, we are seeing that agents are embracing better technology to meet with clients while viewing residences - such as Facetime and other platforms.

As of late, the showings of homes are on a case by case basis. Public showings have altogether stopped.

Vacant Santa Clarita homes are being shown at a much more frequent rate than those homes which are owner-occupied.

In the case of showing both those homes which have people living in them and the vacant homes, precautions are being taken.

In the past, in some cases with new carpet or new hardwood floors being present, booties were placed by the door and the mandate to use them when viewing the home was in place.

Today, gloves, facemasks, disinfectant wipes, and other PPE are being provided to those who are viewing homes and real estate in person.

Some are touting that iPads are used for registration when viewing homes - but those devices can hold onto a virus for a while. Unless they are disinfected between each individual use - it does not make sense to "show off" with this type of applied precaution.

Social Distancing when showing homes in the Santa Clarita Valley is what our showings have become at this point. The greater Los Angeles Mayor has put a halt to all in-person showings of real estate at this time.

The Santa Clarita Valley is still allowing the in-person showings of homes and real estate. However, there are a lot of precautions that are being used when we are showing our client's homes and estates.

We don't drive in the same vehicle with our clients. We have not done that for a few years. However, some agents still make it a point to ensure they are driving clients in their same vehicle. The Reason Is to increase confidence and in some cases, so they can force a decision on their home buyers. (I have never liked the high-pressure approach to selling homes)

Santa Clarita home sellers and homebuyers

Currently, in the Santa Clarita Valley, we are per capita having fewer homes enter the market for sale than in a traditional year at the same time.

However, the Coronavirus will continue to slow this over the coming weeks as well. Listings will not come onto the real estate market in Santa Clarita Valley in the volume we had during the last few years.

If the fewer listings coming onto the market continues, which it will, then the sellers are going to be in an even better position to sell at their homes at a premium.

The home sellers have been in a seller's market in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Coronavirus will increase their position further into the Seller's Zone which will give them an even better advantage.

During this time we will also see many more showings by appointment only in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. This is because it's going to take time to prepare for the showing by the home sellers. Also, they need to plan where to go during the showing. Maybe a walk will work or if they need groceries, that'd be a good time.

However, homebuyers need to prepare also. They need to consider what they may be walking into. What if the home seller has been exposed and is a carrier of the Coronavirus? 

The home buyers need to prepare as if every single home they are going to be viewing is a potential COVID19 contaminant point.

Virtual Santa Clarita home showings

COVID19 impact on Santa Clarita real estateMost homes that are listed for sale will have some type of virtual tour posted online. If you don't see something of that nature, there may be one, just hit us up or your agent to send it to you.

However, virtual tours don't cover everything that an in-person showing will. Walking through a home that you are interested in is totally different than viewing photos online.

Most agents are touting how they are now showing homes virtually. That's great, but I want to give you the exact procedure utilized so you can best be prepared.

We facetime with our clients or have a zoom presentation. I will arrive at the residence and will be connected with my clients via facetime or other apps that allow me to be on a video call with them while walking through the residence.

I talk about what I'm smelling, seeing and touching(less of this happens during this time - as you can imagine). I also do my due diligence to look under sinks and in other places that most people want to look deeper into.

Also, in the kitchen, for example, I open the cabinets to see if there are pullouts installed or soft close drawers. These are items that may be mentioned in the commentary but are best seen and tested in person.

IN the kitchen also, I'm able to open the oven and other appliances to see their interior condition and allow my clients to see the same. The interior of the "mandatory" appliances rarely are pictured on the virtual tour.

In the bathrooms, I'm able to share the condition of the sink basins and the bottom of the tub or shower pan. These are essential items and can equate to thousands of dollars to repair. 

Bubbling paint on the ceilings, touching those locations to inquire later on if my buyers are interested in making an offer.

Maybe we see some sort of fancy light that was installed. Knowing that installed items are typically "included", JIC, it's something that we will want to ask for directly in our offer. Further protecting our home buyer from having the item swapped before the close of escrow.

The garage is a big point of contention or can be. During our virtual showings, the garage and any and all items are discussed in the video. I bring with me an additional light source because some garages lack adequate lighting and my facetime camera is not super illuminating.

The back yard, property boundaries, and fence line are also some items that are very important to discuss. The view from the back yard of the subject property into the neighbor's yards and views of homes that can see the back yard of the subject property is worth noting during my facetime showing.

Rentals and Lease impact of COVID19

Something that has been talked about by some of my clients are escaping the city to somewhere that is not as Populus as living in the city.

Like renting a home that is in a more remote area than being in a denser area of town.

We don't handle rentals and leases, at least directly, but we do help. If you are interested in doing this, reach out to me and I'll get you the intel you need.

On the reverse, I have received calls from people looking to be closer to the city hub and healthcare centers just in case. They want to be closer than 60 minutes from the nearest hospital or medical center.

With the rental and lease front, we must mention Airbnb. I heard on the news recently a southern California city that is stopping all Airbnb activity during this pandemic. That must be creating havoc on those which an Airbnb listing.

School - Children at home

This is a fun topic. My kids, 26 and 18, are still at home, that is another story for another time :)

But, those that have school-aged children are now at home and not in school.

They are feeling how limited their home space truly is.

They are calling and exploring the option of upsizing. Asking the question of how much they can get for the home they own and what a larger one would cost.

This Coronavirus quarantine has convinced them they need more room.

That is going to continue to play out and the longer we are forced to stay home the more we will want to obtain more elbow room.

I spoke about the "NOW" here are the potential long-term effects

This pandemic, the Coronavirus, is also going to have an effect on the student housing next to local colleges. In the Santa Clarita Valley, we have College of the Canyons and CalArts. Both of those schools have a large number of students needing local housing.

We get contacted by those who have kids going to those schools looking to buy a rental or investment property in close proximity for their collegiate youth.

That is going to come to an abrupt stop and some of those "leases" maybe broken. On the rental front for those who bought them instead of leasing or renting the housing, they may be looking to see if this continues for longer than a couple of months.

In addition, the owners of those homes may want to find other renters or have us look for other tenant opportunities for them. We are still early in the pandemic, I'll keep you posted on the top Santa Clarita Blog on this point and others, I promise.

The bank rate - interest rates are low but could be lower. This may be used to stimulate the housing market when the time comes. The last two great rate reductions created a re-finance market. If the rates are cut again in the future, I foresee the refinance market taking a back seat to the re-sale market.

Investors coming to buy Santa Clarita real estate

With the advantages that may come about out of this pain, some may consider investing in real estate depending on the state of the real estate market in the coming months.

Here is the issue currently, from a short-sighted view, we don't have the excess inventory that creates a good investor market.

However, we do see that home prices are static, if interest rates are reduced, then it may be a good time to buy, hold and flip for Santa Clarita real estate investors.

On the other side of that same coin, it may turn out to be a better option for the investors to buy, rent then sell at some point in the future. Time will tell and I'll keep the Santa Clarita real state market updates coming to you here at our Blog.

New Homes and New home construction sites and builders

New homes and new construction sites are still moving forward with their sales at this time. We guarantee to save our new home clients money when they have me represent them when buying a new Santa Clarita home. 

Just make sure you don't go without me on the first visit. If you do, don't put your name or email anywhere, on any device, on any piece of paper, or on a cocktail napkin with a blot of your lipstick. (doing so tells the new home builder that you want to opt-out from the ability to use your own realtor when buying a new home and forfeit my guarantee to save you money)

Safety is paramount at these times

Be careful. There are a lot of scammers coming out of this pandemic. People stating that they represent entities that they do not. Wanting money that they don't have the right to and falsely representing themselves.

If someone is asking you for money or telling you something that seems fishy, call the local law enforcement officials and ask them if "so and so" is legit.

Maybe it's a scam they are already aware of and they have been waiting for your phone call.

As far as where you are living. Take your time before leaving your home. Sit in your car before pulling away. The same applies when you reach your destination.

Sit in your car for a while before getting out and walking into wherever you are going.

This gives those out there that may want to do you harm time for pause and to reveal themselves. 

Just watch and be diligent. Now is not the time to rush into anything, including real estate.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be your real estate agent when you are ready. I appreciate you reading this update about the Coronavirus predictions in Santa Clarita real estate. 

I'll be here when you are ready. Just call me at 661.400.1720 and I'll be a great resource and real estate representative for you and your family. If you are not interested in Santa Clarita real estate. Call me anyway. 

