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Before doing anything read this very important tip!

By the way, before we meet in person or over the phone remember this tip: Never ever give your real name or any other personal information when viewing an open house or a new construction builder home! Don't sign in with your real name or email, don't join an interest list, don't sign up for updates, or innocently give your name to view the open house or new homes. If you do so I cannot save you the money I speak about when I represent a home buyer when they are buying real estate from me as their Real Estate Agent!

Santa Clarita map and proximity to the City of Los Angeles' San Fernando ValleyMy real estate business is headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Santa Clarita Valley's southern border is the city of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. 

Point Being - I represent buyers and sellers in both areas. I'm Connor MacIvor.

I operate the most complete and longest running blog about Santa Clarita real estate. I am the true local area expert living in the Santa Clarita Valley during and after my LAPD career. I'm all about the protection and service to both my home buyers and Santa Clarita home sellers. The biggest compliment that any client of mine can give is by way of them referring their family, friends and those whom they know want to buy or sell real estate. I'm honored in each instance. Our business operates primarily by referral. 

First and foremost, my real estate representation method is teaching. I'm not teaching my home buyers and sellers on how to be real estate agents. I'm teaching them how to be best protected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

The best way to do this is by our in-person meetings which are done in my offices, over the phone, or by remote meetings conducted with my Zoom Affiliation. I was the first agent to employ a podcast/radio show in my housing market updates. I was also the first agent to conduct seminars online with many participants where questions could be asked and where the best solutions to actual real estate problems could be discovered. I have had up to 50 live participants in my seminars within the online realm and mandate that my home buyers and home sellers become educated in one of my many processes.

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. There are a lot more moving parts and the price point is much larger. 

Anything that takes 30 years to pay off, typically, needs to be approached with care and concern. Making a mistake with real estate is expensive and some never are able to recover.

Take the last real estate cycle. There were a lot of home buyers that jumped in without testing the waters. If you did so during the later part of 2011 and in the 1st quarter of 2012 - your jumping in was the best thing you could have done. 

That is because during that time that was the low part of the real estate market. Between the fall of housing in 2007 and the current date, the last absolute low point in the Los Angeles Areas was last quarter 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

I approach real estate with my clients with knowledge and experience. I know that most home buyers take the word for what they read online, no matter the source. If the source has a large well-advertised name, most take the information conveyed as the word of a higher power.

If you are interested in your best future with real estate, do not do that. Call me directly at 661.400.1720

Sept. 21, 2020

Part 1 and 2 Santa Clarita home Experts real estate news market update September 21, 2020


The Santa Clarita real estate home buyer and home seller inquiries online are plagued by real estate lead generation platforms.

They are charging the agents through their teeth when it comes to them paying for the leads they are generating.

What if an agent is not willing to pay these Page 1, Page 2 on all major search engines, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram located lead generation links you are clicking on?

Those agents who are not willing to pay for those leads have to get leads in some other way, or they are out of the real estate business.

I don't pay for leads. 

I don't agree with some of the tactics those "lead generation" websites utilize to trick the non assuming consumer into clicking on their ads.

I see it on TV when I get around to watching TV, which is not often.

They have vetted, they have the best agents, what they don't tell you is that they charge those "best agents" to be on their websites a fee.

I get those calls daily from the lead generation website people. They want to have me on their platforms. I refuse.

The reason is that I get my own leads and it keeps me sharp in the production of real estate related content about the Santa Clarita real estate market.

You can see for example the youtube videos that I produced today regarding to the Santa Clarita real estate market.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate market update


Sept. 15, 2020

Santa Clarita sellers market timeframes for home buyers

With the limited number of homes for sale coupled with a low amount of days on the market, homes are literally flying off the shelves.

Some of the buyers are not getting their offers accepted and are wondering how they can compete against "all cash" and "bit down payment" offers?

There are "things" that a savvy professional and experienced real estate agent has to offer when it comes to wanting to be competitive, minus the "better" financing or "more money" options.

More in a moment...

Good day everyone, I'm Connor MacIvor with the Santa Clarita home experts and I have been representing home buyers and home sellers since 1998. 

I come from being a public servant since my late teens and am service-oriented.

I was taught from a young age that you get what you pay for and if you want to be successful, all you have to do is help people get what they want and you will never be hurting for business.

Hence my play it forward attitude.

I have a syndicated real estate radio show and podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and the other top real estate radio podcast websites.

I also have over 2000 YouTube videos pertaining to the real estate market and the best practices that should be employed when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

What does all of this mean? LOL - Not much, except I can help you when you are ready.  Let me continue my talk about the Santa Clarita real estate market and crunching timeframes.

Hiring your own agent - Santa Clarita home buyers

As a home buyer, you may have come into contact with the listing agent. I have found that most of the 'older generation' is still stuck in the mindset that using the same agent that the home seller is using is best.

That is not the case any longer. In fact, having your very own agent keeps more things on a fair playing field.

We are not attornies, not even close. Some agents are, but that is a story for another article.

However, if you are going to hire someone to represent you in an endeavor where there are "other" licensed persons involved - like in a two-party event - such as buying and selling real estate, it's best to have your own.

A loyal and committed buyer's agent who can be on your side, while the home seller has their own agent on their side.

There are tons of reasons for this, but I will give you a big one. 

Negotiation. Have you ever tried to negotiate with yourself? 

Here is how that usually goes. "I don't want to eat that, I'm trying to lose weight." 

Self, "Come on, it's okay, you will start tomorrow..."

Me, "No, I need to not give in..."

Self, "Just one more time, you will then get it together after that..."

Me, "I promised me that I would not do this..."

Self, "You deserve it, you have been so good for the past three days, go ahead..."

Me, "Okay..."

Maybe you have never experienced an argument with yourself, I surely have. In fact, when it comes to me desiring to eat something that I should not, it's a tough sell to myself to abstain.

Real estate is not eating, but there could be one party that is handling both sides of a single transaction. 

When it comes down to negotiation, the better way is to have your own to fight for you and not against themselves.

Timeframe modifications and other "seller candy"

As a real estate agent, I have seen literally thousands of real estate offers over the years. Since 1998, that is not too unusual for a top producer - top 1% of realtors nationwide type.

I will tell you that I don't like sloppy offers. If your agent is sending multiple emails with information that should have been contained in the first and "original" offering email, they are putting you in a bad situation.

This applies if the home you are offering on is a hot property. If there are several offers received within the first few days of showing. 

We have had many real estate listings that have obtained multiple offers when priced correctly.

This week, Deer Springs - that is a new listing we took where we had 13 offers received.

Santa Clarita home experts top real estate news website

Some of those offers were not complete during the first send and when I received them I had to re-follow up with the agent to send me the missing information.

However, meanwhile, the seller was reviewing the complete offers.

Contracts are built around time. There is a certain amount of time that is granted for the offer review process.

Maybe the buyer's agent sets a three-day timeframe for the seller to review the offer submitted. This is typically not explained to the buyers or even the sellers completely.

Both parties, unless explained, typically think that the timeframe is set in stone and if that offer expires then it's not valid.

That is not the case in the working ways of real estate. 

This is something that we explain to our clients while we are covering the real estate methods so they are not misunderstanding the offer happenings.

There are other time frames, pertaining to what happens after the offer is received and countered. Meaning, after the offer, is countered, typically the seller's agent will mandate a response by a certain time and date to the counter.

Then it continues. Time frames within the real estate contract can also be modified to make the seller happier.

In a tight market where you are in competition with other home buyers, you can also make it so that you have less time to do certain things.

Like inspections. If the contract states that you have 17 days to do all your inspections then after that you have to remove your inspection contingency, you can change that time.

Maybe going with 10 will make your offer more attractive to the home seller?

Making the offer on the premise you will adjust that time yourself and not rely on a counter to change it can be very attractive to a home seller.

That shows motivation and more commitment than the other buyers are willing to bring to the table.

Sellers know this and when it comes to receiving offers, they are more than elated to see a proactive home buyer.

What rights in the home buyer giving up?

Here is the truth about changing the "written in" time frames that are within a real estate contract. 

Most of the timeframes are general in nature.

Like the inspection time frame. 17 days it works for most residential real estate. Condos, town-homes, and single-family residences.

That is enough time for the home buyer to visit the property after hours, to contact the neighbors and introduce themselves, and also to get the inspections scheduled, performed, and completed.

(Buyer Due Diligence - watch YOUTUBE live video: super important)

When you ensure that you will "have enough time" to get your inspections completed, to have any and all requests submitted and reviewed.

Besides shrinking timeframes to help the seller you can

How about a love letter? Did I just say something that seems strange?

Not a love letter between yourself and the home seller. A love letter on your behalf about the seller's home that you want to buy.

I have written content about real estate love letters and posted that on our Santa Clarita home experts site - Love Letters

When you are ready, contact me directly and I'll take great care of you.

I'm Connor with HONOR at REMAX and I'm glad to be of service to you and yours.

Sept. 13, 2020

Real Estate commission fights, red lines and common misunderstandings

Best commissions in Santa Clarita real estate agents

I am called Connor MacIvor. That is my name and I'm a real estate agent in Santa Clarita Valley.

I get the same door hangers and watch the same advertisements regarding real estate commissions and how you can always find a "cheaper" person to sell your home.

Door Dropper real estate advertisement

Recently a friend of mine, who was a full-time lender, has embarked into the real estate business as well. (More Money right?) - Their advertisement that I found hanging on my Valencia front door stated, "3.5% TOTAL COMMISSION TO SELL YOUR HOME!"

It then stated it's Full-Service Listing Includes:

  • Complete Market Analysis
  • Listing placed on the MLS and All Major Real Estate and Social Media Sites
  • Professional Photos, Lock Box, Yard Sign, Flyers, and Open House
  • Tips on Staging your home and more!

That sounds like a great deal. If you also get a loan from them, you can get further discounts!

"Deals this good don't last forever." - What does right?

TV real estate advertisement

2% Total to sell your home. That is what is advertised on some of the TV networks.

When a typical commission can be 6%, depending on the market. In the Santa Clarita Valley, due to a past agent being at the forefront of discounting their commission, we are pretty much seeing 2.5 and 2.5% commissions being paid in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Those commissions are split between the agent you have hired to represent you and list your home and the agent that brings the buyer.

