Meet the Paris911 Team

It has been a while since I have gone through the story of how we came up with the Brand of Paris911.  Today, there are a lot of Real Estate Agents.  The number probably exceeds the numbers of attorneys.  Talking in California, there are 270,000 attorneys.

First, let me say that Paris and I decided a long time ago to never allow any of our clients, that chose to work with us, go about real estate in a cheap and frivolous way.  That is when we made our Crash Course in Real Estate a mandatory step.

It would not be a difficult task to call any real estate company and find a total stranger of a Real Estate Agent.  Actually, we get several calls and inquiries on email every day from total "strangers".  Question Number 1 from us, "Do you have a Real Estate agent you are working with?"  "If So", we continue, "Call them and please remain loyal. 

There are agents, that without any more information from you than a "voice" and a "desire to look at a home, would agree to meet you to show you the home for sale that you had found on the internet or were driving by.

It is a sign of "hard times", I suppose.  But we cannot allow anyone considering Real Estate, the largest investment of a person's life, to treat it as if they are buying "take out".

Paris, is a world traveler, not by choice, when she was young – by circumstance.  She started out waiting tables, as a hostess and waitress, property rental manager, and Full-Time Student.  She graduated with a B.S. in Bio Psychology.  It is hard to go into more detail about her past because we were married when she was 19 and I was 21.

I look back at my time, B.P. – that is Before Paris and with the exception of college and being a volunteer, mowing lawns, working for two different Sheriff’s Departments as sworn, and having a dog – there is not much else to my first 21 years of life.

Now, if you want to talk about 1990 – that is when it started.  I was finally hired by the LAPD, Met Paris while she was a full-time student waiting on tables.  It was the age-old Story, “Cop meets waitress” – We fell in love and the rest is history.

Two Boys later – today, we are about 1/2 way there Smile

We were taken when we purchased our first home – there were a lot of lies, deceit, and crap we had to deal with after the home was ours.  It was made right, but not without a lot of sleepless nights, phone calls, in-person meetings, and threats of prosecution.  I would not wish that experience that Paris and I endured, on my enemy!

1998 we both became licensed Realtors.  We had been in the Santa Clarita Valley since 1996 raising our family.  I was still full-time LAPD until I resigned March of 2007 – But, I did stay as a reserve officer (it’s in my blood…)

Doing Real Estate part-time could not do clients' justice.  I realized this between the years of 1998 and 2007.  Paris was doing it full time with a staff that we had in place, but it was not enough, so  I resigned and jumped in by her side full time.

Here we are today – In a day that has been a reckoning by some real estate agents.  A day where keeping real estate transactions in escrow until closing is often viewed as a Feat of valor.  Where the economy has possibly not been worse in the history of this country.  We are ok, thanks to God, our clients, and referrals.

Paris and I often talk about our past and getting into Real Estate after having lived as a “Normal Smile” member of society.  Having some metal and battle scars to show.  I think back to when I was a new cop, “what advice was I going to give someone that was in a 40-year marriage with a drinking problem and beating on his spouse for all of those 40 years….  Not a darn thing, except that he was coming with me to jail…”  The same can be said about anyone in any industry that does not have much life experience – Those experiences build us into what we are today.

We have realized that we are not for everyone.  Some are going to like the Flash and “Ba Bing…”  But, with the clients that like our style and receive our Value – The Bonds of Friendship are formed!

Today Paris and I are No Pressure.  We protect our clients above everyone else (almost to a fault). Don’t want anyone hurt (financially, fiscally, or physically) on our watch.  We don’t like high-pressure sales and we don’t like to be “hawked” when we are going to the store to purchase something.  We like everything we are signing explained, chapter, and verse.  We like people that take their time. 

Real Estate will not always be this way, nor will the economy – it will bounce back.  I remember the days, at the very beginning of our marriage where we struggled.  We still struggle from time to time.  However, it did seem easier when we were younger.

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Meet the Team