If I'm too far or deem me not being able to represent you to a 100% market due to market familiarity, then I will utilize my vast referral network and make a reliable connection between you and a local professional Realtor.

April 4, 2020

I was an LAPD cop, but never during a time such as this - whoa!

LAPD police crime scene covid19Right now I'm seeing the glass as 1/2 full, but I am also very skeptical.

My concern is for those of you and the others out in the world who have caught the virus and all that are affected. 

The public servants and their exposure, the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals and their potential exposure to covid19.

Anyone who is still working, even with all the failsafe measures in place, can be only a breath away from catching or carrying the coronavirus.

Real Estate is deemed an essential service as of about a week ago was great, but what does that really mean?

Are we hosting open houses? - that would be bad.

Are the agents not vetting their new clients? - I sure hope not.

There is now a Q and A form about potential exposure to the coronavirus for all home sellers and home buyers.

But what is placed on a piece of paper is not verifiable as fact. It does make the boss feel better, but to those of us who are still attempting to be "in business", not so much.

Very different from what I was exposed to

I was an LAPD cop for a long time, I had the pleasure to serve during the Riots, the Fires, the Earthquake, and the Floods - 2013 was my last year, so anything that occurred after that, I don't claim.

Of all the exposure I had experienced, nothing was on the level of Typhus or this Virus. Typhus as a result of the conditions in downtown Los Angeles. A few of those with whom I served tested positive for this medieval disease, crazy right?

But the Coronavirus, that is something totally new.

If you are a cop, you have to go in. During the riots and in the aftermath of the Northridge earthquake, there was no "calling in sick". Hopefully, as a police officer, you had someone that could take care of your family so you could go to your assigned division to "protect and to serve".

Case and Point - Office Dean who died as a result of driving off of the end of the 14 freeway as he was reporting for duty in the early morning hours after the Northridge Earthquake. (He was an exceptional friend).

But, you did not go in thinking that you were going to be hit by an earthquake or have a new riot swallow you up.

Today, with this pandemic, the cops are fighting things they cannot see.

We have done well in California according to the latest news with our rates of infection being less than the national average.

That's great, but people are still being infected and dying.

There were a couple of sheriffs our east in California who succumbed earlier this week to the coronavirus - they were close to my age of 50. That caused me some pause for sure.

The public servants, the cops and deputies are our first and final line of defense. I pray for them God Speed and may they be protected in all their endeavors.

There is nowhere to go for the men and women of law enforcement.

I remember that I always thought firefighters were a bit on the "crazy" side. When there was a fire, the firemen went and fought it every time.

At least some of the calls we went to as cops did not produce a person that was intent on killing us.

But when it comes to firemen - every situation is something that can become deadly very quickly.

The coronavirus is now a problem that is equal to all callers. The best thing that people can do is to stay inside and not go out to make public statements of how "freedom works".

Exercising your personal freedom - it's your right!

I observed a video that Paris sent me related to an incident at Crenshaw and Slauson.

I worked STD at the Baldwin Hills Mall back in the early 1990s, after the riots.

I know that intersection well. 

I observed the LAPD putting up crime tape at the gas station on one of the corners. I don't know what exactly happened, but it appeared to be a crime scene and to preserve evidence it has to be cordoned off.

There was a group of people yelling and very displeased that the gas station was having crime scene tape placed around it and that they had to be moved to the sidewalk.

I don't understand. What if one of those police officers has COVID19? What if you are one of those who wants to yell about your constitutional freedom and you inhale the virus from the cop?

Now you go home and your grandma asks you about your day and you say you were just out giving a bunch of cops a hard time. 

Your grandma now gets the virus because of you and due to her being elderly succumbs to the virus.

Did you think of that happening? The police, they have no choice. If someone in the crowd has the virus, well - they just gave it to everyone who inhaled it as they were "being free".

It may be better for that individual to go and waive their fist on the freeway!

I'm ranting I know. This is a very different time and it will not last much longer. A month or two, that will finish it where life will attempt to return to normal.

Please, be good to each other.

Real Estate is still moving, if you need anything related to that, let me know.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be at your service. 

Posted in Blog
April 3, 2020

Santa Clarita weekly recap for real estate - business as usual in Santa Clarita real estate

Santa Clarita real estate news expertsBelow you will find the data that I was able to pull from the MLS this morning pertaining to the time in which it takes to sell homes and real estate.

It's a bit too early to tell if the coronavirus had a dramatic impact on the housing market, at least for now.

I do know that there was a lot of "inside" information pertaining to buyers wanting to cancel on the homes they were buying. 

Also, some of the sellers started to look for a way out of selling in order to stay in place while this pandemic comes to an end.

In the data and numbers within the statistic that I have researched in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, I have no "verifiable" proof where any of those situations were overt.

Basically, as of the real estate data we are seeing now, the market is continuing at a very typical pace.

The significant change is that of inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. As of this morning, there are 355 total active listings for sale, which is up over 30 homes for sale in the past two days.

I recorded the last session of the real estate radio show this Monday and inventory was lower at that time also.

Some of the other dynamics of real estate have to do with the home showings. 

Business as usual in Santa Clarita real estate except for...

In Los Angeles, there are no in-person showings of homes.

That has been stopped. In the Santa Clarita Valley, unless something has changed as of this morning that I have not heard about, it is still business as usual.

Here is the "Except" ---> Showings are done a lot more carefully these days.

When we set up a showing that is of an owner-occupied property, the homeowner typically vacates the home entirely. They also have a "decon" ritual before leaving and after they get home.

We instruct our home buyers to be wary of what they touch that surfaces than hold the virus if it's present.

We also only take one person in at a time into the home.

Do you remember those days when agents used to drive people in their vehicles? I have been one that does not for a great many years now, but today it's something that is recommended, especially since the outbreak.

Back in the day agents used the "driving" portion of the viewing of homes as the way to "get closer" with their clients. Before we take people out in my real estate business, we have them in person meetings first, or virtually, in order to show that I am the consummate real estate expert and they chose perfectly with their selection of real estate agents.

Delaying mortgage payments for homeowners

Tricky, earlier this week I reported about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - they were going to make it easy, according to the article for those who have their home loans with them to defer for a time being.

Some questions still passed over my thought processes.

  1. Will there be any "fees" associated with this showing of grace?
  2. Is there any qualifying documentation necessary?
  3. How will the repayment be structured, a lump sum at some point in the future?
  4. Will they want the loan to be extended?
  5. If they do extend the loan will it be done like loan modification and require money to get set up?

If you are going to set up something with the bank or financial institution that has control of your mortgage, make sure you get all of their "agreed-upon items" in writing.

Also, if you are going to not make your payments because of some sort of deal, you better make sure it's legit. 

If you happen to not make a payment and if you don't have everything set up in the best way with your financial institution, you may get reported with a late payment on your credit. 

That may be hard to get removed, even if you are in the right.

I trust very few people on this planet - just watch out for yourselves.

Reporting about Santa Clarita real estate

I watch TV news and sometimes I yell at the TV as my dear old dad used to. When I was a kid I thought this action was silly, now I see it as being an adult :)

There are so many different news networks that spin the news one way or another. They report the news depending on their audience and the "dramatic" reporting results in more sharing and additional social proof they are doing a great job.

I try my best not to spin anything about Santa Clarita real estate. I reported that there were people in process of buying homes that were wanting to cancel when the pandemic was first announced.

This came across my desk in the form of an email from other brokerages wanting to know the best ways in which to handle this scenario.

There are a couple of different things to consider before canceling a transaction. First, will it cost you money? If you are a home buyer, you may cancel and get hit with fees and penalties from escrow for "services completed".

What did you sign and where are you in the home buying process? If you received documentation from Escrow in an email and signed the paperwork, sending them back you may have to pay fees that you did not expect if you cancel the escrow.

This is something that now has been around for a few years. Just read everything you sign.

If you are in escrow, you may have removed contingencies and if you cancel now, your deposit will become the property of the seller. Of course, I'm not an attorney and some of these items, even though they appear as black and white, are filled with shades of grey.

Attorneys are good at finding the grey :) - Then we had the reporting of the "seller" drama that gets played out when buyers want to cancel buying their home. Who can blame the sellers? They have been hopefully doing their best to adhere to what the buyers want when it comes to them buying their home. They did not create the pandemic, they just want the buyers to buy their home.