In most cases, the agent that you hire will not represent the home buyer on your home.

That makes good sense and in some states and Canada that practice referred as to Dual Agency, is against the law.

Back to the TV.

The website you go to that the 2% advertisement on TV directs you to is a real estate lead generation website.

They literally "sell" your personal information to a local agent in your market who will contact you to sell your home.

Is that a problem? No, but it is when they are not being upfront regarding their "fail-safe" mechanisms and vetting they have promised to do with those "full time - the top producing" real estate agents who are members of their "discounted" commission business model.

Truth be told, I don't know any "top producers" that offer a 1% commission when it comes to selling a home.

You get what you pay for

Yes, there it is. The low hanging fruit, the blanket statement offered by real estate agents when their paycheck is attacked in the listing presentation.

How do you defend your paycheck? Is it ever on the table? When I was an LAPD police officer, I never had a supervisor tell me, "Connor, we are going to pay you less for the past two weeks, we have another cop that is willing to take less than you..."

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What do you do? Do you hire the agents who are advertised as "non-discount" agents, but who are giving discounts?

Do you hire the "part-time agent" who is being advertised as being "full time"?

Maybe it's best to go the route of the "referral" agent, those whom your friends and family referred you to? But, consider what is in it for your friend and family - some sort of compensation perhaps?

Past agent - the one that sold you the home, or the one who you originally sought to buy the home from? 

I only know this. We have clients that contract us because they can trust us.

Trust goes a long way in real estate and in some circles that I have traveled in "trust equates to life and death".

Life and death as it pertains to trust, not really applicable in real estate, but when the agent you hire feels that way about trust, they will be honest to a fault.

Real estate is much more than pictures and MLS entering

I have been on the buyer's side of the transaction where I'm representing the home buyer and where another agent is representing the home seller.

In many transactions, I have often wondered if the agent I'm dealing with has the seller's permission to give away the farm. To not negotiate, but to cave in and give my buyer what they are demanding without a fight.

Caring too much about the agent to agent reputation.

With the transparency online and the ability to search for anyone by name, blackballing the honest agents goes nowhere.

If you press the issue regarding what your seller's demand to a point of pissing off the other agent who is representing the buyer, so be it.

That is your job as a seller's representative. The same as it's the job of a real estate professional if they are representing the buyer.

So many agents are concerned about their "next deal", so they handle the agent on the other side of the transaction with kid gloves, making sure not to ruffle their feathers.

I am not meaning that everything in real estate should be a fight. That is not the case. 

I have many encounters with other agents that are fair for the buyer and the seller alike.

However, there are some real estate agents that really need a bully to make it happen for their clients.

Real Estate negotiation 101

I'd rather get what my clients want for their real estate and not settle!

The same attitude that I have learned over the years since I stepped through the "real estate licensing process", in 1998, applies today.

Whether I'm representing the home buyer or the home sellers, it's best to stand your ground and educate all parties as to the process at hand.

The problems fall apart when agents don't keep their clients informed. 

When they have not been upfront with their clients and when they bend the truth a bit in order to ensure they are going to get paid.

There is always someone cheaper

It's no secret, heck - it's a great business model. Just build a fantastic website, offer a discounted commission on real estate and the agents will come in droves, signing up.

It's not easy to keep my standard in real estate. To operate my real estate business at the level I'm comfortable with and at the level my clients expect.

Results verify these facts.

When I'm in a listing presentation, I have the commission that I will not go beneath.

It's my line in the sand and If I cannot stand up for my paycheck, how do you expect I will stand up for you and what you want from the sale or purchase of real estate?

The presence of a true local - buyers/sellers realtor

It's not easy keeping pace with all I do to keep the Santa Clarita market "interested" informed.

It starts with a weekly video show and podcast about Santa Clarita real estate.

This is where the rubber meets the road and where I get a lot of our Santa Clarita home experts' real estate business.

The show is uploaded to all the popular websites and is accessible simply by you googling Santa Clarita real estate radio or some variation thereof.

I love helping, keeping people informed, and ensuring that my clients are getting the very best in Santa Clarita real estate representation.

They call me Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be of great service to you.

Sept. 11, 2020

Santa Clarita home experts real estate market update September 11, 2020

Thanks for watching, below is a horrible transcription. Automated don't you know!

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (00:00):

Good day to everybody. I am Connor MacGyver, Santa, create a home experts.com with re max. This is your real estate update. We are on September 11th, 2020. So let's please remember in remembrance of those people that died of that awful terrorist attack. Um, back September 11th, 2001, I believe it was anyway. So a moment of silence would definitely be appreciated. Let's talk about Santa Clarita real estate, and let's talk about what's going on in the market. We do have listings that have gone on the market here. Recently, we have 286 active for sale in all of Santa Clarita Valley. That's going to be active and Oakwood, Osei Canyon country cast a new hall, sagas Stevenson, ranch, and Valencia. So that's not very much inventory in the process. We have almost 700 units actually in escrow. So those are properties that are now in the process of being sold. Something to look out for when you are looking for real estate.

Best Santa Clarita real estate market update

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (00:54):

Remember, and I talk about this on a lot of the real estate shows that we do on our YouTube channel. Also, our podcasts make sure that you're finding or seeing those coming soon listings. Some of the syndication sites don't have those because they're not allowed to publicize those before the listing goes active. So the best-case scenario is for you to hit up your local agent. If you don't have anybody please, or if you want to switch, fire them, whatever. Anyway, reach out to me. What I'll do is I'll get it set up through the multiple listing service. So you get those listings actually prior to them coming on the market when the agent sets them as coming soon. Now coming soon, the agent gets a 21 day period of time to put that listing in. You'll get the notification. In some cases you might be able to, we might be able to get it set up so you can see it early and other cases that are going to wait until this listing actually goes on the market for sale before they allow anybody to look at it.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (01:53):

However, at least you're able to get all your ducks lined up and everything ready just in case. This is the one, especially with the tightness and the inventory here in Santa Clarita Valley. This is something that we're seeing, being very helpful for both of our, uh, the real estate buyers out there and also sellers that are considering listing their homes because they're looking at that competition standpoint right now, there is very little so for sellers to have to do much to their properties. Usually is the case. They don't have to do a lot to get them sold for pretty high value. But in the other case, if there happens to be more competition on the market, you as a real estate seller, seeing this new inventory coming onto the market, then you're able to make those adjustments because you're able to at least get a glimpse of what's going to be coming.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (02:40):

That happens to be something that's going to be competing with your home. That might be on the market, and you might be deciding to put yours on the market. So this is kind of how we track inventory and also how we help our sellers track their competition. And simply if you do own real estate, even if you don't want to sell anything, I always recommend that you get on a drip from your local real estate professional for your exact neighborhood. So let's say you live in Valencia. Let's say you live in the summits. Let's say you live in the window mirrors. For example, if you live in the summit, you probably know what the window mirror is. It's a particular neighborhood, same style of homes by the same builder built roughly about the same time within, you know, two or three years. So if you live in one of those, even if you don't want to sell, you can get kind of a monthly statement, if you will, and find out what's right going on in your neighborhood.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (03:32):

So what you would do is reach out to me and it would be able to set you up with that. So then you would see whatever list is, come on, the market for sale. And also those they get sold. And something funny. I did get read a client of mine, reached out to me last week, and say, you know what? I was talking to my neighbor, you have me on this monitoring the operating thing. My equity is like, call it. So you have me on that grip. And it's funny, you know, I was talking to my neighbor kind of over the fence in the backyard. They said, Oh yeah, the house sold. We're so happy. And they sold it for $600,000. Anyway, come to find out when it actually recorded, my clients saw it and it didn't sell for 600 sold for about 570 $575,000. So my clients kind of thought that was interesting.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (04:17):

The neighbor would actually, um, kind of bend the truth a little bit. Maybe they felt bad that they might've left the property, sell for a little bit less than what it potentially could have sold for. But again, that's just the way it works. So you'll see that on these, uh, on these email updates that I put together if you happen to be home and again, to do that, you're not causing yourself to be bombarded with a lot of doubt, a lot of information be harassed by yours. Truly. I don't harass anybody, basically. It's just like your bank statement every month. You're going to see exactly what's going on in your name. You grow it and you'd be able to match it up and find that, Hey, you know, the Smiths are selling their house or this one down the corner. I don't know who lives there, but they're listing their house for sale.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (04:59):

Or there happens to be a foreclosure notice of default of water. Anyway, you'll find Santa Creta home experts about Congress. Reach out to me. So let's talk about the market. Currently, the sweet spot in Santa Clarita Valley is talked about on previous shows for the Santa cradle home experts on our podcast or a YouTube video channel happens to be, it'd be the lacking inventory in the store, great Valley. And in addition to that, with the sweet spot, being somewhere between about $480,000, and of course less, if you can find it as a single-family residence, all the way up to about six 25, six 50, maybe six 75. So when a house goes on to the market, that's in that price range, that house isn't going to last very long. We also see if we breach that price range, get up in the sevens, maybe eight, it's going to be very neighborhood specific.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (05:48):

And it's going to also depend on what the house comes with. So if there's a large Melrose, it's going to cause that house to probably sit a little bit longer. If it's a pool and there's a competition that has pools, then that house that's listed that doesn't have that pool is probably going to set a little bit longer. And it's those things that people are looking for, the RV park and the RV access, the full hookups, the pools, these make properties even more special than other properties that typically they would be in competition with because properties that are located within the Santa Clarita Valley that have that RV have those full hookups, have that pool been totally redone, have that great curb appeal those properties, especially now with the lack of inventory, incredibly rare. So if you're holding something like that or anything, really getting that value and finding out where that value lies today is really, really important.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (06:38):

You can do that against Santa Greta, home experts.com to see my phone number at the top, just call me, I'll work up the comps and I'll send them to you. Now, as far as what's going on in the seller's world,


whenever a property is put on the market, it gets bombarded hard to say easy to use it. Look, it gets bombarded very quickly with showing and those all have to be scheduled. Typically I don't use any of those showing services that are offered via the multiple listing service, because I don't know what happens to your information. I give them your phone number and they call you to coordinate. I don't know what happens to it's supposed to be private and secret, not going anywhere, but I've seen strange things. I've seen listings that have canceled or been withdrawn or actually expired from the multiple listing service only to have those sellers bombarded with phone calls for the next year or two by agents that are trying to capture that listing.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (07:33):

Even though those sellers don't want to sell, even though those sellers love the agent that they chose. I see this phone number eking out now. There's, Spokeo, there are other data-mining companies out there that you could pay for information on anybody. You've probably seen them. That could be where these, uh, different computer programs or different signup services that agents can join to be able to get more listings and more real estate information, more money and blah, blah, blah. They do offer these services. So we don't know where that's actually coming from, but I'm not going to risk it. So what I do as far as showings go, as I get those set up between myself and my seller, of course, the other agent personally, instead of using these services, because I really don't know what's going to happen to your personal private information, right?