Even though this was a question posed, it was not something so overwhelming that created a rift in the Santa Clarita home market.

Hence the current inventory that remains in escrow and the very few homes that had bom'd, entered the Back On Market status.

BOM - these are homes that were in escrow but had been canceled for some reason. As with the pandemic, some cancellations were due to people getting scared, deciding that during a pandemic was not the time to continue to buy a home. Some of the cancellations were because of the financial institutions loading the money put the brakes on the transaction and stated they were going to pause, where the home seller did not want to wait.

Graphical data for the Santa Clarita DOM's

DOM - Days on Market.

The time in which it takes to sell real estate and housing in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

The cities that we most frequent in our real estate business are Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.

Each of these cities is considered to be by most as "in the Santa Clarita Valley".

Below are the DOM charts that I pulled this morning to complete my report on what effect COVID19 is having on the Santa Clarita real estate market.

By the appearance of these charts and the current housing activity, it's nominal.

Real estate and homes are still being listed for sale, the home buyer drive is still present, if anything can be seen in the data it's where fewer offers are being written at this time due to the unemployment factors.

I will keep my eyes on the Santa Clarita real estate market and report back to you when I get other information to help you with your real estate decisions.

I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor and I'm glad to be at your service with regard to real estate and homes.

When you are ready to win your Santa Clarita real estate, make sure you hit me up to have a Zoom Meeting pertaining to our crash course on real estate.

This is where I speak with our clients about all aspects of how to prepare for real estate. As home buyers and as home sellers. What you need to know about Santa Clarita real estate before you jump into anything.

I will be back this weekend with any Santa Clarita real estate news to report.

I will also be visiting the new home centers tomorrow on Saturday morning, I'll report back as to how the COVID19 and coronavirus are affecting the new home sales at the new home centers in the Santa Clarita Valley.

When you want to buy a new Santa Clarita home contact me first.

Santa Clarita real estate days to sell homes February 2020

The time it took to sell homes and residential real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley cities during February of 2020.

Santa clarita valley days to sell homes March 2020

Time Frames related to the time it took to sell homes and estates in Santa Clarita During March 2020. (closed month)

Days to Sell Real Estate in Santa Clarita September 2019 to December 2019

Time Frame September 2019 to December 2019 - All Closed residential real estate Santa Clarita Valley.

Days to Sell real estate Santa Clarita January 2020 to Present April 3 2020

Homes and Estates closed (sold) during January 2020 through April 3, 2020.

April 1, 2020

Santa Clarita real estate daily news April 1, 2020

Good Day everyone - I am Connor MacIvor with The Santa Clarita home experts at Re/MAX Gateway.

During this week - as we had Monday not fall on the first - I had uploaded a massive real estate radio show that is pushing 25 minutes and has all of the information you will need to make the best real estate decisions.

Santa Clarita real estate radio episode 2020-090

During the show, I did talk about the current housing market inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley and how that was reflective of the rest of Southern California, which is very low in nature.

However - while most other areas may be the same, the Platinum Triangle is never the same as the rest of the real estate market. 

Just in case you are not familiar the Platinum triangle refers to the cities of Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, and Holmby Hills.

Platinum Triangle real estate for sale from Connor with HonorWhat I did was talk about the real estate inventory and how that is going to keep the home prices static. Some people are worried that the real estate market is going to dump money as it did back in the crash of 2006/2007.

I reassure you all this is not that kind of issue.

This is a Virus and to be completely frank, it has not been seen before and the final impact is unknown.

However, we have a few things going for us to keep real estate static.

There is no "hidden inventory" that has been waiting in the wings to be listed for sale.

That came about in 2006 and 2007 when the banks held onto foreclosures and did not release them except when it was at the optimum advantage to do so.

There is no distressed inventory looming to be released to flood the housing market forcing prices down.

This has been a refinance market for the past several months. With record low-interest rates homeowners have been putting their plans on hold to sell and chose to refinance instead.

Most people that refinance don't sell soon after. Most hold in place. They may see if they can swing a home as an investment property. They also may see if it makes sense for them to rent out their current home and to buy another.

To sell a home that has recently been refinanced, it's not very common. Plus some of those who have refinanced have prepayment penalties that they would have to attend to and that does not make financial sense to sell at this time.

Something else that is exciting about this current market is all secure loans that are out there on homes. There was no of the funny business conducted in getting people approved for a home loan.

Most of the home buyers needed to buy with something in the form of a down payment. In some cases, the home buyers needed more than 20% down. In others, they may have been a Veteran of the United States Military and were able to buy a home with zero down. However, to have some of those fancy 100% financing models with adjustable interest rates and balloon payments due in a few years - those are absent from the lending industry.

The low housing inventory has us in a sellers housing market. Where the home seller is able to call most of the shots. Most home sellers, even during this difficult time, if they are priced right are able to mandate multiple offers on the homes we are selling for them.

When those multiple offers start coming in we know that the price is right and that the seller is going to get even more parts of the deal agreed upon to make it to their advantage.

Buyers don't fret. Don't think all is lost. There are some great deals that you can get to your advantage when you are negotiating with a multiple offer scenario. Remember, my experience has led me to know that it's not always the highest priced offer that gets picket. I have other ways of making sellers happy with my buyer's offer and those ways are not offering price-oriented.

Hire smart - Hire a Santa Clarita home Expert.

The COVID19 release date approacheth

People are a stir now. They are tired of staying home and according to all the memes, hopefully, this will be over soon or something bad may happen in certain circumstances.

The issue is going to be with those who have been laid off from their jobs. Those industries that are unable to have their employees working from home or remotely will have an issue.

Those industries that are unable to support their employees during this pandemic will have employees who are panicking.

There are others who are out in the workforce who may not be able to make their next mortgage payment.

Most of the financial institutions, and especially Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have put mechanisms in place in order to give those of you some relief from making your mortgage payment during this time.

You have to call and call your mortgage holder soon.

If you have not already, as you are reading this, stop and pick up the phone.

We have one of those mortgages through a mainline bank who is not answering the phone. But we are still trying.

There is also an email address that is on the website where it talks about getting relief from making a mortgage payment, use those resources as well. Make the record at least.

Santa Clarita real estate market update April 1, 2020Homes are still being listed for sale. Homes are still having offers written on them and being accepted by the home sellers. The way's in which the homes are vacated and viewed is what has changed.

A lot of the home showings, at least during the first phase which is normally an in-person viewing, is now being handled via facetime. I walk through the home with the prospective home buyers on my phone and we look at the home together.

They then direct me as to where to walk and what they want to see and I add my typical real estate expert banter and describe what I'm seeing that is good and that which is bad.

Total Active listings for sale currently in the Santa Clarita Valley cities is 334.

I have completed the research on Acton, Agua Dulce, Newhall, Canyon Country, Castaic, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, and Valencia.

Here is where the current real estate market gets interesting.

I will now show you the listings that have closed in the past month, compared with the two months before and I will then show you the current "in process" inventory.

Also, remember, if you are driving around or if you have a home that has been listed for sale in your neighborhood and the agent put a "sold" sign on it, it has not completely sold.

sold by the Santa Clarita home experts

For example - currently, in the Santa Clarita Valley we have 180 homes that are active under contract. You may be looking on websites that are not owned by the Santa Clarita home experts when you do you use those at your own risk. They show these 180 listings as being for sale and not under contract. This is the type of listing that a real estate agent may hang a "sold" sign on like the one above - except I am the expert :)

Another example - currently in the Santa Clarita Valley we have 229 homes, condos and town-homes that are in escrow under a contract that is in the pending status. Meaning they should not be advertised as being for sale, unfortunately, on some of the other websites, you will see them as active and available to be purchased. This is another listing that has a status where a sold sign may be applicable.

The way of the world is when a home finally sells. When that home records in the new home buyer's name as being theirs, the sign typically comes down within a day or two at the most. 

The agents seem to think to install a sold banner on that sign when it's only coming down in a few hours is not doing them any good.

Personally, I don't put up sold banners, I have had too many clients say they deem them as misleading. So I don't want to ever have that appearance, so I don't do it.

As you can see by the number of homes that are currently in process, you may be able to find the home you wanted if it's under contract.

One of the things that I tell my clients is that I always look at their criteria and match that with the homes which are under contract.

I then call those agents and find out where they are in the escrow process. Have the inspections been completed? Are there going to be any perceived issues with what was discovered? What about the buyer loan, is it good to go or on shaky ground? 

I then formulate a plan if I see that there may be some issues with having that home close escrow. I will get my buyers the home information, I will then send the virtual tour and any other related information to see if it is something they'd be interested in.

In a normal market, I'd then get them scheduled to see it in person. Now that we have this pandemic, those showings are handled a bit differently. So I make those steps happen in the best way possible.

Now my home buyer is poised in a good position if the buyer on the home that fits their criteria falls out of escrow.

Believe it or not, about 30% of the home listings fall out of escrow during their first go around. That number is a bit higher than typical due to the impact the coronavirus has had on the Santa Clarita real estate market.

I'm Connor and I will be here for you and yours when you are ready to have your Santa Clarita real estate won.

Please check out the top Santa Clarita Blog

I also syndicate a real estate radio show for the Santa Clarita Valley cities each week and sometimes twice.

I'll leave the light on for you and be safe and keep your distance. We are during this time for sure.

March 30, 2020

Is Zillow going to do to real estate what Amazon did to retail?

Santa Clarita home experts radio show episode 2020-90


Santa Clarita eating out real estate updateThe way the world turns. Those who have crystal balls do very well or get hushed up quickly.

I hope to be the first one if I was able to choose :)

If you track back to most of the successful businesses - they all started with one thing. 

It went from that one thing too many things. Most of which were successes - but with a few failures along the way for good measure.

I can attest that failure if taken in the right way, is a really good thing. I have failed more times than I can count at a variety of things in my life.

I'm sure you probably have similar experiences. I can choose to have my failure cripple me and put me down for a longer and longer time until death. Or - I can choose to get back up after life hits me with the hardest knockout punch it can muster. Once I get up I can want to feel sorry for myself in a pitiful sort of way. Or - I can choose to regroup, analyze the error and get out there and make it happen.

Real Estate is a moving target. There are times when the market is moving in an upward pattern where home sellers are doing very well. There are other times when the market is moving sideways and then into a buyers advantage zone.

Currently, the Santa Clarita real estate market is moving sideways, but remaining in a seller's zone. 

Our home sellers and those of other agents in the Santa Clarita Valley cities are wanting more information about the state of the real estate market.

I do my best to keep everyone updated with our Santa Clarita home experts' radio show where I showcase the current state of the Santa Clarita real estate market. 

Below is the transcription from this Santa Clarita real estate radio show updating you as to real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Updated March 30, 2020. This is the Santa Clarita real estate radio show episode 2020-90.

Is Zillow going to do to real estate what Amazon did to retail - PDF

Connor with honor (00:00):

Good. Everybody. Connor MacGyver, thank you for tuning in. Santa Clarita home experts. Now, if you're not in Santa Clarita, it doesn't really matter because we give a full impression of the real estate market from Santa Clarita Valley to raid or Los Angeles cities to Los Angeles County and to other areas herein Southern California. We also hit on real estate on a nationwide level also, and we do this show weekly, so when you're ready, anytime during the week, you can go to Santa Clarita home experts, just Google it. You'll find any one of the many radio stations were all over the world wide web and you'll be able to click and you'd be able to listen to our latest broadcast. Now today's March 30th, 2020 it's approximately 10:07 AM and we're going to give you the real estate market update. I'm going to talk about the covert 19 or the Coronavirus impact on real estate. I'm also going to talk about current housing inventory here in Santa Clarita Valley and how that's reflective, uh, as being very similar in other places in the United States.

Connor with honor (01:05):

In addition to that, I'm going to talk about the buyer, seller drive and also Zillow. Zillow has some new items out there and maybe they're going to be taking over real estate kind of as Amazon did retail. It feels that's where it's going right now. Well, at the very beginning, and I'll talk about that before I get into the Cove at 19 or the Corona issue and how that market update is coming right now or as far as in the very beginning when Zillow first had its online presence, they kind of absorbed a lot of that traffic that AOL real estate was getting and Yahoo real estate if you remember those back in the day before the internet was really anything fancy. This was during the dial-up days, but there were still a lot of rules and regulations where the best sources of the listings at that time were still with the local agents through the listings that they personally held.

Connor with honor (02:04):

Well, those dynamics changed where you're seeing that the online systems including Santa Clara to home it's an actual MLS connected site, so you can go there, you can search for listings, you can find all of the active inventory. Well, Zillow's made a monopoly on that. They've been able to take all those truly as well. The red fence on, so forth. These are all systems out there that a lot of people search on. Then whenever they inquire, Hey, I'd like some further information and they hit that button. Then all of a sudden their personal information doesn't just go to one person as it would on Santa Clarita, home which is my system, my website, so you don't have to worry about anybody else except Connor MCI ever knowing who you are and the only point of contact you would have with regard to real the estate here in Santa Clarita in Southern California would be Connor MacGyver.

Connor with honor (02:59):

So that's me. So you would be dealing with myself. I would educate you in the real estate process and take it from there. That's how I operate. These other systems, they sell your information in the form of leads to a lot of agents that are paying those services. Well, if you look online, they've become very, very powerful. They have a lot of information and the agents themselves are the ones that are contributing to their success. They're not only paying them, you know, thousands of dollars per month to be able to get these leads, but they're also giving them written information that gives them a lot more web presence. Then I'm able to punch in at my, you know, two to 3000 words a day and our Santa Clarita blog, that's the best I can do and I've done very, very well and I'm still page one as far as the results go.

Connor with honor (03:49):

However, when you have, you know, 50,000 or a hundred thousand, 150,000 agents that are regularly contributing to the Zillow blog, yeah, can't, can't touch it. However, at the end of the day, you're going to be better served by finding that local, consummate, real estate professional expert, local knowledge expert and dealing with them, period. And that's the way it will in the end and a lot of people do eventually, get to that point because they go to these bigger websites, they do a little searching and then when they get serious they start Googling more specific things and they find, wow, Connor knows about this area. Connor had his kids in school at this school. Connor's raised a family in Santa Clarita Valley. Connor was a cop before so he brings a little bit more to the playing field than a lot of agents that started in other industries and came into the business or maybe didn't really start in any, any industry and came into the business in that manner.

Connor with honor (04:45):

So people end up seeing Connor with honor. They end up seeing Santa Clarita home experts and moving on. So back to Zillow, you go to that web system. Now Zillow is doing loans, so when people start to look for real estate, they typically find that local area expert and hopefully they find me in the case of loans and lending, the same would apply. There are local lenders and you get on television. That's a very crowded space as well with regard to advertising, lending, mortgages, refinancing, that whole financial market is very, very inundated. Like real estate, like insurance, like vehicles. All of those spaces are very busy online as well. And they're very expensive to try to maintain local placement unless a singular person is, you know, willing to put that work into it like I am. But a lot of folks, you know, they just don't have the time.

Connor with honor (05:41):

They don't have the knowledge, they don't have the ability and that's cool. So they try to pay other systems in place to give them leads. Well now Zillow not only sells real estate in some way, shape or form themselves, but now we have broken into loans and lending is Zillow also. So those local lenders used to share those ad spaces with their agents and with their agents, they would pay for part of their advertising legally so they could be listed on their agent's page. So they're paying, you know, a certain percentage of whatever the Zillow fee is to get those leads. Well, now lenders are paying their competitor to advertise those agents. Not sure how it's gonna work. I think that this is only the beginning, Zillow and real estate. The very beginning was basically advertising a seller's listing out there without permission from the seller or the agent.

Connor with honor (06:39):

That was kind of the beginning of Zillow and then everybody freaked out, but somehow they made it work. They were able to kind of crawl in bed with the right entities. Now they have full market access and they're able to put every listing, probably not so much through the boards of realtors agreements, but through the brokers who actually are the owners of the listings. So each individual agent takes a listing on a, in a particular area, in a particular home. Then their broker is the one, the big corporation is the one that potentially gives approval for Zillow truly in those other syndication sites to take those listings and advertise them online. And does it help sellers? The more exposure the better, but I don't know if it's, it actually comes down to being able to be categorized and looked at his exact monetization amount for particular things that have sold.