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (08:22):

If in fact it's different and one of these services to be able to get those showing schedule, yes, it's more cumbersome, but it gives me better control over the process. But in addition, there are also documents that have to be filled out. So if you are looking to purchase real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley, understand that your agent's going to have to not only get that appointment for you, but they're also going to have to get the information over to the other agent. And also have you sign a document talking about COVID-19 talking the pandemic, who you've been exposed to potentially yes or no. And that, you know, the risks involved with looking at properties during this particular time, this has been a very minute real estate update. We are September 11th, 2020. I am Connor McGuyver, please. For more information, you've got to go to Santa Clara, home experts.com. You'll see our blog link at the top. Please click on it. You'll see a huge amount of real estate information and data talking about the market. I approach real estate. As I used to approach teaching firearms with the LAPD. I do it from an educational standpoint and I want you to be safe out there when it comes to real estate. Thanks so much for watching. I am Connor MacGyver. It is a pleasure to reach out to me when you're ready. I will be here for you and yours. Take care, be safe. 


Sept. 10, 2020

Best Santa Clarita Termite and Pest Control company services

This is a personal recommendation because of the awesome feedback I have gotten from our large client base regarding the services of Frank Martinez, the owner, of Braveheart Termite and Pest Control.

Not only had the feedback been 5 Stars PLUS, but I have also seen personally the result of their Braveheart's pest control services regarding termites and ants.

If you live in the Santa Clarita Valley, there is a time when you are going to encounter the little red ants.

They swarm like the termites seem to do when it comes to different seasons.

The ants in the Santa Clarita Valley love HOT and water.

We live in Valencia and have seen large amounts of ants that come our way when the right weather is upon us.

It matters not if we keep things tidy. If we keep the water dried up and if we keep things closed, wiping off the exterior of the packages before we put them away, we still get ants.

Even when keeping everything ultra-clean, the ants will come in the tens of thousands.

I am not a big DIY, do it yourself, person. However regarding the Ants, - "I got this", I thought to myself. So off to Lowes I headed.

I bought the best ant killer that money could buy and I started to spray outside and inside.

After completing the ant spraying of the inside of my home, I thought I was infected with COVID because of the sneezing and the hacking, apparently, I sprayed too much.

However, for the following few days, I thought I was totally the Ant Bully, there were no ants present.

Then a couple of days later, it seemed like they had a meeting - "the ants", and they came in force. It was amazing and I had never been bitten so much. 

They also went after the others that live in my home, and these bites are not without the itch. They are really painful-itchy bites. After you scratch them you remove the top covering and they start to get a scab, and the itch stays.

Inside the cabinets - the ants had arrived and were all over everything. I was using the bathroom and then I found one, then two, then more crawling on me.

I remember during the past termite inspection that Joe, one of Frank's best people (Raul is tops also), told our client they do pest control services.

I texted Frank over the labor day weekend that we were overrun with ants.

Top pest control company in Santa Clarita is Braveheart termite and pest control

He responded and Tuesday at 0800 the true professionals showed up.

There were two pest control employees, both were very professional and stated they were going to take care of my ant problem. 

They did, We went from having a bunch of ants to ZERO. Not even some crawling about looking for the trail of their origin. None, zero, zilch, nada - all were gone. 

I now, as it was explained to me, have a barrier outside of my home. One that will control the ants gaining access into my kitchen, upstairs bedrooms, and living areas.

I know it only has been a couple of days, but I have hired the national brands in the past, never have the results surfaced as fast as they did when hiring a local company.

Frank, kudos to you and thank you for all you do for us and our clients regarding termite and pest control services.

If you are looking to hire the best Santa Clarita pest control company to deal with your ants or other pests, call Frank at Braveheart Termite, he and his staff will take great care of you.

BTW, nothing was given to me or promised to me to write this article. I just love talking about the service providers that work well for me and my clients. 

Frank at Braveheart Termite - (661) 373-2617

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Sept. 3, 2020

Great Saugus CA Home for Sale SR20177844 28568 Deer Springs Drive, Saugus California 91390

Get ready for the slide of a lifetime. A vast backyard oasis awaits you with an epic custom sparkling pool, spa, and waterfall with a LONG water slide that wraps around the professional "concept" designed swimming pool. The pool controls are accessible via inside the home or outside due to the AquaLink System. Add in this home having a LONG RV Parking with Full Hookups - 60 plus feet in length. A Third car tandem garage space deep enough for your water toys or a well-sized boat. You will appreciate the private Front Yard sitting area which is out of view from the street. Once inside this home, that is over 3200 square feet, you'll see the recently installed SPC vinyl-waterproof flooring throughout the entire home, including on the stairs with all new baseboards and kickboards. New custom paint in custom colors both inside and out. Upgraded living area with new fireplace mantel and shiplap on walls. Remodeled kitchen with walk-in pantry and upgraded appliances. Plantation shutters, custom light fixtures including tear-drop lighting, and LED's have been installed. The bedrooms are oversized and provide great access to the large loft which is at the top of the stairs on the second floor. This one won't disappoint, this home is turnkey and only needs you.

Sept. 3, 2020

Best Santa Clarita home experts update and market news September 3, 2020, plus a bonus Foreclosure update video

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Here is the transcription from today's Santa Clarita real estate update. When you are ready, please connect with me and I'll take great care of you and yours. I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of service.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (00:00):

Good for everybody. Thank you so much for tuning in. I am Connor. Mick, may the Lord bless this radio show and you and yours. And here we go with your latest Santa, create a real estate update. I'm Connor MacGyver of the Santa Clarita home experts.com at Remax headquartered here, Santa Clarita Valley, the real estate market. If you've been involved at all, you're going to know it's been very tight, tight, like a tiger, 269 active units for sale. And we've been plagued, no biblical connection. We've been plagued for a very long time with exceptionally low inventory. In fact, if you were to move from the beginning of the year, January, February, once we got into March, it looked like everything was really going to head for a stellar year. We're going to have plenty of units for sale. Plenty of buyers in the market. Then, the dynamic has changed as we don't have plenty of units for sale, but we do have plenty of buyers.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (00:56):

So hence a lot of the competition out there is so extremely high that buyers are now looking for more creative ways to obtain better financing and maybe exceed that particular comfort zone they have. Now today happens to be the 3rd of September, 2020. And of course, I'm Connor MacGyver. This is your real estate update, Santa Clarita for all of you that either own real estate or I'm thinking about selling or just you owners or just you, people that might be thinking about renting or people thinking about buying. I cover the entire gamut within the radio shows. You can see the other broadcast that I do by going to Santa to create a home experts.com forward slash blog. And you'll be able to see all the different articles that I put together, as well as all of these recorded shows. You'll be able to check those out as well. Typically, I'll take this and I'll input it into YouTube as well, upload it there.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (01:52):

And then also whatever podcasts networks you see, all you have to do is search whatever your favorite is or any of the different podcast stations, including Apple iTunes, and so on. Just punch in Connor MacGyver, M a C I V O R. I know it sounds like the other guy, but I can't make explosives or anything out of bubble gum. Like he can. So again, that's how you find our radio shows. And of course, you'll see everything at Saquon home experts to make it easy. So here we are in September. So we're getting into that last quarter of 2020. It seems that real estate itself is moving at a very fast pace. However, it depends on the city. And then it's also going to put on that price range, price range, being very important. If your property, the one that you might be considering consider selling or even consider buying happens to be between 475,000 ish to about six 50, maybe six 75.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (02:45):

That's the sweet spot here in Santa Clarita Valley. And you're going to notice that once we take that property and put it on the market, it's going to get a lot of interest. Even at the beginning, coming shown, coming soon stage whenever take the property, we'll have a discussion with you, exactly what it means, but we'll take it. We'll put it into the multiple listing service under our coming soon category. What happens with that is the agents that have their clients set up on a search. Those clients are typically very, very ready to purchase. They are really the creme de LA creme of the buyers out there because they already have selected a real estate agent. The agent's already vetted them and they've been pre-approved. And then they've set up a search within the multiple listing service for their particular clients. That being said, once the agent goes into the multiple listing service, they will set up that particular search and it will include coming soon listings.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (03:42):

So whenever I take a property, make it coming soon for up to 21 days, it depends on me, my sellers drive in their method. But I do explain the nuances of having a shortcoming soon timeframe and the exceptionally long 21 days coming soon timeframe. But what happens is all of those buyers, they get hit with that email with regard to your listing if it's within their criteria. So if your property is priced at six 50 is a three or four-bedroom home is anywhere in Sacramento Valley, more than likely. Once I put that listing into the MLS and coming soon, my phone's going to start ringing off the hook, not from the buyers of these agents, but actually the agents themselves saying, Hey, Connor, it's Tom over here at Realty Executives. Can you do me a favor? Is there any way your seller's going to let my buyer into the property maybe tomorrow, the next day.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (04:38):

And I will already have that discussion has had that discussion with you and see if that's okay. I'll also explain why it might be better to wait. This is also a way to build interest into a particular property and it does actually work very well. The other thing that's interesting about it, if you didn't know, is that real estate syndication websites don't get ahold of the data. So there, aren't able to display these coming soon listings and it was years ago. And I remember this even up to a little bit recent times when the syndication websites, the Zillow's the truth is the red fence. They did have the ability to have agents themselves put listings that weren't actually on the multiple listing service into some kind of a, they called it a pocket listing or I think they also might've called it a coming soon listing category.