Connor with honor (07:37):

So if it was just in the multiple listing service just in the two or 300 other systems out there that are typically advertising real estate listings, including you know, hundreds if not thousands of real estate agent websites. It's all propagated there. You know, I don't know. I don't know if there's actually a betterment for the seller with regard to Zillow, but they're now picking up the loan and lending in Yvette. However, people are going to come and just like you want to choose that local real estate agent. The local lender is also important. They also live in the area. They also potentially have raised families out here. There's more of an ability to go in and knock on their door directly and lodge a complaint, see them face to face, shake their hand and brace them or punch them out. Just kidding, but you know what I mean.

Connor with honor (08:33):

There's more accountability in that regard and also them being local I think gives them a little bit more credit. Having a brick and mortar office I think also gives people a little bit more credit. Now the whole industry on the real estate of is moving away from that. Lending probably will follow suit in the years to come. But right now because of all the different entities within the office of a lender, it's not just the lender himself, but, and I'm sure they have virtual underwriting, they're virtual assistants. You've seen all that. I don't know if lenders have taken their entire lending business and put it into the cloud and operate that way, but at least here at the local level, as real estate agents, I know a lot of agents have started operating in the cloud.

Connor with honor (09:22):

That being the case, I don't see a lot of lenders have done that because they actually have brick and mortar offices. And as far as us, I also have a brick and mortar office too. I still have an office where I go to now that was deemed an essential component via the Coronavirus. Now I can go back to my office when I'm ready. I still think I do have an elderly, uh, my mother in law lives with us. We take care of her. If I were to, the less I go out and get exposed, I think the better. I don't want to bring anything home. And as far as real estate goes, that market getting into the coronavirus and the covert 19 impacts on real estate, it definitely slowed the market down. Currently, in Santa Clarita Valley, we have a very low number of listings at 331 active listings now on the market.

Connor with honor (10:11):

Last radio show we were in the three twenties so nothing's really changed on that front. We do have homes going into escrow. We are currently in the process of almost 500 listings that are under contract in some way, shape or form on their way to close. We would venture to say that we'll probably have 30 to 40% of that fallout and go back into the market. So if you're one of those people that are out there looking for a specific home, make sure your agent just isn't looking and searching the real estate listings that are active, only make sure that they are also looking at the home listings that are in process in those areas. You want to. For example, if you're looking in Valencia, if you're looking at a zip code nine one three five five and you're looking for a single-family residence, that's a single story, 14 to 1800 square feet, three-bedroom, and you're not seeing what you want, then your next step is going to be to find out or have your agent, and we do this for our clients all the time.

Connor with honor (11:20):

Look at those listings and there's not going to be a bunch, but if you look at 500 homes in the process, actually in escrow with an agreed-upon contract between that buyer and seller, then you go back and look at the active inventory at three 31 and you're only seeing five houses fitting your criteria, but you

don't like them. You're bound to find seven or 10 that are currently under contract and then very simply, your agent can reach out to those seven or 10 agents with those listings that happen to have those properties in escrow and reach out to those other agents and say, Hey, you know what's going on with this property? And believe it or not, we've been really lucky in this call it fate or luck or maybe you know just working well and we've been good at this and sometimes you call and while Connor, I can't believe you just called. In fact, we just got word from the buyer that they're going to be canceling escrow. So the property's going to go back on the market and we're able to take our buyer in there, look at the house and get the deal done. So

Connor with honor (12:27):

this is what you do. You make sure you tell your agent, you don't just want to see the active real estate inventory. You also want to see the properties in process and you want to be able to be, you want to be taught how to identify which ones are in process so you can separate those. And then your agent, if you see something you like of the listings that are under contract, then your agent should be able to make those phone calls or send those emails. Or as I do video emails because people, feel more obligated to respond to a video email because that's more of a new thing and it gives an appearance. Like I've put a lot of work into it when in essence I haven't, I've just trusted that, uh, you know, the people that tell me that I'm a 10.2 on the one to 10 scales, I trusted their right so people don't shut off my video or get sick or throw it away.

Connor with honor (13:22):

I do send those out to those agents and they usually respond in a favorable fashion. That's your tip. So if you are looking to buy real estate in this current market and you're still active, even with the coven 19 and everything else, you still want to see it. There are several ways the showings can be done. They can be done virtually. There are still quite a few listings out there that are vacant so that also works. Agents can open it. You go in or you can be on FaceTime with your agent as we do with our clients and walk in and go through the home. In addition to that, inspections can be performed and you'll get reports of those. I do know, and I see this online and I thought I'd throw it out there. I was going to stay away from this because it's gonna upset other people in my industry, but I've never been one to care

Connor with honor (14:17):

buying a house sight and unseen because we have this coven 19 a coronavirus. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Sorry. I can go and I can shoot a video and I can make it. It's just not the same. The feeling of the house isn't the same. Our virtual tour is not the same as walking through the house in person. It's never going to work that way. You have to see it in person. You're spending at least half a million dollars paid off over 30 years. You owe it to yourself to look at this listing going in person. Look at the entire thing from top to bottom. The next step if you like it if your offers accepted that your agent wrote on your behalf. Because there are ways to make that work better than just writing a regular offer as we do for our clients over time. There are love letters you can put in there.

Connor with honor (15:03):

There's a lot of information. There's a much stronger preapproval letter that your agent can put together. These are all tips of the trade. These are aware. You're not going to find one of those large syndication entities. Being able to have an advantage over that local consummate real estate expert. So once you have all that put together and you get your offer accepted, then the next part of the inspection, you know, I'd be honest with you, that's not something I'd miss either. So you want to be

there for that. Some people haven't slowed down as far as real estate goes. I know a lot of agents are talking about virtual this, virtual that, you know, that's great for advertising and maybe it brings them some kind of street cred, but I sure wouldn't do it. I would want to go into a house, walk through it, smell it, touch it, feel it because there's a lot of feelings that come across the bow when you are in residential real estate looking and I would do it that way.

Connor with honor (15:54):

If you are interested in this current market, great and if you want to wait until they call this off here probably the end of this month or sometime in May, then that's fine as well. I don't see, and here's my expert opinion, I don't see this having an effect in tanking the real estate market. When the stock market falters, the bond market gets stronger because people put their money's in those bonds. When that happens, the interest rates get lower and that's where we are with the fed at two and 3% that's where people were able to purchase. I don't see that changing. Even when the market, the stock market goes back up to where it was previously. I don't see those interest rates changing because they were already in the threes. I don't see they're getting much higher. If we're going to talk about higher interest rates, I would probably look for that to happen sometime in 2021 if at all.

Connor with honor (16:51):

But right now real estate with the low inventory, it's a massive refinance market. When people refinance the residential real estate, they typically don't want to sell it, so we see a lot of that. In addition, here's something to watch out for with regard to refinancing. If you are, find out if there's any kind of penalty. What happens if you refinance and get that awesome interest rate and then say, you know what, inventory solo, it's still the seller's market. I was listening to Connor on his radio show the other day. I think I want to sell it. I think I want to sell in downsides. The kids are gone. They have their own families now. They moved to Phoenix. Maybe I'll move to Phoenix or maybe I'll stay here and you know, all my grandkids are out here and in Santa Clarita or you know, maybe I'll go to San Fernando Valley or wherever it is and you decide to sell.

Connor with honor (17:45):

Made sure when you're refinancing that you're not going to be slammed with any kind of a prepayment penalty. So what that means is this, you go to refinance to a lower interest rate. You're really not thinking about selling. Maybe you are maybe just you're going to kind of wait for a few months, but prepayment penalties, things like that can take a while. They can go for a few months, they can go for a few years, they can create an issue for you if you want to turn around and sell. So I would ask, is there a prepayment penalty and if so, is that something you can live with? Maybe it's mandatory on some with some financial institutions, maybe they're going to tell you, well we have to have it because you know that's the only way we're going to make any, any money. You've talked to other financial institutions, they might tell you no, we don't have anything like that at all.

Connor with honor (18:34):

Or yeah, we have one. It's one year and if you want to get rid of it we can. But your interest rate instead of being 2.9 it's going to be 3.2 and you just have to weigh it. Is that worth it where you, you think you might sell the next, you know, six months or a year? As long as that prepaid premium payment penalty is going, then you have to look at the market. Right now we're in a seller's market right now. We have a very low inventory. We still have properties being sold. It hasn't stopped. It's just not moving as fast as it was, you know, prior to Corona, prior to the Coronavirus, the coven 19 virus real estate was moving a little

faster. We're not talking hand over fist faster. We're talking a little bit faster. We had more homes that were moving into escrow a little faster.

Connor with honor (19:18):

Now we're seeing that the days on market timeframes are increasing. So instead of taking 15 to 20 to 30 days to sell, if they are going to put this market on hold or kind of in, in less sure necessary, right? Because a lot of those folks out there, they're out of work or they're standing by ready to go back to work, but because they're not essential, they're not part of an essential employer, then they're really not making that money depending on who their employer is and what they're paying. So those folks are the last people that should be thinking about buying real estate, selling. Well, if you're going to panic sell because you don't have a paycheck before I would do that. I would reach out to my lender and find out as part of this Coronavirus and covert 19 if they're offering anything enable to enable you to not have to pay or to allow you not to have to pay your mortgage payment for.

Connor with honor (20:19):

While we've seen this go on as well, there are a lot of financial instances, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, if you have those loans and they're backed by them, you're able to have that extended, I think just with a phone call, that was the word that I put out on my blog from what I understood the other day from an article that I read. You can see that by going to Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog you'll be able to scroll down and it would appear that if you have one, those types of loans, it should be pretty easy to put your mortgage on hold and if you're, you know, don't let it lapse. Here we are at the end of March. If your payment's due on the first, you better hurry up today's Monday, you better start making those phone calls and find out and in fact, we don't know where this is going to go at this point.

Connor with honor (21:07):

I would hope that the virus itself and the Corona has been blown far out of proportion that we don't need anywhere near the resources that are being called in. I hope that's the case, but even for people that have employment that's continuing, I would still call those lenders your mortgage holder and say, Hey, listen, you know, I need a, you know, forgo buy payments for a few months. How long can you give me? And they're not going to give you and find out how it's paid back as well. That's something else that's important. If you are going to put your loan on hold for your home, make sure it's just a hold. There's nothing fancy like some kind of an escrow account that this gets built on or whatever. Maybe they can just lengthen out the time. If they're going to give you a six-month break and making mortgage payments may instead of your pay off date being when it was, maybe it'll be that plus six months. So now your entire mortgage just moved six months into the future as far as being paid off. If you were to make your just strict payments for the next 30 years or whatever it is, I think that would be cool. I don't know how they're doing it, but at least reach out to them. And that would be that first step before any of that government money from their fancy $2 trillion

Connor with honor (22:29):

help package could come to you. [inaudible] you know, I'm not going to get into that. But anyway, so you see that's kind of the process. Banks are doing it. So pick up the phone and make sure you make those phone calls. And if your investors out there and you have rental properties, from what I understand, those are also able to hopefully be extended just to ask how it's gotta be paid back. Find out if there's any kind of issue and even once they grant you they say, sure Connor MacGyver, you don't have to make your payment for the next six months on your residence located at, you know, this such and

such a street in Valencia, California. That's fine. Go ahead and miss your April 1st payment. I definitely don't want it to be an April fool's joke on Connor where now all of a sudden my credit gets nailed because I have a 30 day late.

Connor with honor (23:24):

I need to get that in writing folks. You need to understand that in writing. If there are going to bless you to miss your payments, make sure the person on the phone sends you something, some kind of an email, some kind of a registered letter or regular, you know, by mail letter, maybe a FedEx letter, something that shows in there that you're able to not make your payments for a particular amount of time just in case somebody forgets to flip the switch on the bank's end and all of a sudden you see your credit score dropped by 150 points because you just missed a mortgage payment that the person on the telephone swore to you that you wouldn't have to make, make, make for six months or a year. Watch out for yourselves. Nobody else is gonna do it for you. Love yourselves. Take care of yourselves.

Connor with honor (24:21):

I'm Conner. You know people ask, you know, a lot of people say, boy, you know, you're so good looking Connor. You know, they rate me at a 10.2 and then other people say, why not a 10.5 you've already broken the scale. Why not go all the way? I say, well, I can't justify pulling three. Anyway, love you all. Thank you for listening. Santa Clarita home experts. I am Conner with honor MacGyver, not a given name. I will talk to you soon. Please be safe out there. This has been your Santa Clarita real estate update for greater Los Angeles areas and the rest of the real estate world in general. When you're ready to reach out to me, Santa Clarita, home I will be here for you and take great care of each other. Be safe, be well, and we will talk to you soon. Connor MacGyver over and out.

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March 28, 2020

CARES Act for Santa Clarita affected persons

They got a clever name and it seems to work. You have probably been reading everywhere online about this particular "help" benefit for those of you who qualify.

Maybe a mortgage pause is better for you?

Before I let you read this information, if you have a current mortgage, you may be doing well to call your mortgage holder and let them know you may have problems making your mortgage payments.

While Paris and I don't qualify for any of the "help" that the 2 Trillion Dollars approved, we can at least see if our mortgage companies will allow us to miss a few payments. That will be helpful and I'll let you know in a future Santa Clarita home expert article how it went.

Of course, the mortgage pause is not free money. Just inquire as to how it gets paid back or if the mortgage just continues at the date agreed upon. The mortgage whereby being extended by the same amount in the future after the payments resume.

For example, if your mortgage company agrees on allowing you to have your payments placed on hold for the next 6 months, they will also set up some type of re-payment strategy.

The best would be for them to allow the entire loan time frame to be extended by 6 months. 

Another possible scenario is to have the mortgage holder set up some sort of "escrow account" with a negative balance showing what you will owe after 6 months. Then some type of arrangement will be set up to satisfy that escrow account at some point in the future. Maybe they will build into this "deal" a Mandatory Refinance? Just make sure you get what the terms they agree to are in writing before signing or agreeing to anything.

I'm Connor with the Santa Clarita home experts. I'll be here for you when you are ready to have your real estate won.

Tune in on Mondays when I break free and make the Santa Clarita home experts real estate radio show hosted at all of the big podcasting networks online and within the app systems. 


As we're all dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on our lives, we want to share encouraging news: the government has 

approved the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act which will help millions of people in this critical time. Perhaps even you.


This sweeping legislation is unprecedented in the history of our nation and provides significant economic assistance to address the impact of the COVID-19. 

The CARES Act is over 800 pages long, but here are some of the economic provisions most relevant for you.
What this means for you 

and your loved ones

If you're eligible for a cash payment 


Most individuals earning less than $75,000 can expect a one-time cash payment of $1,200. Married couples would each receive a check and families would get $500 per child. That means a family of four earning less than $150,000 can expect $3,400.


If you or someone you know has a lost a job



States will still continue to pay unemployment to people who qualify. This bill adds $600 per week from the federal government on top of whatever base amount a worker receives from the state. That boosted payment will last for four months. 


If you're a small business owner



The bill provides $10 billion for grants of up to $10,000 to provide emergency funds for small businesses to cover immediate operating costs.


There is $350 billion allocated for the Small Business Administration to provide loans of up to $10 million per business. Any portion of that loan used to maintain payroll, keep workers on the books, or pay for rent, mortgage, and existing debt could be forgiven, provided workers stay employed through the end of June.


If you're a freelancer or independent contractor


Typically, self-employed people, freelancers, and contractors can't apply for unemployment. This bill creates a new, temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program representing $600 per week through the end of the year helping people who lose work as a direct result of the public health emergency.


If you would like to learn more about all the contents in the CARES Act, please see this article.



Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions, or if you would like to chat.



Stay safe and healthy.

When you are ready I'll be here for you. I have been representing home buyers and sellers since 1998. The fact of the matter is that I am one of those who had another life and career before I became a Realtor. I was an LAPD cop.

I have had comments from my clients that I'm different than the typical real estate sales people! I am serious about my craft. I am a professional salesman. I represent home buyers in the buying of real estate and I sell my seller's homes.

I'm here for you when you are ready. Be well and please be safe out there.

March 27, 2020

Santa Clarita real estate as an essential service

Best Santa Clarita real estate experts

I am a Retired LAPD cop. I did my time and it seemed that we, in my day, were always essential.

During this pandemic, cops, fire personnel, and emergency services are very essential. The Nurses and Doctors and all medical support personnel are essential.

Teachers - they are essential in virtual classrooms.

These days in the Santa Clarita Valley you cannot take a trip to Costco without seeing the FUZZ in the parking lot driving around to keep the peace.

I never minded the name-calling and took it as a right of privilege when I was the law, five-o, pig, pig in a blanket, donut eater and the fuzz.

That is a shame that some people take it upon themselves to do bad things - but I digress.