Speaker 2 (05:32):
There was no vetting process that listing didn't even have to be real.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (05:36):

So now most agents aren't going to go there. They're not going to go on the makeup, a fake listing. We used to see this years ago with the real estate book. If you remember that, I think it is still in publication, but it used to be at one time, just about as thick as a cosmopolitan magazine. Well, if you've ever seen one of those anyway, we're talking thick, right? Lots of listings in that particular magazine, there was no process. So there was no entity that was saying, Hey, you know what we need to verify this listing is a real thing before you can put it into our publication, nothing like that. The coming soon listing within the multiple listing service, you have the, you have the enforcement mechanism of either an ager being fine by doing something wrong or actually having their ability to be a realtor revoked so they could lose their license.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (06:22):

So you know that they're good. They're going to be a hundred percent accurate with respect. And you're only going to get them because you have an agent that you've been talking to and that agent is going to get you set up on that search. So you see those coming soon listings. So that's part of it under the coming soon category. So we have 269 active listings on the market for sale. This is going to run all the way from acting Aqua DALSA Canyon Country, Castaic, new hall, sagas Stevens, Rancho Valencia. So the entire area in Santa Clarita Valley that said 269 in process listings, those properties that actually happen to be under contract and also pending, which are both in escrow 680. So it kind of gives you an idea if we weren't to have any listings come onto the market and the Le in the next month to 45 days, we would be at zero listings on the market for sale.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (07:18):

That would be it. We would have depleted all of our inventory. Thank God. There are still people that are wanting to sell real estate and they're putting their listings on the market. Most of those listings that are coming on the market are priced correctly. They are priced to sell in some cases. And you're going to have to talk to your agent about this, but in some cases, some of the sellers I'd have been a little bit overzealous in their pricing strategy. And they're up a little bit higher, but don't ever let that stop you because if you see a property after you do your due diligence, and of course your agent does theirs fire off an offer at whatever you think the value of the property is, that's the way it works. Don't be scared because somebody happens to be 20, 30, or 40 or $50,000 higher than what you believe the property is worth.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (08:05):

Don't be scared and firing off an offer. That's 20, 30, 40, $50,000. Then their current list price. The worst thing that can happen, right? It's a seller can say, no, that's it. You're not gonna run and your credibility. And again, I know your agent would be more than happy to fire off an offer like that. If your agent gets in a TIFF or a little bit irritated, then you might be working with the wrong agent. Because as far as I'm concerned with my clients that want to write a lower than listing price offer, I'm all for it. What I do with my clients, as well as I do provide for them all of the comparable data for any real estate listing, they might be interested in. So once I gather that data, then I know, and I have to have looked at the property first.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (08:50):

I can look at pictures, but she's not the same. I know most of the tracks out here in Santa Clarita Valley, most of the neighborhood floor plans of the residents as, but again, I really have to see it to be able to make that leap and start talking about what I would offer on the property. What I believe the property is worth. So you should follow up with your agent, but again, if your agent says that's not necessary or something that doesn't make sense, I want to reevaluate the agent that you chose. All right. So back to this. So I covered all those cities, uh, the properties that are actually in escrow 680. Now, let me show you this, that coming soon field is something that started back around may of this year. So May 1st, May 5th. I believe that all had to be done. That's coming soon.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (09:41):

So there's a whole policy that's been put together with it, but currently in all the cities instead of creative Valley, 38. So there are 38 properties that you're not going to see on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, realtor.com, not even on Santa Clara, the home experts.com because they're only accessible through the multiple listing service. So what you need to do, if you want to see these coming soon, listings hit me up with an email Santa Cruz, home experts.com. You'll see contact information for these. Send me a text, send me an email, tell me what you're looking for. And I'll set it up for you. So you'll be able to see these listings before they actually hit the market. There are 38 potential listings that might fit your criteria, that you're not seeing doing your Zillow, searcher, Redfin searches or realtor.com search. You're just not seeing these listings because they're not allowed to be in those systems as of yet.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (10:30):

Now once they go active, sometime between zero and 21 days after they've been entered into the multiple listing service as coming. So then sure you'll see them on all the sites. But again, if you can get in early, it doesn't hurt. And at least that way, it gives you a little bit more of a comfort zone to operate and develop some kind of a strategy because realistically folks, real estate is a lot about strategy today

because of the lacking real estate market for sale lacking listings and the sellers are looking to have all of there, all of their checks and balances accounted for. So if they're looking for, if they have five buyers on the table and only one of those buyers maybe had written a love letter, something that showed their interest on the property, building up a little bit about their background information and were able to pull on the seller's emotional strings, then that buyer's probably going to get the property, everything else being equal.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (11:32):

And in some cases, even if everything is else is an equal and sometimes that love letter actually does help push those particular buyers over the top. I do have a love letter, a blog that I did put together. You can get there by if you want to see what that consists of, go to Santa Clara, the home experts.com forward slash love letters, and you'll be able to find it or just Google Santa Clara, the home experts love letters, and you'll be able to find that particular article that I did put together. And you'll be able to see how to properly format a love letter. Now, when you do it, don't go overboard with anything because a lot of sellers out there can also see that maybe you're doing this for some particular purpose, other than just wanting to convey who you are and telling the seller that you're really interested in the house, and you really want to buy it.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (12:22):

Other than that, just keep it that way. Don't try to go too far. Don't try to say, Oh, it's the most gorgeous house in the world. All of this stuff, a lot of the seller's can kind of smell. If you may be going into a place that sounds a little bit self-serving, although the ladder is self-serving, you know, don't, don't, you know, make it cool. So whenever my buyers do it, I definitely look at the love letters and I do correct or change certain things. If in fact, I think the love letter is a little bit over the top and it's going to create some kind of a problem, but that love letter going in with them, the complete offer with a very solid local lender as doing the loan approval and maybe having an underwriter approval on top of the loan approval, which shows that the buyer has already been vetted all the way through the entry, the writing process, which any agent that receives that type of offer is going to say, Oh my gosh, this is a really strong offer.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (13:17):

And that's what we do for our sellers. Whenever we're looking at offers that come in, we liked those offers. Even if they might be contingent on them, selling a property, if that property that this buyer has to sell before they can buy my solar's property, isn't even listed for sale. That's not a good thing. It's gotta be listed for sale and even better. It's gotta be an escrow. And then we need to find out me doing my due diligence. I got to find out how deep it is. This goes, well, Connor, what do you mean by deep? I'll tell you what I mean by deep in fact, what if the, of the buyers residents have something to sell and the buyers and the buyers and the buyer's residents have something to sell. You can see that's three levels deep. So if one of these people, everybody contingent on their home selling one of these people has a buyer that has an issue, goes to the pottery barn.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (14:10):

He gets a line of credit, goes out and buys the newest, biggest baddest Ford truck, and puts it on financing. It could kill that buyer's ability to purchase thereby the entire transaction. Every transaction committed to this could tumble like a house of cards. The big, the biggest thing than to worry about are those multiple level transactions. Thereby at least if you're going to accept it, if your agent says, this is really where you need to be, that's fine. But at least you understand that process. So if something

doesn't does happen, if one of those cards in this house of cards happens tumble and fall, you understand that you might be back to zero, starting over and having to put the property back on the market is active and then expect subjecting a new buyer to come in the agent also. And I do this as well for our sellers.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (15:07):

We keep track of everybody that came through. If there are multiple offers, it's a really easy process for us to contact the five or six other people that didn't get the property and contact those agents and say, Hey, listen, Jack, the property did happen to fall out of escrow. Nothing to have to do with the house. Of course, it was a buyer finance issue. So now you're up. Are your buyers still interested? Let me know. And then we take it from there. So you make four or five of those phone calls to the people that are interested. Plus switch the property back to active in the multiple listing service. Then you're going to start getting that kind of interest on the property. And I wouldn't fret too much in this market. You're not going to really lose anything except time. And if you need to sell to buy something else, you could potentially lose that other property as well.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (15:56):

But these are all things that have to be discussed upfront. So you at least know the dangers of making particular moves in real estate. And a good agent will do that. They'll sit down with you and they'll discuss everything. Now I had a call last week. Somebody wants to sell their residence. I'm going to be meeting with them soon. They want to know in just waving at my motion detector here. So the lights don't shut off. Oh, well it worked great, but at least I'm still looking good here. So we're going to keep going. All right. So I got a call. They want to know what to do to their residents, to be able to get the most money out of it. And they talked about, I believe they've already done the kitchen. They've already done the flooring and they've updated some bathrooms. And that's really, really good.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (16:39):

And the question was from the color, you know, are these good things? And I say dollars to donuts, almost everything, depending on competition, doing the kitchen and bathroom, you're not going to be able to go wrong. You're going to pretty much get dollar for dollar out of those items. Now there are some other items that you might think that really needs to be done, but you're not going to get dollar for dollar out of it. Some of the items might be painted. If the pain's not too bad going through and putting on fresh paint, it might not add very much to it because a lot of times people want to go on those properties and repaint. And if you have carpet in place, but I think about ripping it all up and replacing it I'd want to look at because ultimately there's a lot of good carpets, cleaner companies out there that'll cost you a couple of hundred bucks, but they can make that carpet pop.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (17:29):

And again, those particular buyers, most of them, especially if you have pets, they're going to want to get rid of that carpet anyway and start over. So these are things that probably, you're not going to get your money out of if you replace. So it's things like that and what's necessary to make that mechanism work. Cause I actually have, I actually have to come out to the property, look at it in person. The other thing, uh, I told this lady, you know, I don't go to the property with the contracts. In my hand, that's kind of an old school method that the new the internet has brought so much information out there. I think a lot of people realize that when an agent shows up with contracts, loaded, locked stock and barrel wanting you to sign on the line, which is dotted to be able to start the process.


Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (18:14):

And then if you don't want to sign really well, haven't I answered all your questions. What other questions do you might have? What are their objections? Can I fulfill it? If I do answer your objections, are you willing to sign the contract? These are all hard closes and that's fine. I just don't do it that way. So ultimately, if I find somebody, they like me, I have confidence that they're gonna use me. They're gonna call me whenever they're ready. They're to say, Connor, you came out to our house. You gave us some good advice about it. We have the house ready, regular listed, and go on the market for sale and boom Connor is there and it's all done. That's the way that I operate. So looking at this. So there are 38 properties that happened to be out there that are in the coming soon category.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate new update (18:53):

Something to be aware of, if you want to be put on a coming soon category search for Santa Clarita Valley, real estate Eamon areas outside Santa quatre, feel free. I am Connor MacGyver. This is Santa Clara, home experts.com. You can find us everywhere. Online I have to do is Google sonically at home experts or Sacary real estate. And you'll find Connor MacGyver. I would love to speak with you. Thank you, Lord, for this excellent opportunity to speak with these people. And I do appreciate your time. Everybody has a fantastic rest of your day and week, and I'll be back next week with another Santa crater real estate update. Be safe, be good to make Stuart Mark choices. And also don't jump into real estate without having a good qualified, knowledgeable real estate advisor. If I fit that bill, please reach out Connor MacGyver over now I found a stop button. 


Aug. 24, 2020

Big Mistakes that Home buyers make Santa Clarita home experts 2020-237

When it comes to real estate, you cannot do it without someone by your side if you are to be successful.

However, that selection is something that should not be taken lightly.

Before you do anything, find that local real estate professional so you can solicit their guidance.

They should be listening and responding more than talking. Their questions should be smart and make sense to you.

To find out who you have contacted at the point when you have contacted them is a good question. 

When they want to represent you they should be stepping up with much more information than you need.

I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor and I'm glad to be of great service to you and yours.

Santa Clarita real estate market news update 2020-Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (00:00)

August 24th. Good for everybody. Connor MacGyver, Santa creator, home experts.com. This is your real estate of debt for everything going on here in Santa Clarita Valley, but today a special show, because I'm going to tell you how you can mess up that escrow as a real estate buyer. Once you've gone through all of the hard work of finding that special agent to work with, moving from that agent into starting to look at properties, starting to get preapproved for loans, giving all that financial information, digging it up, getting it from your employer, getting your taxes caught up. If they aren't fulfilling all of the responsibilities of a buyer, that's getting ready to start shopping for real estate. Then on top of that, you have all of the intricacies of trying to get that house that you want to buy. Especially now today, the 24th of August, 2020, I had to cheat.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (00:56):

There are 255 total units for sale in all of Santa Clarita Valley. That is incredibly low. Just to give you an idea. We have over 650 properties that are currently in the escrow process, which gives an indication that we're definitely outrunning the ability of the sellers to actually come onto the market and put their properties and listening for sale. The holdback is this and this current market, the sellers right now, they might want to sell a lot. They really might want to sell these properties. Unfortunately, they're holding back because they're not seeing properties out there listed for sale that they want to purchase. So they're kind of putting the cart in front of the horse. You have a horse instead of behind them in front of the cart, you're actually putting the cart in front of the horse, which is a little bit backward.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (01:49):

The way, the best way it could work is this. You have to have faith, at least in a market that has very little inventory hoping that there is going to be a real estate listing. That's going to come on the market. But if not, if that listing never comes on the market for sale during the term of your listing agreement, and you have built into that contract, a contingency of you finding your home of choice, you have nothing to worry about. Your agent should be able to explain that to you as a seller, that if you do want to sell your property the best way to do it would be to get your property in escrow with a buyer, have that buyer agreeing to your terms, which are you have X amount of time to be able to locate your home of choice. If you don't locate your home of choice by a particular date in a perfect world, right?

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (02:37):

Your agent would be able to get the buyer to agree that this would be an indefinite amount of time. But as that buyer's agent for that buyer, they would hopefully counter that and say, no, you're not going to have forever to find the house you want to buy. We're going to give you 90 days or 120 days or 60 days or 30 days or whatever it may be. If that particular moment then, and you as a real estate seller can then start looking for that residence without having to worry about your house selling. And when your house gets into escrow worrying about an actual closing, leaving you homeless. These are things that you have to have your age and explain to you a savvy real estate agent. Somebody that actually makes a business out of representing buyers and sellers. So that's where that particular mechanism happens to be right now at 255 units on the market for sale.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (03:33):

The inventory is very poor, incredibly low. And in fact, hopefully, in the next few months, we'll start to see that increase. But at the rate properties are selling I E in Santa creative Valley with only 255 homes for sale. This is active Aqua Dulce, canny country, Dick new hall, sagas Stevenson, Rancho, Valencia, all

the way through the inventory's horrible. So what we see is this, hopefully, in the next few months, that's going to increase, but it's going to increase one of two ways either. We're going to get more sellers that are going to come on the market, wanting to sell those properties, or we're going to get the same amount of sellers currently listing for sale. However, the buyer drives slowing down as we usually see during the holidays. But right now we're at the end of summer, coming up into the fall and properties are still moving very, very quickly.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (04:23):

A majority, any of the people buying real estate, they're financing conventional, then FHA, then using VA loans. So that's kind of the way that it's working now. A lot of the buyers are move-up buyers. They have something to sell. In the second scenario, we do have buyers that are the first-time buyer's entry point for them is usually townhome or single-family residence around the half a million dollars price point, looking at three bedrooms minimum. And that's all through Santa Clarita Valley properties that are listed at that price range with at least three bedrooms that are either luxury townhome or single-family residents. Those properties are moving very quickly. In fact, we see multiple of our multiple offers on our properties we're listing for sale within very short order. So multiple offers within hours on the real estate listings. The Santa Quade home experts are putting on the market and advertising for sale.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (05:20):

The important thing is before I get into how you can best mess up your escrow, your chances of buying residential real estate after an escrow, the best thing that you can do is this just made sure that the agent you're hiring understands how real estate works and also make sure like we do before that property is put on the market for sale, make sure everything's done. Make sure all the listing photos have been taken by a professional photographer, make sure that the virtual tours they'll walkthrough tours are also done with the COVID-19 and the pandemic and the way real estate's working. Currently, there are a lot of failed safe mechanisms put into place, a lot of checks and balances as well, documents and legalese that has to be approved by the buyer and a seller when it comes to viewing real estate via their real estate agent.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (06:15):

So there are things that have to be looked at and most buyers are very savvy when it comes to looking at properties via this bin, this pandemic also sellers are also very knowledgeable when it comes to they themselves, having their properties being shown, especially when they're still occupied by the people that are the sellers that live there. The last thing they want to do is have some Joe citizen come off the street and have them subjected to them. The COVID 19 virus, hopefully, that's not going to happen. Right. There was a little bit of issue that we saw come out of Pasa D and I believe here in the recent past where an agent wasn't affected, I guess, showing properties, that's at least rumor on the street, have no other information, but if an agent has been subjected, they should be quarantining themselves, making sure that they don't have it.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (07:08):

And if they do getting that taken care of, and the last thing they want to do is tie up with their clients, either having them in the same car or meeting them at properties in that close, locked-down the environment of walking through a residential piece of residential real estate. That's the last thing they should be doing. All right. So let's talk about you as a real estate buyer. You've decided, Hey, I want to buy a house. You've talked to the powers that be, you've talked to your friends and family at that

the particular time when you first started, considering it, of course, everybody around you has now become that real estate expert. Everybody's going to tell you how they did it and the best way to do it. Also, they might have information and they might want to talk to you about who you can hire.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (07:49):

That's the best in the business. So on and so forth. And maybe they'll get something nice from that agent upon the referral. Maybe they'll get some money, maybe look at some flowers, maybe look at a trip to Jamaica who knows what it may be. But at the end of the day, they could be getting some kind of compensation. So it's them wanting to refer you to this agent? The best referrals are those where people actually want to refer to me because they know that I do a fantastic job and also to be able to put their name on the line for me is a big sign. That in fact, I did do a good job and it does make me very happy. Yeah. At the end of the day, you don't know what that motivation is for these people. If their family, if they're very close friends, maybe there's nothing in it for them.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (08:31):

But again, maybe there is the thing that you can do for yourself. Once you decide to buy real estate is maybe interview the people that they're recommending you talk to. But at the end of the day, also going out there and doing a little bit of a Google search, seeing who you can pull up yourself and seeing if maybe they fit your bill. So after you've done that, you've then been introduced to a lender. Maybe the lender is somebody that you have referred to you via work. Maybe you have some kind of a relocation package. That's a whole nother blog and a whole another video about that particular process. But again, let's say you don't have that relocation and you're looking for lenders. Maybe your agent is more than likely, but he probably they're going to refer you to a lender that they know. And they work with the lender that they refer you to is probably going to be somebody that really knows how to get the job done and is able to best represent that agent.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (09:24):

The last thing I want to do is send anybody that comes to me, wanting to buy residential real estate. The last thing I want to do is send them to somebody that doesn't know their business or somebody that's going to railroad them and take full advantage. That looks not good for me. That looks horrible for me. And then how many steps away would I be from being that person that wants to take advantage of somebody? If that's the case that I referred them to somebody that had issues in the real estate lending game. That's why, if I'm ever going to put my name on anybody, endorse anybody besides myself, I make sure that they know what they're doing. And also that they're going to take great care of my clients. And then I have some ability, some kind of semblance of control over them. Especially if I see that things aren't going, as I believe they should.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (10:12):

Having said that the next step is this. You've gone through the list. Now you're actually looking at properties. I'm going to searching. I'm showing you that coming soon listings, you're looking online. You're seeing those coming soon listings. You're seeing the regular listings that are populated out there for sale. And then at that particular point, we start to look at real estate. So I send you these documents that you have to sign for every single viewing you and me go into the properties alone. If you happen to have somebody in tow, a significant another family member, somebody that wants to come with that you haven't to cohabitate with. We can take them with us as well. Usually, those showings are best done.