Real Estate - Essential?

My point has to do whether or not real estate is something that is essential.

I know for those who were in escrow at the time the pandemic was announced and had your home purchase canceled, you probably thought you were either saved by the bell or worse off than you were before.

Some home buyers, definitely in the minority, are viewing their transactions as being canceled as putting them in the best place possible. Even though they may have to stay in an extended stay or with family because they had already canceled where they had been living.

Most homebuyers that we had been working with, for those reasons related to not having a place to stay and other reasons, were exceptionally upset to have their transactions canceled.

The rub was really painful because they had already removed all contingencies - their inspection contingencies and their loan contingency. Because the "lender stopped" the funding, that concerns the loan and they may lose their deposit. In some cases, it had been over $20,000.00.

The true cost of the pandemic can be expensive for a home buyer that was in escrow, depending on what stage in the process they were in.

Transactions that were canceled by the lending entities also affected the home sellers. Maybe they were involved in buying another home where that transaction was "contingent" on them selling their current home to a home buyer that was getting close to closing but lost their $20,000.00 deposit because of the lender canceling the transaction.

Why do lenders cancel?

The same thing happened back in 2007 after the subprime lender collapsed. It was like a house of cards, everything came crashing down. 

Some transactions that had been in the process continued, some others were canceled by the lenders.

The lenders mentioned they needed to step back and see how the events unfold before they can continue loaning money.

I don't know what industry you are in, but in most others, there is no "stopping the process" in order to save oneself money or from a potential financial impact.

When we had the fires - the lenders canceled escrows as well. This is because the insurance companies wanted to "take a step back" to see if they were going to continue writing insurance policies on real estate within the same cities and zip codes where the fires persisted.

Then we had the earthquake, Northridge, those had the lenders canceling transactions also - insurance companies, etc.

Canceling - a good thing or a bad thing?

That is going to depend on who you are asking. If you have a home seller that has a home to sell and if that home is getting down to the closing date where funding is imminent and the pandemic has been announced, only to have the transaction fall apart, this seller may have been trying to buy something else that was supposed to close at the same time. Now that transaction will be rendered thwarted. 

The seller's deposit on the home they are buying maybe become the property of that home seller. The home buyer for our home seller may forfeit their deposit to our home seller. Maybe our home sellers are buying in another state where the deposit will not be allowed to be kept, but where they can keep their buyers deposit.

So many factors to consider for those who are selling real estate.

For a home buyer, it may be a gift, especially in the coming months real estate starts to hit all-time low prices due to a busting increase in inventory where the market makes a shift from a home seller's market with low inventory to a home buyers market with a ton of real estate for sale.

In addition to a home buyer, could be the worst thing that could possibly happen. Due to the current past few months being the refinance boom in real estate, where most people have been financing, most of those homeowners are not considering selling.

They are going to stay put having just refinanced. Plus in some cases those new loans, those refinance, are going to carry penalities for selling before a certain time frame after the refinance was completed.

This brings me to the current housing inventory. How low is it? Today in the Santa Clarita Valley, as of the date of my Santa Clarita home article, Friday, March 27, 2020, the Santa Clarita Valley has a total of:

Current Status of the Santa Clarita real estate market

Santa Clarita real estate market conditions pandemicCurrent Active Santa Clarita homes for sale: 319 - includes Single Family Homes, Luxury Homes, Condos and Townhomes

Homes in Santa Clarita which are under contract: 207

Homes in SCV which are in the pending status (under contract not showing): 255

Homes that sold to this point in March 2020 - as of the 27th at 1223pm: 254

Closed homes in February 2020: 268

Closed Santa Clarita homes in January 2020: 185

The homes which are on HOLD do not show: 86 

What I see from the current Santa Clarita real estate numbers that I just researched.

We are very low related to homes being on the market for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley.

With the pandemic, it's holding people back from placing their homes on the market until things normalize.

With the pandemic, the home buyers are very active on our website searching for homes and inquiring with questions. Buyers that are Viewing homes for sale, they are not very active "in person". 

If the Santa Clarita Valley did not have any other homes listed for sale we'd, at the current sale volume, be close to ZERO listings for sale within the 45 days. That means we have very low inventory.

Remember, the slow down did not happen until this month - in March 2020. The entire real estate market has been refinancing oriented due to the lower interest rates. 

Reminder - when refinancing most of those folks are not going to want to turn around and sell. Some cannot turn around and sell without having to pay a penalty. So hence the importance of finding out what you are paying to have your home refinanced and getting future penalties explained in writing. Look out for pre-payment penalties, their amounts and when they are satisfied.

The numbers from April 2020 and May 2020 will truly give us a better understanding of this particular housing market.

Real Estate has never been here before

The reason the market collapsed back in 2006/2007 was because of high prices and the lending industry who were lending money hand over fist with creative loans, Adjustable Rates, Balloon Payments, and affordability within the subprime lending sector.

Like a house of cards the subprime market collapsed starting with New Century Bank - March 2007. 

The failure of the real estate market was multi-faceted. There was a severe real estate depression and most housing prices came down to 1/2 of the current values which were held at their highest point. 

The low point of housing prices in the foreclosure and short sale market was reached in the Santa Clarita Valley at the end of 2011 and at the beginning of 2012. 

If you had a crystal ball - this would have been the right time to go all in.

When the stock market gets stronger real estate is thought about as being in second place.

When the stock market gets hammered, the bond market gets stronger which causes interest rates to lower, stimulating home buying.

The stock market is taking a major hit daily. The interest rates are low. But, people are not working unless they are deemed to be in an "essential field" of employment.

I will keep you posted as the Santa Clarita home expert. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be at your service.

When ready, reach out to me and I'll be your real estate consultant and advisor.

March 25, 2020

Mortgage assistance during coronavirus, COVID19 pandemic, Santa Clarita home Experts

Mortgage relief during cornavirus covid19If you are going to be impacted or have been impacted by the Corona-virus, COVID19, you may be able to get a little relief in the way you are currently paying your mortgage.

This is going to depend on who has your loan. Are they Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? If that is the case you may be able to get a partial break on payments, amounts or even a moratorium on future payment for a pre-agreed period of time.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have about 1/2 of the loans that are currently in place for residential real estate mortgages.

"Our thoughts are with everyone who may be impacted by COVID-19 and we urge you to stay safe and well during these unprecedented times," This was a quote from Malloy Evans, who is the senior VP and Single Family chief credit officer for Fannie Mae - he said this in a press release. "Fannie Mae, along with our lending and servicing partners, is committed to ensuring assistance is available to homeowners in need. We encourage residents whose employment or income are impacted by COVID-19 to seek available assistance as soon as possible." Malloy Evans continued.

If you have a different servicer - if your home loan has been sold to another lending entity, the place where you may out your monthly payment to, contact them and find whom you need to speak with.

They may have a direct department that will help you. Whatever you do, before you stop making your payments or send in a reduced agreed upon amount, make sure you get the "agreement" in writing.

The last thing you want when trying to get some relief during your being out of work, laid off or an employee of a "non-critial" employer if to have your credit destroyed because of a verbal promise by your lender.

Who is the mortgage relief good for?

If you have a lender that is willing to hold your future payments for the next year, then you resume as normal on April 1, 2021, for example, this may be a huge help to someone who has been laid off as a result of the virus.

In fact, some people may only be laid off for a month or two. Some, as a result of this virus, have lost their jobs altogether because the business they worked for folded up and closed shop permanently.

The first consideration is what type of position will you retain when this is over? Are you going to still have a job with your same employer and making the same as you were before? Or are they considering downsizing for an undecided amount of time due to the hit they took during this mandatory quarantine of non-essential businesses?

Maybe you are self-employed, as we are in real estate. How long will it take to get back to receiving money from our business is going to depend on the overall market impact.

Currently, in real estate, escrows are being canceled and lenders are pulling out during the final days of the escrow process. The lenders really don't know what to do. In the last real estate market collapse, the collapse was due to the market itself and the loose regulations on the subprime lending practices.

You couple that will very expensive real estate touting a high demand and you have the recipe for a bubble bursting.

This is an entirely different scenario. It will pass and real estate will recover. The question is will there be an impact on the housing prices? 

Due to the refinance market that we have been experiencing for the past couple of months, we probably won't go the way of a lot of homeowners' impulse selling their homes. That would flood the market with a lot of inventory and change the market dynamic from a seller's market with little inventory to a buyers market with a ton of inventory.