Separate. I take you, I take your significant other or whomever that you happen to be living with. We look at the properties. So we've looked, we've seen everything.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (11:02):

We've decided, you know what? This is the one we want. So then we write that off. After we write the offer, there's going to be a calendaring process. Again, this isn't part of it. That prop, uh, part of the, uh, the real estate transaction, where you can mess it up. We're still negotiating, right? You've just been approved. You have that letter, you have everything that you need at this point to start moving through escrow successfully. Now we have to counter back with the seller. Sometimes the seller sees a strong offer that we've written. And sometimes they say, you know what? We're just going to accept this. We're not going to counter anything back because the agent wrote the offer. She'll clean in a lot of cases though. That's not going to happen. The sellers typically, especially if they have multiple offers, they're going to want to communicate to each one of the buyers individually and say, listen, we want you to either change your timeframes, make more advantageous to our seller.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (11:55):

Maybe those buyers are going to want to increase their offer and a certain dollar amount. That could be the case as well. So they might fire back in a counter saying, listen, we want these particular terms. And in addition to that, we want you to pay a higher price for the property or tell us that this is the maximum amount that you're willing to pay, whatever it is that highest and best scenario. You're going to see that. Especially if there are multiple offers on properties after that happens, everybody let's say response comes back. There are other things to look at. As far as within real estate, maybe trying to get something besides having to give them more money, using some kind of a tool. We do have love letters that there go the lights. It's good, good for energy conservation. We do have love letters that we do put together for our clients that they do have in addition to their offer.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (12:49):

And it actually does help out that process quite a bit. So anyway, everything's in the order you then get the news back that the seller selected your offer an hour in escrow. So I'm going to tell you how you can really mess this up. The first thing you can do to mess it up is by going out there and thinking, you know what? I like my car, but I don't love my car. The car has been paid off. I'm going to go ahead and go out there to a local dealership. And I'm going to buy one of those big, massive macho trucks. That's what I want something I can hang American flags off the back. So you go out there and they inquire and your credit. Well, right at that moment, because you're in process with a mortgage. Once that auto dealership hits your credit, I don't care what Bureau it is.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (13:32):

Even if it's just one Bureau, it's going to negatively impact your score. So that could mess up the entire transaction, leave you so you couldn't recover. Did you buy a car? No. You just went to get the price. You didn't actually buy anything that could actually sink your FICO. Now there are mechanisms in place and the lender will tell you where we can do a rapid rescore and potentially fix that. But at the end of the day, if you were teetering to try to get that credit Bureau to reevaluate or to change that factor, score back to what it was. Sometimes it doesn't work. So it could create a problem thereby 40, that entire transaction for you. And then you have to get rejected by the lender, not able to obtain financing through the mortgage broker or the bank. Now you're back to square one.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (14:22):

I have to start the process all over and thereby of course get kicked out of escrow. So one of these other buyers that were interested can step up to the plate. So that's what don't go out and have anybody inquiring your credit. There's something else that could come up that you might want to do because it sounds innocent enough except buying a car. Maybe you're looking at some furniture, maybe this residence, maybe you don't have any furniture. Maybe you're looking at your life and say, my gosh, I really don't have anything. So then you go to Williams-Sonoma or you go to one of these other furniture stores. Oh my gosh. Credits so easy there. Especially if you're able to get your real estate finance, you're able to qualify for a mortgage match, how much furniture you can buy. So you go into the furniture store and all my law and my whole lo and behold, there's that mattress that you want, but it's adjustable.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (15:12):

It's got everything you need. It's like, it's got that temperature foam that they have on there. And then you look and you see that leather couch you want, I mean, the whole thing's leather, you gotta have that. So you start going through it. And then that bill comes to five, six, seven, $10,000. And they say, you know, we have credit. I have to supply it. You're buying a house, right? Even the sales light-tight, you're buying a house, right, Jack. Well, you know, you can use credit to get this and you're going to be fine with the real estate. Don't bet on it. Once you go into that, now your FICO score is going to change more than likely it's going to be detrimental. So don't go out and open up any new lines of credit or purchase any furniture unless you get it blessed by your lender.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (15:52):

And when you do ask the lender, if it's okay and the lender says, no sweat, you're welcome to go to Williams-Sonoma gets that $10,000 line of credit. Make sure before you do that, you follow up with that lender in written form, in an email, it's an incredibly important reason why you want to do it is not that the lender is purposely lying to you. You just need some kind of verification. So you make sure that you heard correctly, that they said, it's okay to go buy that massive Ford truck or the Chevy or that Dodge or whatever. It's okay to go out there and buy this, buy that, make sure that they bless it, and then follow it up in an email. Here's another way you can really mess it up. How about when it comes to you having credit card debt, maybe you have a couple of credit cards that are maybe a quarter full and you say, you know what?

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (16:47):

I bet you would really help me. I figure I'll go ahead and pay these off. And you come into a little bit of a windfall. Maybe you have some extra money sitting around, or you, you, you found out that you had something that you're able to use now. So instead of asking your lender's advice, you say, you know what? I'm going to go ahead and pay off at JC penny credit card. I'm going to go ahead and pay off this other credit card. Once you do, even though it looks like something that can never negatively impact your focus, but you do it. I've seen cases where these credit card companies we'll say, you know what? You're at zero. We're going to go ahead and reduce your limit. Maybe you had a $10,000 limit. So you only really own the thousand dollars on the credit card.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (17:34):

That's 10% of your limit, but the credit card company wasn't messing with the maximum amount, which would be the $10,000. Once you pay it off credit card company, for whatever reason could say, you

know what? Instead of qualifying for $10,000, having a $10,000 limit, we're going to cut you down to four, $5,000 Jack. Okay? Now all of a sudden could impact your final score and create an issue just because you wanted to pay something off. So if you really feel in escrow that you need to pay a credit card off, ask your lender, have your lender follow up reform that Hey Connor. So Kay, if you pay off at Cirrus credit card or Gumtree words, dating myself or JC Penney's or whatever it may be, make sure or that any change, anything Shane's whatsoever during the time you're an escrow is well-documented and you asked the lender before you do anything.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (18:31):

Now, of course, trying to change jobs. That should be a no brainer. Don't do it. Don't switch anything. Unless you go to your lender, say, listen, I'm working at this company now, when you pre-approve me, but I have an opportunity to go work at this other company, but I happen to be in escrow. How's that going to work? Am I going to be okay? The lender says, yeah, the same type of employment. Everything else is saying your patient only going to go up, make sure though that they follow you, follow up with them in some kind of written form in an email, making sure that you switching from working at Dunkin donuts to young donuts, I'm an ex-cop. There is donut analogy, but make sure that you do know, and they do verify that that's going to be okay or no, you don't want to change anything right now, these are very important things.

Best Santa Clarita real estate expert video update (19:15):

Those are the few ways that a buyer can really mess up escrow. Right? I have the entire transaction canceled. I've seen this happen many times. And this video I think is very appropriate. Especially today. When you have very lacking real estate inventory and when a buyer finally gets their offer accepted on the residence, they don't want to do anything today to mess it up because the chances are of them getting something else are going to be very limited in nature. I'm Connor MacGyver. I appreciate you watching more than you know, I'm in Santa Clarita, home experts.com, local Remax agent headquartered in Santa Cruz Valley working all of a sudden California to them for the most part, reach out to me if you're not interested in Santa Cruz, but real estate, but maybe you won't see me, or maybe you want some other area around Santa Clarita. Let me know. I'll be more than happy to hook you up with a referral agent or me, myself and I, I hope everybody's having a fantastic week. I know we're Monday, uh, this week should be stellar and we'll, we'll see what new changes that will be upon us at this time in America. Everybody be safe. If you need me, I'm here. Please share me with those in your periphery, Connor McKeever, over and out.

Did you know that when it comes to real estate that you have a choice?

If you have heard the best place to buy a home is from the listing agent, you would be incorrect. How can the listing agent represent the seller 100% and the home buyer (you) 100% all at the same time? They cannot. No one can. 

There are certain things that a home buyer's agent knows about their clients. They know your bottom line, your full approval amount, and that you will "settle" for when it comes to the home seller.

The best way is to have your own Santa Clarita real estate agent. The agent who is used to working with home buyers and who is able to be on your side 100%. 

The home seller has their own agent and you have yours! I'm Connor when you are ready to work with the Top Santa Clarita real estate agent, ring me and I'll take great care of you.

Aug. 24, 2020

Santa Clarita real estate newsletter for September 2020

Santa Clarita real estate newsletter for September 2020 by the experts

PDF for Santa Clarita real estate newsletter for September 2020

Lowest Number of Homes for Sale EVER!!! More Info - Google Santa Clarita Blog and find the Experts!

Santa Clarita real estate news page 1

Santa Clarita newsletter page 2

Page 3 Santa Clarita real estate newsletter September 2020

Santa Clarita home newsletter 2020 September

September 2020

Ready to Buy a

Home? Here's

How to Prepare

To help avoid being a victim of homebuyer anxiety, we would like to give you some pointers to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead when you set out to buy a home.

A good starting point is to go to your lender of choice and get preapproved for a loan. In doing so, two major things will be accomplished.

You will know what kind and price of home that you can afford to buy, and you will be able to accompany any offer to purchase with a loan preapproval letter, which adds strength to your offer.

Before you set out on your search, if you list the characteristics of a home that will suit your family, your time will be rewarded more quickly because we can help you target amenity-specific homes.

In today's market of limited inventory, you want to be mentally prepared to pull the trigger when you view a home that fits your needs. Hesitation can result in missing out on the property that really works for you.

To assist in the decision-making, evaluate your funds on hand so you can afford to do fix-its or be able to enhance a new build home if that's what you would choose to purchase.

Have your yellow pad filled out with these items when you call upon us to partner with you in the homebuying process. By understanding your needs and what you qualify for, we can then move forward efficiently, meet your needs and not miss your best opportunities. We can help you determine what is right for you, given your individual financial circumstances and goals. Call or email us today.

The Connection between Dancing and Brain Health

Dancing has long been embraced as a perfect way to keep the body physically fit, but you may be surprised to learn that dancing improves brain health.


A recent study by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience upholds that dance is better than a traditional workout when it comes to slowing down the signs of aging in the brain. That's because the kinetic artform is so much more than just shimmying and shaking. You've got to remember the dance steps, execute turns to a beat, recognize the rhythm and synchronize with a partner, all of which keep your brain active, engaged and on its toes, so to speak!


Another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that out of a range of different exercises, dancing was the only activity to offer protection against dementia, reducing risk by a staggering 76 percent. "Dancing regularly improves neuroplasticity by causing the brain to continuously rewire its neural pathways," says Dr. Robert Katzman.


A University of Illinois, Chicago study involving a Latin ballroom dance program for older adults found improvements in memory, attention and focus, and a similar program for seniors experiencing mild cognitive impairment reported improved thinking and memory after the 10-month program concluded.


To top it all off, dancing boasts other benefits, like improved mood, better posture and balance, and effective stress management. Since September 19 is National Dance Day, why not blow off some steam, get your limbs moving and keep the old brainbox buzzing with an impromptu salsa, hustle or twist and shout?


Are You a First Time Buyer? Get My Free Guide

Buying a home is a complex process with many factors to consider.

Prepare for the decisions you’ll need to make along the way by requesting my free report, “10 Easy Steps to Buying a Home.”

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Tackle Money Matters as a Team with These Tips

As married couples move into their prime earning and spending years together, they may find shared finances a challenging and sometimes uncomfortable subject to broach.

But top financial advisers recommend tackling money matters as a well-oiled team as an exercise in full disclosure, trust and financial security.

Here's how proactive pairs pull it off.

Fair is a feeling, not a fact. A fair way of handling the monthly bills is not necessarily a 50/50 split. As long as both parties are comfortable, then a proportional split based on income is the right way to go. You could also factor in unpaid work like childcare duties or housework.

Debt discussions. While you are not legally responsible for your significant other's debt, it'll go a long way in reaching your shared financial goals if you tackle it together. This doesn't always mean taking it on yourself, but you could address how much each person contributes to shared expenses, based on debt repayments.

Money talks. Couples who check in regularly are able to review bills, budget and make progress on debts and goals. Why not set aside an hour each month for a standing meeting to get a handle on what has worked and what hasn't? You could also add a positive incentive by ordering pizza afterwards.

Plan ahead. Planning for doomsday scenarios may not sound like fun, but it is important to support each other during end-of-life arrangements. On the brighter side, you should plan how you would spend a windfall like an inheritance, bonus or property sale.

A good rule of thumb is 70 percent on savings, 20 percent on debts and 10 percent on lifestyle upgrades.

How Is an Offer Different from a Contract?

When you have decided on a home you would like to purchase, you will be expressing your willingness to offer to purchase that home, and it can be expressed in verbal or written terms. Once your offer is presented to the seller, the terms can be negotiated between both parties.

If a meeting of the minds is reached, then a binding contract to purchase is created. By law, the purchase contract must be in writing. The typical purchase contract will contain a detailed description of the property, the price, the terms of purchase and the date of transfer.

Offers to purchase can be revoked prior to acceptance. Contracts are binding once fully executed by both parties and would require mutual agreement to terminate. Our goal is to make the home purchase process as clear as possible for you and to provide accurate answers to this and all of your questions.

Cheesy Cauliflower

Broccoli Soup

Fall has arrived, so here's an easy recipe for a deliciously comforting soup for when the weather starts to cool down.

Serves 4

1 tablespoon butter
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 yellow onion, chopped
2 large carrots, julienned
3 tablespoons all-purpose or gluten-free flour 3 1/2 cups vegetarian or chicken broth
1/2 cup half and half or whole milk
3 cups cauliflower florets, finely chopped 3
4 cups broccoli florets, finely chopped
3/4 teaspoon salt
freshly ground black pepper to taste
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

In a large pot, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add garlic, onion and carrots. Sauté until vegetables are tender, about 5 minutes.

Stir in flour to coat vegetables, then slowly stir in broth. Add milk, cauliflower, broccoli, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Bring it to a simmer. Cook until broccoli and cauliflower are tender, 1015 minutes. Stir in cheese and reduce heat to low.

Pour 3 cups of soup into blender and carefully blend until smooth. Return blended soup to pot and stir to combine. Serve with extra shredded cheddar on top, if desired.

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Six Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal in Just One Day

Top-notch first impressions of your home can help ensure its successful marketing but also create an inviting feeling to your casual visitors when they step onto your property.

Boosting curb appeal doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking or one that takes weeks to accomplish.

As a matter of fact, a whole lot can be achieved in just one day. Here are six easy ways to create a first impression that is a lasting one.

1. Start with a thorough cleaning of the front porch slab, door, windows, walls and ceiling. This will set the stage for your curb appeal makeover.

2. If scrubbing down the front door doesn't make it visually "pop," then paint it a color that complements the color of the house but also brings a visitor's eye to the entry with some brightness.

3. An easy and fun fix is to find a new doormat with a classy look, often incorporating color that coordinates with the front door. What an inexpensive way to take your curb appeal up a notch!

4. While shopping at the home improvement store for paint and a doormat, be sure to check out the aisle with new house numbers, especially if your old ones are dingy and cannot be cleaned up. Be sure the style of the numbers is in tune with the character of the front of your home.

5. If you shop carefully, you can also find reasonably priced new door hardware to harmonize with the new house numbers.

6. To add additional color, introduce well-placed potted flowers on the porch and the entry walkway. Low-maintenance plants will endure through the season without requiring a lot of attention.

If you'd like additional ideas to boost curb appeal, we're always here to provide guidance. We're just an email or call away.

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Mashable UK

If you're on the hunt for your next digital read, this helpful article delves into the wealth of free e-book resources on the web. Offering a range of gratis classics and new novels for a multitude of eReader formats, its sources include the free section of the Google eBookstore, the volunteer-run Project Gutenberg collection and educational/business e-book site BookBoon. More: https://tinyurl.com/worth0920a

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Aug. 18, 2020

Don't forsake the home seller love letter if you want to make your offer one hundred percent

Good day, I'm Connor T. MacIvor and I'm glad to be of great real estate service to those of you who want to make your real estate come true in So. California.

PDF for Santa Clarita real estate radio news show 2020-231

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (00:00):

Good Day to everybody. I am Connor MacGyver. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is your real estate update. Tuesday, August 18th, 2020. And what we're going to do today is we're going to discuss a couple of, of a government of the things that seem to be present clear and present danger in the current real estate market. Of course, if you want to us on our website, Santa Clarita, home experts.com, Santa Clarita, home experts.com. What will you find their way? You're going to find out its fun stuff at the very top. You'll be okay but click on our blog. If you happen to be logging on to Santa Clara, to home experts from a mobile device, you'll be able to pull down a menu, and then you'll get access to our blog. Plus property searches also map searches. That seems to be the most utilized in the system.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (00:45):

If you're here in Santa Clarita Valley and you're searching, let's say you want to see everything for sale and Valencia from across all price ranges. It's very easy to do, and you can see it on a map to see where these properties are located. Then you can kind of investigate different neighborhoods and kind of get a feeling as to how those prices are stacking up across the Valley. What you will see though, is the severe lacking of real estate inventory. And that's been going on for the past several years, but we are definitely at some low points and some record-setting times, as far as inventory that we've seen here in Santa Clarita Valley lately. And I will tell you that I do have a search set up here. Let me check. And I'll give you that to today's inventory here as of Tuesday, August 18th.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (01:32):

So we're going to pull this up. Okay. And we'll see. So here's how I run that data is, is this way. I run everything through Acton through Valencia. And it seems like last week and the two forties, the early two forties, like two 43, that was that inventory. The number of residences for sale from act and Aqua Dulce says Canyon country cast a new hall, Saugus Stevenson, Rancho Valencia this week as of today. And again, August 18th, 2020 265 active listings on the market for sale. You'll see all of those. It sonically to home experts.com. This is going to be running the gamut between single-family residences, both attached detached. You're going to see the condominium type properties and also the townhome properties, everything residential you'll see it. And this includes everything. As far as senior areas, nonsenior areas, places that have hos places that don't places that have pools, places that are behind Gates, places that are gated places that don't have pools.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (02:35):

And also other places that have community pools or also association pools. You'll see all of this plus tennis forts, all nine yards. So that's what you're going to find out at Santa Clarita, home experts.com. What are the new things? And I talk about this. Every show before I get into the other items I wanted to discuss today is the coming soon list needs to be able to get access to those. You have to simply go to your trusted real estate advisor, whoever that is and say, listen, Jack, I want you to conduct for me a search of single-family residences, for example, price between 600,000 to $750,000 only located in Valencia three bedroom, plus a with maybe larger lots, maybe pool-sized, lots, those sorts of things. Then when you do that, what'll happen is you'll start seeing real estate listings that you won't find online because they're being dispatched to you directly from the multiple listing service via your agent.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (03:33):

You don't have one. Well, I mean an agent, you don't have one contact me, Connor MacGyver. You'll find all my information at the Santa Clarita home experts, website, Santa Clarita, home experts.com and

just reach out to me and I'll get you set up on a search so you can see the coming soon listings. You're going to see that these properties take 21 days to actually enter the market for sale in some cases. So that's ninth of time. The agent has to be able to make those go from coming soon to actually on the market right now in the data there's 24 coming soon listings in the residential market, all across sent a creative Valley, and we're going to there's one on Sago, sweet cap. Let me know if any of these get, get you excited. Chief Rob Marcado, Ron Ridge Cantor would Contessa pleasant.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (04:24):

Dale lost Gagnon. Number 90 over there. Crawford plays Sierra Oak shade, Lynn Gimlet candy, the old road, Sheldon Lexington, skipping stone mill house Fitzgerald. I'm going to love to see the software, try to decipher this and put it into text Fitzgerald, Demonte Demonte three 69 and three Oh seven via Catalina and Gaia. Delapaz drives in Valencia in West Creek. These are coming soon listings folks. So the agents have zero to 21 days to make these bad boys live when they become law five. If you are on the drip if you're getting your information, yeah, me, or another capable agent, yes. Here. Then you have to see these things and you can start preparing. And one of the things that I do with my clients when we quote, unquote preparing is we all get these set up and I'll do a comp profile. So we kind of know where they would be prior to us looking inside.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (05:20):

Once we look inside, then we can make a better offering strategy in some cases, because I do know most of the agents out here I've been doing this long enough since 1998, I might be able to [inaudible] early, but again, that's not going to really change the dynamics very much just for the simple fact that most real estate sellers, those people that are selling, I included they want to get that far market saturation before they start to limit themselves. For example, if you're seeing a house that happens to be in the coming sooner arena, and you're looking at that maybe three or four days before going on to the market, that seller's going to want it to actually hit the market. Because at that time, then the syndication sites are going to pick it up and start to propagate the area information online, giving that property full market disclosure, uh, excuse me, full market saturation.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (06:15):