Also, what are loans and lending interest rates going to look like after the Stock market gets back on its feet? When the stock market is down, the Bond Market is great and that strength in the bond market is what has to do with interest rates reducing.

If the stock market rebounds strongly then the bond market may weaken and interest rates will rise, but how much?

And will those new higher interest rates be enough to put the market in a slower way?

If you are a business owner, you may depend on homeownership and those utilizing your business to earn you a living. If that is the case, I'd make the call to your lender today to see what they have put into place to help you with your future mortgage payments until this blows over and you start recouping damages.

Be good to each other, be well and I know we will come out of this stronger, it's just going to create a bit of stress in the process.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will take great care of you.

March 24, 2020

Real estate is non essential during the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic

The word came from the top. We are to cease all real estate meetings, seller interviews and home showings to buyers.

In-Person of course. I'm Google Duo and Zoom ready if you are interested in buying a home or selling one - we can do most things virtually.

No more face to face meetings and mandatory social distancing within our business.

The listings that we have on the market for sale are either going to be put on HOLD or canceled until such a time when this is over.

If there is a real estate listing that you want to see, it will have to be put on hold for now.

That's going to create a strain on the housing market, but the strain of contracting and spreading the virus would be much worse.

For our current sellers I have come up with the following notification:

Hello, my friends. The Board of Realtors in conjunction with the order from the Governor of CA was to cease all real estate activity. No meetings with clients, now showing homebuyers in the re-sale venue of properties for sale, etc.

However, the order deems real estate related construction as necessary - so hence New Homes and the New Builder communities in the Santa Clarita Valley are up and running under full steam.

There are a couple of things that are able to be done to keep your listing fresh and from accruing a long day's market time. It can be canceled, but the real estate sign, if it was placed, will have to remain. The real estate sign installation company is also a non-essential business as viewed by the governor's office.

Or, a better option, would be to place the property on HOLD status. It will still have the historic rendering without you as the home seller being bombarded by those agents who have been paying for data mining services in order to get your personal and private information so they can call in the event of a cancellation.

Non essential Santa Clarita real estate market activityYour personal phone number and email address, when I am hired by you to list and sell your home, are kept from the MLS data and are only on a written contract. That contract is nowhere online and is in a hard paper file in my office. All of your personal information is maintained in that way. However, there are data-mining companies like Spokeo, that allow you to search by a person's name and maybe the last city and state where you remembering them living. 

You may wonder where those websites get that information? They get it because that person entered their information on some website for some reason, probably not remembered.

If you have a discount card for a supermarket - your personal information is also being used by entities that are willing to pay for it.

This Santa Clarita home expert article was not meant to provide a historic record of all things internet, but I have clients which are not as "up to speed" as those of us who do the research and educate our clients as the mainstay of our career.

Your future real estate game plan for Santa Clarita Sellers

If you are a current Santa Clarita home seller or one of those who have been contemplating having the Santa Clarita home experts sell their Santa Clarita home, don't fret.

You can trust the historical view of the economy and look at what changes the stock market has on the real estate market. Typically, when the stock market suffers, people invest in tangible assets - more along the lines of things one can hold in their hand or touch.

Gold/Silver/Platinum and real estate. Those are typically the "Go-To" for those who have little confidence in the Stock Market.

If you have your home on the market now, you have probably been contacted by your real estate agent where they are telling you that your home sale needs to be put on hold or withdrawn from the sales market.

If you want a word of advice - don't let your home go the way of being withdrawn from the for-sale market. This act will initiate the agents who are paying for real estate data getting an email blast that your listing was canceled.

Those agents don't know that there is still a "contract in place" and that you will have your agent reactivate the listing as soon as the pandemic is over, they pay for your information.

They are paying for it and it's not obtained through the agent you hired. That information is taken from you in confidence. 

If you are one of those who's agent talked into having the home is shown through you and not your agent, your phone number is going to be easily accessible. However, if you are not, you will become a victim to those online data research systems and companies.

The best way I can display this to you if for you to do a google/bing inquiry. Do you have a person whom you remember from your childhood? Maybe a teacher or co-worker? Take their name and punch it into google. You will find a lot of the results saying they have found them. 

It's sites such as those who are data mining and giving your personal and private information to agents. I should say they are "selling it" to them.

If you have a listing - have your agent put it on HOLD, don't have them withdraw it, even if they tell you it's under contract.

A home buyer's future real estate plan

You have been looking for a home, condo or townhome for some time. Now with the pandemic, you cannot even get to see any of the homes you wanted in a person.

This is the most recent change by the powers that be.

For future events, homes will be put on hold. The new home centers, seem to be open for operation, at least for now. They are working from the vantage point of "home construction" being a valued resource that is not to be shut down.

Make sure you go to our New Santa Clarita home site and never sign anything, even enter your name, with any new home builder or before viewing the model homes.

Ok, you have been wanting to buy a home but during this pandemic, you cannot view homes in person. That is because the powers that be have put a safety stop on that.

The only way to view any real estate that is for sale is to have your agent do a virtual walkthrough of the home. But, that is a bit short-sighted. This also may stop, it is going to be seller dependent.

If the seller wants their home shown, it will be shown at the seller's risk.

If something happens, it would be a seller issue. So do so at your own risk.

There will be documents for sellers that put them on notice about showing their homes and having their homes shown.

The dangers will probably be put all on them.

I have not seen any such paperwork, but you can rest assured every risk management officer from the local real estate brokerages to those at the national level "realtor" has been activated in order to put together the right language.

Buying or selling homes during the coronavirus - COVID19 pandemic

How long must we endure?

Maybe until my birthday, May 17th - of course, everything happens on my birthday, this would be no exception.

When the peak comes - like China is currently seeing - where no new cases are found, then we will be on the road to recovery.

Watch as the stock market bounces back and watch as those "early traders" that had insider info is brought to justice. JK - they will probably never be brought to justice.

When you are ready to join with the Santa Clarita home experts, reach out to me personally and I will get you on my shortlist. To advise you when things are changing for the better as I will prepare you to list your home for sale or use me to buy a used one or a new one.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of great service.

Covid19 - Coronavirus update 03/22/2020

661.400.1720 - Connor MacIvor       - SantaClaritaHomeExperts/Bridgeport

CoronaVirus - COVID19

How is this going to impact the real estate market in Valencia California?

By Connor T. MacIvor 03/22/2020

Panic in the streets? No - Not from what I have seen in the Santa Clarita Valley. Except for Costco - Costco seems to be a mess.

I don’t think that Sam's Club was even close - because the last time I went there was mid-February 2020 and it was a walk in the park. 

The only toilet tissue left was the expensive Charmin - I went all out.

CoronaVirus real estate Q and A:

-Is the coronavirus going to impact the prices of homes? Yes - it has the potential to drive prices even higher than where they are. (remember tangible assets…)

-Will the coronavirus increase the time in which it takes to sell a home? Absolutely yes. We observed this at various places in the past with other issues that were not “directly” related to housing - the Fires and last fall of the real estate cycle in 2007. At those times real estate went on hold, not to this extent, but on hold just the same while the financial markets regrouped.

*Remember - when the stock market falters real estate gets stronger especially when you have the ultra-low inventory and the record low-interest rates. Investors jump back into the bond market which lowers interest rates and that creates a refinance market for those who have a mortgage.

-Homes that are on the market are being placed on hold do not show. This varies from broker to broker and could create a legal issue if the virus was contracted from showing a home - then spread - Imagine that lawsuit after being made “woke”?

-Why won’t the real estate market blow up in numbers of listings? Due to the massive refinance market which is a result of the stock market faltering and the bond market becoming stronger, most people won’t be selling their real estate. They will do as they have done historically. They will remain in their homes for some time to come.

-If I want to buy what should I do? Poise yourself - hook up with an agent that can send you the “on hold” listings and see how they may be able to do a virtual showing with you present on the other end of technology, as the Santa Clarita Home Experts do with our clients.

I have been representing home buyers and home sellers since 1998. This is not an issue with housing lender guidelines, lack of oversight related to real estate or is it an issue with excessive inventory where buyers are low in demand. This is something altogether different - Be well and this too shall pass within the next few months - Hang in there, Call Connor for guidance and help!

As taken from our newsletter that is going to be delayed in sending out April 2020.