So everybody sees it disclosures to all another animal. So that's really important to look at when you are wanting to start your search, you need to have it complete. And the best way to do it completely is to go through that local realtor state agent. If you're in Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, greater Los Angeles County here, please reach out to me and I'll get you set up. I just need to know a little bit about your criteria, what you're looking for. A couple of things that have come up here over the last couple of weeks when it comes to COVID and the shows have properties, and everything's being done very, very safe. You have sellers that are preparing their properties. They're offering different kinds of, uh, protective items in properties. That instruction is only one person at a time inside a property with an agent. And also those people have to vet themselves and also be vetted by the real estate agent in a way they're signing the documentation, basically swearing that they haven't had access or been around anybody to the best of their knowledge that has been infected by COVID-19 or their Coronavirus.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (07:21):

They do these things. I send that document that my buyer sign and these aren't just people I'm picking up off the street. These comb buyers, as a majority of the home buyers out there, they're established, they're working with agents. They're pre-qualified that pre-approved, they are the real deal people

today in this market that is looking at real estate. There are very few tire-kickers out there. These people are serious. They're seriously owned buyers, and they want to get out there and purchase something before the market goes haywire or whatever. So when we do get these documents together, we have them executed. They sign it and then our seller, I keep it in my personal files. It gets uploaded, but the seller also knows that we've done our due diligence and that other agent also has a copy of the one that's representing the seller. So when we go look at it, then we can have our PPE, our personal protective equipment.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (08:21):

We have that stuff on. It's going to include face mask gloves, uh, depending on the residents, how we're going to, or how our feet are going to be adorned or not. Adorned is going to depend on what the request of the home seller happens to be when people come and view the residents, right? The other thing that people are looking at when you're going to go in there, of course, you're not going to touch anything, open anything, if you have gloves on, that's fine. But again, that house typically is disinfected in between showings. In addition to that, most of the residents is, and this is good for you to know have typically some kind of video surveillance and maybe video and audio or just audio, but there are properties out there that sometimes that's revealed. Sometimes it's not, almost everybody has some kind of a doorbell device that does record.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (09:09):

So they're going to see people going in, and if everybody's going in with no PPE, that's going to be a phone call that I'm sure that agent's going to get lickety-split. When those people go in because they're creating an issue or a potential issue. So everybody has to be prepared when they go in to look at properties. Also, the vetting process to go in. Sometimes those sellers are looking to have preapproval letters from reputable mortgage companies submitted showing that the people that are going to be viewing the house, not only having signed the peat documentation, the COVID-19 stuff but also they're stating that yes, I have been preapproved by a lender and yes, I can afford to purchase the residents that we're going to be happening, happening to view today with our agent. This is also part of the process. Plus then everybody gets set up on an appointment most times, 15 minutes in a residence, in any residence with any buyer.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (10:10):

That's usually a little too quick. 30 minutes is typically better. Sometimes agents don't manage their time properly. So a lot of times when we go to view residential real estate with buyers, we're of course on time, ready to look, and somebody is still there, or somebody else has got in before their, their time of appointment because they didn't calculate their time correctly. When Shaw real estate, this does run into issues sometimes with different buyers. Some buyers are more forgiving than others, but some really take it personally. So your agent needs to have the wherewithal to be able to stand up, stand by, and call those shots. The other thing, when you're looking in residential real estate, most times today, those sellers aren't present. Everybody likes to ask if the properties vacant, vacant property, still get the same kind of attention, because who knows when that seller is going to be coming back into that property, they have to have that same kind of requirements with a P documentation.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (11:15):

These forms, preapproval letters, and also an appointment set to make sure my buyers aren't running into somebody else's buyers at the property. There's a good overlap. And also we don't have any distance

issues or walking through the residence with multiple parties. It's going to be one in one out. The other thing that a lot of agents are doing me included. If I have a couple of one interview residents, usually I'll leave one party outside, take one party in with me, then bring my one party out and then pick up the other one and take them back in. So both parties can look at it and then they can discuss it amongst themselves. Again, keeps that separation, that six-foot, minimum distance as a priority. And it really does help the situation. Most properties are going to be controlled by some kind of a lockbox device.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (12:06):

Usually, the sellers do not leave their houses unlocked. Usually, the sellers are not there and there is no running into the case. We, I did have a thing last week, a showing last weekend that happened to involve sellers being home. We did arrive on time. They were still finishing up breakfast, how smelled like bacon, which was awesome. But anyway, we were, we were right on time. They were really weren't prepared. And there was a little bit of connection as they came outside to stand outside, which I guess is their practice under a tree. As we went in to look at the property, you know, it works it's okay. Nothing was touched. We just walked through the residence, came back out. So thank you very much. And they went back in. So that's how the COVID-19 stuff is happening. Now, after this, after we get and look at a place, the next thing that's happening in this market is usually if somebody wants to move forward and start that offering process, they have to move quickly just because as you can see, there were only 200 about mid two hundred as far as units for sale as of today.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (13:15):

So that inventory is very low. As far as what's in process, that's going to be 700 plus properties are actually in escrow. So nothing's really sitting very long, but it also depends on the price range. Once you get above that 700 figure six 75 to 700 properties, start to slow down a little bit in the sales, even in this market, the sweet spot is going to be a little bit less than that down to about five 50. And it's difficult to find single-family residences that are in moving shape, turnkey less than five 50 in the Santa Clarita Valley. So that's about the bottom of the sweet spot. And then the top is going to top off close to 700,000. Anything over that, it's going to take a little bit longer just because there are not as many people in those price ranges. When you do see that property, you like though moving on.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (14:06):

It's important. And as I stated in the last couple of broadcasts, never. Okay. Underestimate the power of a buyer love letter. And I do have a system that I do. I put it together. You can see a little bit about a little glimpse of an online by Googling this entire phrase. You'll punch in Santa Clarita, home experts, love letters, and you'll find the posts that I had written regarding it and giving you a little glimpse. Then when I have my clients actually start to pitch in that love letter, I have more information that I want them to put in there just because there are others. Thanks to the sellers, want to see in those love letters that actually might give a person an advantage. And I've seen it happen before overprice. So if somebody is offering a little bit more, sometimes a love letter can be written in such a way to actually override somebody's coming in at a higher offering amount.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (15:02):

It does happen. It does depend on where the property is priced. It depends on where the expectation for appraisal value might be. If in fact somebody goes into a property and they just offer a lot of money hoping just to get the property and then try and rely on the appraiser to come in and devalue the property and put it back into the realm of possibility that buyer thinks that they want in the process. In

In some cases, they might be countered back. As the banks kind of started to do that until the end of the last four closure cycle of bank-owned and REO properties, the sellers could counter those buyers that are just wanting to get it out of frustration, uh, by offering way too much money, they could counter back and say buyer to waive their appraisal contingency, thereby being, having to pay the full amount offered not a difference between what the property appraised for and what they actually offered.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (15:59):

Watch out for those counters that have those types of requirements inside. There are other reasons to cancel, but again, lawsuits are plenty. Just be wary. What your method of practice is going to be. If your agent is telling you something that sounds funny or makes it uncomfortable more than likely, it probably is folks. There are a lot of agents out there that don't have the time in scope, the time working in the real estate trenches too, I've really been able to experience different types of markets. This one is incredibly unusual with the advent of the pandemic. And 2020 was setting out to be a record-setting year because of the number of listings that were coming on the market, being publicized, and tell the pandemic. Then everything started to shut down. And we saw about a 30 to 45 day lag in the real slowdown of the market because those are escrow times.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (17:03):

Then we saw bottoming out. And right now a lot of the sellers aren't moving forward with putting their properties on the market that they actually want to sell. A couple of reasons. Number one, they just did a refi more than likely over the last several months. Not that that's really precluding many from actually selling it, but they just went through all that. And they're very happy with that payment. The second thing is they're not seeing anything out there that potentially could be that replacement home that they're going to need to purchase. Whether they're moving up with the moving down, maybe a lateral move, or maybe leaving the state of California altogether. We're not saying that those properties are out there and the best way to do it in this type of market as a real estate seller is of course you want your property to be escrow before you take that step and start to write offers on other properties.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (17:55):

It's not because you can't do it the other way. It's not because you're unable or it's not possible for you to even write off offers contingent on you, selling your own home, having everything close at the same time, even before your house is on the market. You can write those offers all day long through your agent, but they're not going to be entertained by the majority of the sellers out there because everything else is just a wish. Everything else is just hoping your property's not on the market yet. You haven't advertised it. You don't have a buyer for your property. So we don't really know if your property's going to sell anyway. Now of course it looks like it will. Everything else can line up, but you don't know until you actually have a buyer that comes in says, yes, I want to buy your house.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (18:44):

Yes. I will allow you to find your home of choice. I'll give you 60 days and yes, I will allow your sale to close at the same time as me buying your house. That's good, there you go. So now you're good. So as a seller, you're all set up. Now you can start going, looking for that replacement home. You already have it. If you've been looking and there was one that came on the market, it fits it's. Then that actually might work out. Then another seller, whoever the on the property that you want to purchase, they will then be more likely to take your time offer the same thing. With new housing, we represent people at new housing all the time. Some new resonances and new builders will not take a contention offer at all


because they have enough non-contingent buyers going in. One of the things that could be done, if you can qualify for both, or maybe you are using a VA loan.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (19:40):

So that, that gives a little bit more ability to do, do this, but you might be able to write that offer on a new resonance and thereby selling your house in the interim, and then finding a place to stay while the new house gets built or potentially renting back your residence for a number of months until the new house is built. These are other options. So there's more than one way to actually get what you want in real estate. You just have to find the agent that understands the different ways so they can explain it to you. And of course, if you're savvy yourself, you've been doing this a long time. Maybe you've sold and purchased multiple residences. So, you know, the inner workings, at least an agent that has the wherewithal ability and guts, to be able to tell you if you happen to be making them steak, personalities are different.

Santa Clarita real estate expert radio (20:34):

Some agents are milk toast, some agents, this is way too hard. You want that agent that's going to share with you the reasons why they would or would not do what you're about to do or at least give you all of the things to about with regard to what you're trying to do in real estate. I'm Connor MacGyver. It's 7:17 AM Tuesday, August 18th, 2020. This has been your Santa Clarita home experts, real estate update. When you're ready, please reach out to me. I would love to be there for you and help you through the entire real estate process. And again, reach out I'm Connor MacGyver, Santa Clarita, home experts.com at Remax gateway, headquartered in Santa Clarita Valley. Everybody be safe in his name. I bid you a good day over and out. 

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